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Woke Bidenites Have Israeli (And American) Blood On Their Hands

After an initial pointy-headed bureaucratic misstep miscasting the barbaric, beastly, bloodthirsty, brutal assault on innocent Israelis by marauding, murderous subhumans from Gaza, Sloppy Joe finally got it right. 

“I made clear to Prime Minister Netanyahu,” stated the usurper occupying 1600 Pennsylvania, “that we stand ready to offer all appropriate means of support to the government and people of Israel. Israel has a right to defend itself and its people.”

Chimed in Secretary of Wanton Wokeness (formerly known as Secretary of Defense) Lloyd Austin, “Over the coming days the Department of Defense will work to ensure that Israel has what it needs to defend itself and protect civilians from indiscriminate violence and terrorism.”

Left unstated, but appropriately noted by my editorialist brethren at this site, is the role these posers’ prior postures played in destabilizing Israel and emboldening the mortal enemies who earlier this year telegraphed their genocidal intentions.

As your correspondent reported in a post-Holy Land tour article in April, “the Palestinian terror network” has proved its “ability to play the global woke police like a fiddle — including and especially a Biden administration intent on torching his predecessor’s hard-won gains for peace and stability in the region.”

While Biden in turn slumbers and stumbles, Palestinians have engaged in twin and intertwined campaigns of diplomacy and violence to distract Netanyahu’s coalition government, isolate it in the worldwide court of public opinion, and weaken Israeli resistance.

The epicenter of the diplomatic offensive: scorched-earth domestic and international opposition to Netanyahu’s long-overdue judicial reform, some form of which is favored by an overwhelming 78% of Israelis.

But voter opinion doesn’t matter to establishment elites in the Jewish state any more than it does to their U.S. counterparts. And as both make common cause as members of an anti-democratic global fraternity, their addled agent in the White House reflexively and clumsily piled on, blatantly interfering in an independent ally’s internal affairs. 

This atop a piquish and highly publicized diplomatic snub of Netanyahu that lasted until an especially snotty tête-à-tête nearby the United Nations’ annual meeting in September where America’s clueless commander in thief once again kibbitzed on the reforms.

Which brings us to the second, deadlier prong of the dual Palestinian initiative: a wave of violence under the air cover from these woke defenders worldwide. During his trip, this commentator heard Palestinian complaints about settler attacks, and upon multiple online searches found that sentiment replayed by global media and international bodies. Among a feeding frenzy of headlines on “surging” settler violence and “rampages” and shameful comparisons to pogroms and Kristallnacht, the U.N. documented 660 settler attacks against Palestinian properties and 108 against individuals in 2022. 

It took some digging to find the toll in the opposite direction: a Jerusalem Post report on a study by two reserve Israel military officers cited more than 4,000 Palestinian rock- and bomb-throwing incidents against Israeli Jews in the West Bank in 2021 alone.

Guess on which side the math-challenged Austin – whose department was last seen enhancing military preparedness by parading women pilots in maternity flight suits, assigning drag queens as “digital ambassadors,” and draining U.S. weapons stockpiles in an Eastern European military stalemate – came down? In a trip this year to Israel, he pointedly scolded his hosts, “We’re especially disturbed by violence by settlers against Palestinians.”

Meanwhile, what were those poor, put-upon Palestinians up to?  An editor of a publication closely aligned with terror networks wrote that the 2023 Ramadan celebration would launch “a new, more effective level of coordination between the resistance forces in the entire region (emphasis added) … the aim of which is to raise resistance activity inside Palestine to a level that opens the door to a comprehensive uprising” and which “represents the starting point for the complete liberation project.”

That declaration was in fact followed by an uprising in the Al Aqsa mosque on the Temple Mount that forced the Israelis into a raid, images of which went viral and became the justification for an earlier missile fuselage from Gaza and southern Lebanon. A series of confrontations ensued, including, ominously, violent demonstrations at the Gaza border fence. 

Which, of course, prompted Wrong-Way Joe to lecture Netanyahu at their get-together about the “need to take immediate measures to improve the security and economic situation” – not of Israelis, but of their implacable foes. Who had, in words worth repeating, announced “a comprehensive uprising” to carry out “the complete liberation project.,” one they advanced with ghastly effect last weekend.

It’s now past the point at which, as your correspondent declared previously, “Biden and company (can) stop playing the chump in a global campaign aimed at destabilizing Uncle Sam’s faithful Middle East ally and instead underscore Palestine’s true choice: pair victimhood with violence, or peace with prosperity as Israel’s partner.”

The ship has sailed on that choice. Now America’s chief chump and his cohort, their hands drenched in Israeli (and American) blood, need simply to shut their traps and pass the ammunition as our closest friend delivers a death blow to the butchers and oppressors occupying Gaza.

Bob Maistros is a messaging and communications strategist, crisis specialist, and former political speechwriter. He can be reached at

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  • wokism is a dying thing, and support for poor downtrodden palestinians is a sad tired song no one wants to hear anymore. The long-term answer is to put palestinians, including gazans, someplace far and distant where they can be a people and have what’s theirs and israel can finally get a good night’s sleep. question is, where to put the palestinians, and who will pay to help their relocation and resettlement. Egypt has land, saudi arabia has money. Iran has money. Europe has money. Buy some land somewhere in egypt maybe. Otherwise there will eventually be a fight to the death and no more palestinians afterwards.

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