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Thank Heaven Prager University Is Coming For Our Kids

This past month, multiple media outlets on the American left, from the New York Times to the Washington Post, NPR and the Atlantic, have decried the decision by Gov. Ron DeSantis and his administration to allow the wildly popular and educational Prager University videos into Florida school curricula. Recently Texas and Oklahoma joined. 

Those Americans, namely Democrats, who now embrace leftist ideology are basically outraged that our children might learn some traditional liberal American ideas and values. Such learning would create an obstacle in their drive to bring us their state-run, radically secular, gender-neutral, carbon-free, iron-fisted utopia.  In fact, the Democrat leftist tyrants who run my own Montgomery County, Md., government schools just won a court case allowing them to force religious Christians Jews and Muslim kids to be indoctrinated into the 2SLGBTQIA+  poison against their parent’s wishes. I and millions of others have had enough. We are delighted what the leaders in Florida, Texas, and Oklahoma have done — allowed for truth and American values to once again be taught in our schools.

And why, perchance might I, and millions of others from all around the world, embrace this unaccredited Prager University? Why would I, a nerdy, intellectual, thick eyeglass-wearing, Duke University degree-holding, former Democrat Jew with his nose always in a book be so enamored with its over 1,000 short educational videos?  Why would I say and mean things like “I’d rather an American public school or college kid sit in some basement for a few hours a day watching the unaccredited Prager University videos for free than be sitting in most of our accredited, blue-ribboned high school classes or any college class at Yale, Harvard Stanford, UPenn or Columbia?”  What makes me actually pay my kids, nieces, and nephews to watch the weekly new 5-minute video?

It’s because I care about truth and true education, which means caring about transmitting liberal, moral, elevated American values and wisdom, not Marxist ideology, to our children. I and millions of us Prager U fans care particularly about the American and Western ideals of education regarding transmitting truth, beauty, and goodness.

Teaching truth: At Prager U, our young hear, many for the first time, the truths that America is not systemically racist; there are only two human sexes; men do not become pregnant; what you feel about things is not necessarily related to truth and reality; the Western notion of the nuclear family is wonderful, ideally a family formed from the union of a single man and woman.

It teaches the truth that the existence of God is far more a rational idea than the absurd notion that this universe with all its incomprehensible and fantastic complexity came from random collisions of atoms. 

It teaches the truth that America, with its flaws, is the most decent and morally good country that has ever existed, its founders were incredibly wise, and our founding documents like the Constitution, Declaration, and Bible are precious guideposts to living a liberal dignified, happy and good life.   

It teaches the truth that we frail and fallible human brains have only begun to understand the nature of the hundreds of interconnected parameters that go into making the climate on planet earth. Hence, a radical, cultish, hysterical call for reversing the industrial revolution for fear of carbon emissions is not only false but a cruel and vicious attack on the health and well-being of billions of humans on planet Earth.  

It teaches the truth that capitalism is good, socialism and communism are evil, a colorblind society is just, merit and character is how one judges another human, small government and protection of private property are vital for liberty and a dignified life. It teaches the truth that the unborn boy or girl is no more or less human and alive than you or I. 

Beauty: The lectures at Prager U teach beauty, clarifying to our young why Beethoven, Michelangelo, and Shakespeare should be studied, admired, and enjoyed in order to appreciate true artistic greatness. The purveyors of leftism tell them the opposite, the lies that beauty lies with atonal music, scatological “art”, raw, cold, angry architecture, and puerile resentment-filled writings of third-tier authors.

How about goodness?  Prager U teaches what all true red-blooded Americans with their heads screwed on would want their kids to hear. It teaches them there are universal truths about good and bad — truths that come to us from our creator. They are true for all people, in all places, and at all times.  It teaches that man is not born good, that he must learn goodness, and that there is and always be evil in the world.  It teaches the great Biblical saying that one must hate evil in order to love God. 

But little Johnny learns from the Marxists that morality is in the eye of the beholder. One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. He learns the regressive and utterly twisted notion that the world of morality is not divided into right or wrong, but into strong vs. weak, white vs. black, male vs. female, or gay vs. straight. He learns that it is a moral good to cut off the genitals or breasts of healthy children to deal with their sexual delusions. 

So, bring it on Florida, Texas, and Oklahoma. Bring on the very unaccredited Prager University to our young. It would be a glorious thing to have our children watching, reading, and hearing every idea and value put forth there. It is a powerful antidote to the Marxist poison they now encounter regularly in our highly accredited schools.

Howard Sachs is a husband, father, grandfather, physician, serious Jew, and very patriotic American who is doing what little he can to stop this Marxist destruction of America.

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