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Tens of millions of Americans, though not enough to keep his malign presence out of the Oval Office, were years ago sick of Barack Obama opening his mouth and spouting off about whatever subject he chose to educate us on. After enduring eight years of pretentious lectures, we thought we were finally rid of him in 2017. But no, he’s still enlightening his inferiors, which in his mind is everyone who isn’t him, most recently to link market-based systems to slavery. Such mean-spirited nonsense deserves a Fisking.

Speaking a week ago at the Obama Foundation’s Democracy Forum, the former (and current de facto) president said “just because an economic system generated wealth and innovation doesn’t mean it guarantees a good society. Because from the outset, market-based systems have been compatible with slavery, caste systems, colonialization, war, exploration, corruption, fraud, autocracy, the poisoning of our natural environment.”

Gosh, is there no evil that the free market hasn’t facilitated?

Sarcasm aside, let’s take these comments in no particular order.

Just because an economic system generated wealth and innovation doesn’t mean it guarantees a good society. And what is the alternative to a free-market economy? There are several, and they all have one commonality: Government is in control, either through central planning, a system of collectivism that allocates resources, a regime that manages the means of production, or an outright tyranny. Like so many of his fellow Democrats, Obama prefers a “progressive” system, using the blunt instrument of government, which is made up of flawed humans, to perfect humanity to guarantee that good society. If this sounds insane, it’s because it is.

Market-based systems have been compatible with slavery, caste systems, colonialization. Does The Great One mean “colonization,” because we can’t find a dictionary that has “colonialization” as a word in the English language? In any case, he overlooks all the evidence to the contrary. Such as:

Market-based systems have been compatible with … war, exploration, corruption, fraud, autocracy, the poisoning of our natural environment. We don’t know what Obama means by “compatible with” those things, particularly since those ills are always worse in socialist societies. (And what’s wrong with exploration, anyway?) Additional reading finds that:

Obama is likely aware of almost every counterargument listed above. We don’t imagine he could be that ignorant. So why would he make such an asinine, easy-to-refute statement? Because he knows that’s what the freedom-loathing political left wants to hear. Because guaranteeing a “good society” through government increases the political power of those arranging that “good society.” Because he wants to continue to divide this nation, just as he did while in office, and fundamentally transform it into a country that’s no longer exceptional, just one of many.

And because he loves to hear himself talk.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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  • I’ve said all along that if Obama were half as smart as he thinks he is, he’d be twice as smart as he really is. No more need be said.

  • What is obama’s explanation for african tribes selling their “prisoners of war” into slavery back in the day. Slavery still goes on in africa and the middle east to this day!
    What a piece of s–t!!!!

  • I disagree. Not with the read on President Obama or free market. But I don’t think Obama is just talking for the hell of it.
    He’s re-emerging, coming out from behind the curtain because the Dem field is so weak and Trump keeps getting stronger.
    I believe he wants to retake the reins overtly, maybe through Michelle or some Constitutional kludge and return to center stage.

  • Obama is hard to heed anymore; always was hard to heed as President, but even harder now as he pops off with his insufferable arrogance and unbridled superiority.

    The one issue that Obama, as President, was qualified to take on to lead and to solve was, and still could be, the ruinous counter-culture of millions of our young minority citizens, which seems to be deteriorating even more.

    His wit, lecturing, pontificating and telling which way to Heaven, could have saved families, lives, neighborhoods, emptied jails, encouraged the path to prosperity for the next generations and so many bright futures for our curiously misdirected young minority citizens. His leadership could have been quite amazing!

    What did Obama do? Punted and ran away from millions of our big city’s urban youth. Such a waste, since that was the one arena in which he had unlimited potential to do great and wondrous good for the USA.

  • BHO needs to start over – first proving his US citizenship. Short of that, he should have his security clearance revoked. When can America see that SECRET college work we paid for (under false pretenses)?

  • FYI 2020 100% stolen!!! Thanks to BHO. BHO approved dominion/smartmatic machines in federal elections which flipped votes for Biden. BHO started the massive social media censorship campaign that flipped votes for Biden. Thanks to crooked Democrats – under BHO direction – 2000 mules flipped votes for Biden. BHO STILL cannot prove US citizenship. Why does he still have a security clearance? Why can’t America see his college work we all paid for under false pretenses? #UnplugTheVote #MAGAvsWEF #NeverAnotherKenyan We are the carbon they want to reduce! Biden is a crook, a grifter, and a deep state puppet and its time for his family comeuppance.

  • In 2007 I heard this fool open his mouth. I told everyone I knew not to vote for this snake. Whistling when pronouncing the letter “s” is one sign of the Devil and his forked tongue. Incessant, narcissistic blathering is the other.

  • “market-based systems have been compatible with slavery, caste systems, colonialization, war, exploration, corruption, fraud, autocracy, the poisoning of our natural environment.”
    Meanwhile, Socialism that replaced God(s) with “The State” killed by some estimates 230,000,000 OF ITS OWN PEOPLE as roadbumps on the Highway to the Glorious Socialist Workers’ Paradise…

  • Obama is a vapid jackass who uses $5 words he doesn’t understand in order to convince gullible audiences he actually knows anything.

    He’s also the ultimate affirmative action case. If he were white, he would have been lucky to end up as a poli-sci lecturer at a community college.

  • Obama is running to be head of the UN. And if he was put in that position he would not hesitate to screw the US.

  • “Colonialization” is a word. As is “colonialize.”

    I agree 110% with what you say. but this is a very simple, yet serious mistake, as it undercuts your message.

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