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Michael Ramirez

Michael Ramirez is a two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist with the Las Vegas Review-Journal. His cartoons are syndicated by Creators. Michael won his second Pulitzer while at Investor's Business Daily.


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  • This cartoon, showing the shock across the nation of so many ill informed, brainwashed, shallow and blindingly ignorant college students, begs the question, “Are they too young to vote responsibly?”

    Voting age was 21 before the Vietnam War issues lowered it to 18.
    Seems that most young people leave college still very immature, brainwashed and do not think independently until 25 or so. At 35 years old, most people have a real job, maybe been in the military, have children, pay taxes, are paying a mortgage, sought a safe and competent public school, have been thinking independently and have learned the honest lessons of life that were not taught or learned in college. Hence, they have grown to become wiser voters as they grew up away from their college years.

    This cartoon suggests that we must, for the sake of our future, raise the voting age to have more mature and wiser voters to help us all select better officials for better policies to strengthen the USA.

  • This cartoon conflates support for Hamas terrorists with support for the Palestinian people. Very few on the left support terrorism. Most on the left support the rights of Israelis AND Palestinians to live safely.

    • Sorry Glen, there are no Palestinian peoples in history. They are Arabs or Egyptians moved there. Your so-called Palestinians put Hamas in power in their land just as the German people placed Hitler in power, unless their election 15+ years ago was corrupted by fraud as ours has been. The Israelis gave those Palestinians autonomy ages ago, but that was not enough. Learn the true history of Islam. All infidels must be converted and/or conquered until all follow Allah. No exceptions. There will never be peace until that issue is resolved. The so-called Palestinians subscribe to that. Can you get that through your head. Just read and learn about the true history of the Muslim conquest of everything in its past for the last 1350 years. Look at how long they pursued the conquest of Constantinople until they succeeded. Look at their past attempts to conquer Europe and the success they have earned through recent forced migration fostered by the corrupt leaders of Europe. Israel occupies the land historically belonging to the Jews-long before Islam existed, or any so-called Palestinians existed. The Palestinians cannot live in safety when they harbor terrorists. I hope you can recognize that.

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Issues & Insights is run by the seasoned journalists behind the legendary IBD Editorials page. Our goal is to bring our decades of combined journalism experience to help readers understand the top issues of the day. We’re doing this on a voluntary basis, because we believe the nation needs the kind of cogent, rational, data-driven, fact-based commentary that we can provide. 

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