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The Intersection Of Evil: Hamas, Antifa, BLM, Harvard And Barack Obama

If the most informative response to the Hamas atrocities was Victor Davis Hanson’s Twitter post on Israel’s “50th anniversary war,” then the most interesting was written in The Spectator by Brendan O’Neill, who asked “why isn’t Antifa condemning the tide of anti-Semitism?”

Where is Antifa?” he wondered. “Where are those self-styled anti-fascists who love to rage against anything that is even vaguely reminiscent of the 1930s?”

He knows what the rest of us do: That there’s nothing anti-fascist about Antifa.

“To the modern left, everything is fascism except actual fascism,” says O’Neill.

“​​They’ve been fighting fantasy fascism for years, yet when real fascism came, they hid, they looked the other way, they made excuses.”

While Antifa conspicuously stays out of sight, Black Lives Matter, the darling of the Democrats, shows up in party hats and whistles, with “​​chapters across the country,” Mediaite reports, “celebrating the terrorist attacks that have claimed hundreds of innocent lives in Israel.”

Harvard students made a splashy appearance, as well – nearly three dozen campus groups have sided with the barbarians. According to the media, a coalition of 34 Harvard student organizations issued a joint statement in which they said they “hold the Israeli regime entirely responsible for all unfolding violence,” as “millions of Palestinians in Gaza have been forced to live in an open-air prison,” and “the apartheid regime is the only one to blame.”

Harvard President Claudine Gay says that the groups don’t speak “for Harvard University or its leadership.” But don’t they? Aren’t they saying out loud what most administrators and professors – not just at Harvard but at universities and colleges across the West – want to say, but don’t yet feel free to publicly voice? Isn’t contempt for Israeli Jews exactly what the students have been taught?

Elements in both groups have since tried to retreat from their hateful actions and comments, but it’s too late. One, their “repentance” is based on public backlash, not the horrors perpetrated by Hamas, and, two, they clearly showed the world who they really are.

One of Harvard’s most famous graduates, Barack Obama – whose puppet has sullied the Oval Office for almost four years now – was for a while also as absent as Antifa. In fact he was so late in defending humanity that the New York Post called him out in an editorial for his silence.

Obama eventually arrived, tweeting on Monday evening about “​​the brazen terrorist attacks on Israel and the slaughter of innocent civilians.” The semi-former president said we must “stand squarely alongside our ally, Israel,” and support that nation’s “right to defend itself against terror.”

It’s meaningless boilerplate language that only true Barack Believers will accept as the sincere expression of his feelings. The rest of us know, as the New York Post editorialized, that this newest war “is the future of the Middle East that Obama, in effect, wanted, fought for and now has achieved: Iran ascendant; nascent normalization between Israel and Arab states in jeopardy; the terrorist group Hamas emboldened and abetted by Tehran to strike viciously against soft targets within Israel.” 

But like the Harvard administrators, Obama has to engage in a charade to cover a vile bigotry while waiting for the pro-Hamas, pro-Palestinian propaganda campaigns to finally poison at least half of the American electorate, at which point animosity toward Israel is no longer a political liability.

Hanson, who is always measured in his brilliant analyses of the rising tide of policy failures from Sacramento to Washington, also finds Obama culpable, pointing out that “a general Hamas and Iranian perception that the Biden administration had resumed the discredited Obama madness” empowered “Iran, Hezbollah, and Hamas.” It’s obvious that the $6 billion in frozen oil assets that the White House released to Iran, and refused to refreeze, was a part of the effort to fortify those three malevolent parties. The administration finally denied Iran access to the money on Thursday, but it was a decision made based on growing political pressure rather than an internal moral compass.

We further note that in The Obama Factor, journalist David Samuels reminded us of Obama’s “hostility to Israel,” as well as his “main objective” of “integrating that country into America’s security architecture in the Middle East, while limiting Israel’s power in the region.”

“Obama and his acolytes used his presidency to destabilize the Middle East in the service of a left-wing ideology that excuses antisemitism and justifies terrorist violence,” Federalist book editor Mark Hemingway wrote earlier this week.

The ideology includes Obama’s sweetheart deal with the mullahs of Iran who fund and spread Islamic terrorism. His administration boasted that the 2015 agreement was a historic pact that would block Tehran’s attempts to build atomic weapons. But in reality it set up Tehran as a future nuclear power.

Now that we are in Obama’s “third term” in the White House, we can see just how his vision is playing out.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

The Issues and Insights Editorial Board has decades of experience in journalism, commentary and public policy.


  • I hope this is the last article I ever read that carries the cursed name Barack Obama.

    • Won’t be, I’m certain, what with Mike waiting in the wings. Obama, Clinton, Podesta… we’re not shut of these families quite yet.

    • In a just and sane world anyone fooled by the media tongue bath and empty rhetoric that brought the fraud Obama to power should arrange a national day of atonement for exercising such poor judgement. To them I would say “For shame” but I know better.

  • Agree with the article except for one thing. This constant push from many on our side that Obama is the one pulling the strings behind the Biden administration in “his third term”. Please, Obama was a moron puppet, he isn’t pulling any strings. He is a man of average intelligence, lukewarm IQ, whose only skill was being an empty suit and tricking people into believing he was some articulate mastermind. And the only people he fooled were low info imbeciles, as anyone who paid attention and was informed knew that he was just a lazy stuttering buffoon who elevated because of his skin color.

    • And yet he wrested the Dems’ nomination from Hellary and the Clinton machine, won the election against a reasonably strong and well-known opponent and then won a decisive re-election.

