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COVID-19 virus. Source: Centers for Disease Control

The COVID Killing Fields

The effort to whip up another COVID crisis misses no beats as the usual scolds peddle mask mandates and lockdowns like shameless hucksters selling cure-all elixirs. They can’t say it straight out quite yet, but they want to return to a dark time in our history. Apparently there hasn’t been enough death to satisfy them.

In our own admittedly modest effort to stand against the tyranny, we have recently urged Americans to resist mask mandates and lockdowns through civil disobedience, if necessary. We have no plans to back down from our position.

Our opposition is in part galvanized by our deep dedication to liberty. Using the police power of the state to force people to wear masks; to shut down businesses, restrict movement and limit private gatherings; and to require vaccinations is a gross violation of our God-given freedom.

We are also guided by basic human compassion. The lockdowns were deadly, and their effects continue to kill. Another round of them would be unconscionable.

Last week we noted that the heavy-handed pandemic policy prescriptions – lockdowns – cost millions of lives that otherwise would not have been lost. We cited a National Bureau of Economic Research report that clearly indicated the increase in non-COVID deaths over the first year of the pandemic that were caused by policies and fear-mongering that stopped people from seeing doctors, rushing to emergency rooms, undergoing regular health screenings, seeking treatment for known ailments, moderating their alcohol consumption, and in general taking care of themselves.

But that’s just but one data dive that shows just how barbarous the lockdowns were. Earlier this week, Edward Ring, co-founder and senior fellow with the California Policy Center, provided further evidence, using federal data, that the lockdowns were deadly errors made by panicked, abusive and power-mad public officials.

The increase in total deaths — deaths from all causes, not just COVID deaths — is up significantly. If the period between October 2019 and June 2023 had adhered to predictable mortality rates, 10.5 million Americans would have died. Instead, during that period, 12.4 (million) people died. This prolonged period of so-called excess deaths, 17 percent above normal, is only rivaled by the estimated 675,000 deaths from Spanish Flu in America in 1918-19 when the country had a much smaller population.

“Non-COVID deaths are still way higher than normal. Why?” — American Greatness, Sept. 6, 2023

To blame the virus for all those deaths would be to engage in a lie. While the “horrific” COVID “surges appear to be behind us,” Ring says, there seems to be “no end in sight” of excess deaths.

“Going into the summer of 2023, weekly deaths from all causes remained persistently higher than normal,” Ring continues. “For example, during the last week of June, which is the most recent week for which there is reasonably complete reporting, 55,000 Americans died. Based on historical patterns, only 51,000 Americans would have died. Excess deaths in the U.S. are still about 7% above normal.”

Despite these facts, we have a media and a ruling class, which perform dirty tricks as a team, cheerleading, as subtly as they are able, to force masks on us and close the country again. Politicians are eager to exercise their authoritarian urges. Unelected public health officials are nostalgic for another quarantine. Some haven’t kicked their addiction to the hysteria that let them take more power than they should ever have. The loudest of the alarmists want a permanent lockdown mindset to infect everyone else, just as it has infected them. The leftist media are, with little exception, neurotics who can’t live without drama.

The negligence of the worst among us has killed millions. What’s worse, they are incapable of ever admitting their culpability, which means they have become inured to the tragedies they have caused.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

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  • Yesterday at work, a reliable customer stated that a good friend who is with Phoenix PD SWAT said they were soon training for martial law, and that the lockdowns coming would be more severe than in 2020. It was a disturbing conversation.

    • Get ready for it. The totalitarians (marxists, communists, socialists, etc) have been slowly pushing to see how far they can go before the population(mostly “useful idiots”) will actually rebel and put a stop to it. Since the “useful idiots” are still supporting the democrat(communist) party instead of completely abandoning it, the politburo will continue to push for totalitarian control. Rino republicans really don’t care as long as they maintain their positions at the government trough. No different than what lenin, hitler, mao, castro and most other major totalitarians have done, ie start out slow and easy while building support before bringing out the police, military and the big guns.

    • If the Democrats panic about 2024, perhaps because of a 3rd party run they perceive to be hurting them, I fully expect them (or their fellow travelers) to concoct a new super variant in a virology lab somewhere in the world, and release it to boost their odds of winning. And such a new variant will have to be much more deadly, especially because population immunity is high, so they will have to throw every bit of RNA code known for lethality, immune evasion, and drug resistance into it. And you can bet that media panic and lockdowns will be back, and probably worse this time.

  • At least some of the excess deaths are a result of the “vaccines.” It is now acknowledged that myocarditis is a side effect of these vaccines, and that can be deadly in itself or later lead to premature death. The heart does not recover from myocarditis; cardiac muscle cells do not regenerate. And then there are exceedingly swiftly growing cancers that may be a result of promotor genes that were also included in the Pfizer “vaccine.” Studies now show that in children, their ability to respond immunologically appropriately to subsequent viral, bacterial, and fungal infections seems to be diminished for at least 6 months post injection. The study only lasted that long so it may well be that the compromisation of the immune system is permanent. And there is no reason to think that these effects are limited to children. A 50 year old man dying of an unexpected heart attack excites no wonder, but the cause may well be the same myocarditis that has effected so many younger people.

    I expect that the excess deaths will eventually drop back to normal as the people who suffered the worst side effects die, since not everyone suffered these effects, but the tail might be quite long as a number of novel autoimmune diseases may appear in the future.

  • If you were compliant the first round you are responsible for the second and subsequent rounds. So say “no” and mean it, no tests, no social distancing, no excessive hand and surface cleaning, no masks, no Vax, no boosters, no Vax passports, no plexiglass, no, no, f#cking no!

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