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Why Isn’t AOC Taking Blame For Violent Attacks On ICE?

If you didn’t know about Tuesday’s shooting at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement office in San Antonio, Texas, don’t feel bad. The story got almost no coverage. Even though it was the fourth attack on ICE offices in just the past four weeks, and these attacks are clearly politically motivated.

The San Antonio shooter knew what he was doing. He targeted two floors that housed ICE administrative offices. Another shooting occurred at a separate facility that housed an ICE contractor.

In other words, this was an attack specifically targeting ICE and those who work with ICE. The fact that the shooting took place at 3 a.m. is irrelevant, since there were people working in the offices at the time who were reportedly inches away from being hit.

On its own, this incident is troubling. But it comes in the wake of an attack on another ICE office in Tacoma, Washington, where 69-year-old Willem Van Spronsen went armed with a rifle and Molotov cocktails. He shot at the building, set a car on fire and tried to light propane tanks in an effort to burn the building down.

Sawn Fallah, head of the ICE Office of Professional Responsibility, said that had that July 14 attack been successful, it “could have resulted in the mass murder of staff and detainees housed at the facility.”

A couple of days before that, protesters stormed an ICE detention facility in Aurora, Colorado, took down an American flag, which they burned, and replaced it with a Mexican flag. And protesters blocked entrances to ICE’s national headquarters in D.C.

See the trend here? Protests are starting to turn violent.

But the mainstream media remains indifferent at best. They certainly aren’t running around pointing fingers at Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and her ilk, who have been whipping up the anti-ICE frenzy by claiming that the agency is running “concentration camps.”

Here’s what the New York Democrat said in a tweet in July:

She and her comrades have called ICE a “rogue agency,” said its raids are “inhumane,” and insist “it’s time to put an end to ICE cruelty.”

Now, we are on record as stating that violent attacks are the responsibility only of those who carry them out.

But Democrats and their handmaidens in the press have been repeating ad nauseam how President Donald Trump was responsible for the El Paso, Texas, shooting because of his immigration rhetoric.

As we noted, the connection to Trump was frivolous. The alleged shooter himself said Trump had nothing to do with his attack, and much of his political views were positively leftist.

In the case of the ICE incidents, however, there’s a much more direct connection between the incendiary rhetoric coming from Democrats and the attacks on these facilities.

After all, if these ICE facilities are indeed concentration camps, then any attempt to stop such atrocities would be noble.  

San Antonio Field Office Director Daniel Bible is making that connection. “Political rhetoric and misinformation that various politicians, media outlets and activist groups recklessly disseminate to the American people regarding the ICE mission only serve to further encourage these violent acts.”

Yet those on the left, including in the mainstream press, are trying to pin the blame for these events on Trump. That is, when they’re not ignoring the attacks on ICE altogether.

— Written by John Merline

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  • The twit knows nothing about a concentration camp. The Japs had concentration camps during WW2.

    • True, both in Japan and in the US, but those in the US were more like the detention centers along our southern border, and kept families together mostly, except where 1 person was an overt threat to others or national security; provided food, shelter, sanitation, primitive as it might have seemed at the time, and recreation areas, unlike what was provided by the Japanese to Allies’ citizens detained in them. Neither were they worked and starved to death, as in German and Japanese camps so labeled! I’m not saying that round-up was right or wrong, I understand what prompted it. But to compare the 2 is ludicrous, in reality!

    • So did the U.S. A “prison camp” was located within 50 miles of where I grew up in Arkansas.

  • She is taking the blame. Rhetoric causes violence, she says so herself. She’s not calling *attention* to her guilt, it’s your job to do that. But she is, by her own reasoning, responsible, as surely as Bernie is responsible for the Scalise shooting by his own reasoning. You haven’t heard either one of them deny it or claim that their reasoning doesn’t apply to them.

    • Actually “sir”, Bernie let his “posse” defend him by attacking those who accused him of complicity in that shooting! That’s also known as “disengenuousness”!

  • I spent part of my childhood in various concentration camps. I am outraged that AOC–whether in ignorance or by evil intent–would liken our detention facilities to concentration camps. I have nothing but contempt for the idiots who voted her into office.