      • The kenyans first election was due to white guilt. If I vote for a half black man, I’m not a racist, right? His second term was outright fraud. There is no doubt of that. So much so that the hillary coasted during her run and bemoaned about not being ahead by 30 or 50 points. The dims did not make that mistake when biteme ran. 81M votes, right.

      • So your evidence that Obozo is a genius mastermind is that he won elections? Lol! Then Biden may be the smartest president of all time, he was able to do it while sleeping in the basement and got redoes 81 million votes.

  • The Israeli state is fascist toward the Palestinians, who deserve freedom to live in their own country and not in a giant open-air prison. Cheering the deaths of Israeli civilians is reprehensible, but that doesn’t change the fact that Israel has been a fascist country controlling the lives of Palestinians in an apartheid state for decades. You shouldn’t expect peace if you act as an oppressor to millions of people.

    • Fascism is the conscription of private enterprise into the service of an authoritarian government, ostensibly for purposes of national security. Which Gazan industries has Israel drafted to serve its national security? In contrast, Israel gave the Palestinians a fully-functional, modernized city-state and allowed it autonomy. Gazans responded by electing the worst of their killers to “govern” them and who proceeded to tear apart the infrastructure to salvage for the sole purpose of the destruction of the Jewish state, all the while demanding services from Israel that they should have provided for themselves. Instead of becoming a partner in peace and prosperity, Gaza became a lethal parasite on Israel, as well as to Egypt, which closed its border with Gaza for the same reasons Israel did. I can sympathize for the children of Gaza, who are the real prisoners, hostages to their parents’ doctrine which has doomed them to their lives of misery.

    • ‘You shouldn’t expect peace if you act as an oppressor to millions of people.’ Nor should those who support, advocate for, or foment for the abuses that you so clearly support and admire. These should know the same pain and fear they have visited upon and wish upon others. Call it lex talionis, or Shari’a, but it is a preventive against blood feuds and the ignorance that you represent.

      • I clearly don’t support or admire abuses, in fact that is what I am speaking out against. Abuses can be committed by both Hamas and the state of Israel. Hysteric one-sided rhetoric doesn’t help anyone and in fact just perpetuates the cycle of violence.

        Gaza isn’t really part of Israel, so it of course hasn’t been co-opted into a fascist infrastructure. But it is governed authoritatively by Israel (and by Hamas as well, to the extent that it is self-governed). Fascism may not be the best lens to view the situation through, but it was prompted by the article, not by me. To the extent it applies, it can only apply to Israel – Gaza isn’t a country and Hamas isn’t really a government, so they have no power to impose real fascism on anyone.

    • Sean,

      I would dispute your claim that Israel is fascist towards Palestinians..

      The Palestinians support terrorism, resort to terrorism, even voted a terrorist government to represent them on the world stage..

      Whatever moral ground the Palestinians have (and they do have some moral ground, make no mistake) is negated and nullified by the fact that the Palestinians resort to terrorism..

      Israel has the moral, ethical and legal high ground and has carte blanche to deal with Hamas in any way that Israel sees fit up to, but not including, terrorism itself.

    • never has been an official nation of palestine. the land was given to the jews from GOD.

  • Anyone cheering the savages should be shunned from polite society. Students that support them should never be hired for anything, not even collecting garbage

  • God bless you for your strong, clear voice in support of Israel and against the vicious, hateful terrorism supported by the left.

  • AntiFa is to REAL anti-fascism what the Democratic Republic Of North Korea is to REAL democracy. And a REAL republic…

  • Recall that approximately 75% of Biden’s White House staff are Obama holdovers.

    Any sentient adult who is remotely aware of current events knows that the thoroughly corrupt and addled geriatric bearing the naked title, “U.S. President,” decides nothing and is little more than a wet sock puppet barely capable of thought. Also, it’s evident that an unknown and unelected cabal, one member of which is Barack H. Obama, runs the Executive Branch and continues Obama’s overriding domestic and foreign policy – “managed decline.”

    In the preface to the first edition of one of her signature works, “The Origins of Totalitarianism,” Hannah Arendt, a German Jewess and preeminent 20th century philosopher who experienced Nazi horror noted:

    “Never has our future been more unpredictable, never have we depended so much on political forces that cannot be trusted to follow the rules of common sense and self-interest – forces that look like sheer insanity.”

    Extraordinary social, economic and political instability are the essential characters of Obama’s brand of “managed decline.” Obama’s and his puppet’s policies make sense only if destabilization, debasement, division, and destruction are the desired ends.

  • Sean, aside from the fact that you do not understand definition of fascist you obviously know little of the history of Israel or the plight of the Palestinians. In 1948 when Israel came into existence no Arab state in the area wanted anything to do with them because of their terrorist proclivities. Even today Egypt wants nothing to do with then and refused making Gaza part of Egypt.

  • Any article about what forces in America are hostile to Israel and Zionism would be remiss if it did not discuss the key role of hard left, Marxist Jews funding and organizing anti-Semitic groups like BLM, Antifa, Black -Muslim Solidarity groups on campuses in the United States. And the key role of those same anti-Israel Jews in their control of media and institutions fostering anti-Zionism on campuses, using Open Borders to bring in 8-15 million new
    virulent anti-Semites.
    The same Jews seeking to tear America down , want to tear Israel down. Maybe the worst enemy Israel has. Maybe one of the worst enemies America has as well.

  • The $6 billion is just chump change. As Larry Kudlow recently pointed out, Iran has raked in at least ten times that in oil sales to China, in violation of the sanctions Janet Yellen claims have not been altered, but which in fact have not been enforced since “Joe Biden” took office.

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