  • Sadly, AOC and LSM seem to be on the same page and team to break down law and order, starting with those tasked with enforcing those laws! Our Founders must be spinning in their graves at how far our nation has fallen into precisely what they warned us sternly against becoming! This is all part of the agenda of destroying Consitutional Republic America and establishing the 1 world gov’t tyranny of Satan, just prior to the return of Jesus to rule as King of kings and Lord of lords over all the Earth! That said, it’s an ugly and painful time to be alive for many of us who remember America….

    • Would you please list the differences between a “concentration camp” and “detention facilities.”

  • This is what happens when people choose their elected oficiales via social media marketing. Incompetence runs rampant. You should at least need to know basic american history and understand some basic laws of the US to run for any political position. If you notice. She always just spouts out her personal opinion. Never backed by any statutes. What she fails to admit is those people willingly went to those detention centers. People were rounded up and taken to concentration camps. Huge difference.

    • AOC will not admit guilt or defend her innocence. The left wants chaos and civil unrest. Law enforcement is evil and those of us who defend the rule of law are racist.

  • AOC is 100% correct, those are concentration camps. They’re by design cruel, dehumanizing, much to the glee of Trump and his ilk.
    Ms Cortez represents the good conscience of America, something that has been missing of late.
    Better we pay attention to the real threats to our nation and the world, like climate change and rising fascism, instead of beating up on desperate women and children seeking a better life

  • All of the MSM and nuts like AOC and her gang are working hard to inflame the masses into rioting and attacking people, because they believe the MSM and congress leftists, ie, democrats, because they don’t do their homework and see what freaks and idiots those two groups are.

    • Hmmm Is that why Trump supporters are mailing bombs to Democrats? I don’t understand why this journalist isn’t blaming you for that…

  • I just came across Johns story about AOC. Bravo, well done story. Before today, I didn’t know about Issues and Insights at all, refreshing. As a conservative I want to see both sides of a discussion. I am going to be sure that Lars Larson in Portland talks you up. Respectfully, Sam Phillips.

  • Yeah right the blind leading the blind that’s what you Republicans are- you guy’s forgot ur principles and your morals.

  • AOC isn’t taking responsibility for the attacks because she lives in a bubble comprised solely of Leftists who think they can blame Trump!

  • I’m guessing the same reason Trump is not taking blame for El Paso shooting

  • Solve. All ..this. Violent. Just. Everybody ..stay in there own. Country. Deal with. What ever problem your. Country. Has. And let. The. USA. Deal with . its own. We have enough problem. Without. Outsider. Running over Causing. Trouble i support ..president. Trump. One ..hundred. Persent. And cant wait. To. Vote. For him. Again hes doing a wonderful. Job for our. Country. Keep it up. Mr president. And iam a. Black. Woman. Thank. You ps. Leave. Our. President. Alone.

  • Does she even realize what she’s saying ? Her and all those anti-ICE nuts ! What do they think this country would turn into without the work of agencies that protect our nation ? So what do we do let everyone that wants to come to America get in and do what they please ? She’s a fool if she thinks everything will be fine and dandy if we open our borders to anyone who wants to come in ! Heck she doesn’t know how good she has it here in the great USA ! If she’d be a politician in Mexico or any other third world nation she’d be in danger of being shot ! Heck they don’t have the freedom that we have here in America ! She’s freaking lucky she lives in this great nation and is able to blab her mouth the way she does and still be in office . We need ICE and all the other great agencies that protect our nation ! We’d be just another third world country if we didn’t protect our nation and let everyone do as they please ! She needs to rethink what she’s saying an show some patriotism , that’s what she needs to do !! God Bless America … Home of the free and land of the brave !!

  • AoC is out of her depth on most issues..its insane that she holds government high office

  • “Why Isn’t AOC Taking Blame For Violent Attacks On ICE?” Because socialists and communists only know how to throw blame, not accept it. They still haven’t owned up to the millions killed by socialism in the 20th century, or the thousands being killed in Venezuela right now. Why would any of them take the blame for a couple of goons in San Antonio and the PNW?

  • I don’t understand how AOC can be blamed for ICE attacks or that the attacks were politically motivated. ICE has exceeded their mandate which technically make them a rogue agency. Additionally, the attacks could easily be motivated by family members of detainees who were deported or died in custody. The only thing politically motivated seems to be an attack on a politician who is critical of ICE. Really? This is journalism? I don’t think so.

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