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The FBI Killing Of Craig Robertson Is A Wakeup Call To Gun Owners

Craig Robertson was a Utah man killed by numerous FBI agents during a surprise raid. The raid was conducted because of his implied or direct threats towards Pseudo-President Biden and others. Robertson owned several guns.

I will not dwell on whether the alleged threats were sufficient for a raid, especially when the numerous threats to kill Trump were overlooked by the corrupt FBI during and after his presidency. Nor will I dwell on whether the shooting was justified, or sufficient self-identification by the authorities were given. Such points are moot for the deceased, just as any objections became moot after the Waco massacre.

The point I want to make is that it is high time that the Second Amendment gun nuts to pry their heads out from where the sun doesn’t shine. Robertson’s murder should serve as a reality check.

Before you arch your back, I am not for gun control and I am not against owning guns, though I don’t own any and have no desire to do so. But I want to take a sledgehammer to the delusions that the 2A gun nuts embrace so fervently.

And, at this point, to establish my credentials so there will not be any doubt where my allegiance lies at, I would like to point to dozens and dozens of articles where I damn liberals/Democrats/communists (they’re all the same) for their relentless hatred of America and their desire to establish a bizarre communist utopia, in the process erasing the Constitution, free speech, and the Supreme Court – not to mention masculinity. Also, having come from Cuba my hostility toward communists has no bounds.

But I have also criticized conservatives – harshly – on several occasions for their uninterrupted string of defeats due to their laziness, their lack of cojones, their inability to organize and proselytize, their mutual backstabbing, and, what angers conservatives the most, their stupidity. Nor am I the only one who has pointed out the same and that the reason the communists have gotten this far is the fault of conservatives.

Here, I want to zero in on one particular group of conservatives, the 2A gun nuts. The Robertson killing should be a wake-up call for them.

Anyone who has spent any time around them will have heard their ominous, strutting, comment “They’ll take away my guns from my cold, dead, hands.”

Oh, they will, baby! They will!

This asinine braggadocio is a verbal expression of delusions that gun owners have. Some believe that if the authorities come to take their guns, all they have to do is brandish their little popgun and the authorities will flee in panic. Others believe that there will be a shootout wherein the authorities will fire 6,000 rounds and miss while he fires one round and 18 opponents fall down. Still others seem to believe that once the gun owner shows his weapon, the authorities will vanish in a puff of smoke. And, of course, still others think that there will be a standoff lasting for days, weeks, months, at which point the authorities will get bored and go home and watch the football game.

The harsh reality is that if and when the government decides to seize your guns, it will be sudden, it will be unexpected, it will strike with overwhelming force, it will be accompanied by a confusing cacophony and, before you get the words, “What the f-!” you will be riddled with bullets.

Not to mention the fact there have been a number of instances where the police went to gun owners and asked them to hand in their weapons, whereupon they did.

Gun owners are in denial.

The Reasons For Owning Guns

The rationale for owning guns is twofold. One is personal protection, either at home or outside their domicile. Well and good. Lots of admirable examples where that has happened, although there should be more in regard to the businesses that are being looted by ghetto trash.

The second reason is that, supposedly, a citizenry that is armed is a deterrent to a tyrannical government, and should a government become tyrannical the armed citizens will correct matters. This is also a point of faith with gun owners. Some even go so far as to don camo and go out in groups into the wilderness to play at being resistance warriors in anticipation, unaware of the fact that a quarter of their militia members are FBI agent provocateurs (you can always tell which ones they are because they mouth off as the most radical).

I love to mock these people with the question:

“Oh, really? What … exactly … are you waiting for? Your children are being indoctrinated into hating white people and into becoming homosexuals and transgenders. The news outlets are propaganda peddlers. Elections are fraudulent. There is censorship everywhere about everything including comedy. Christians are being persecuted. Dissenters are being physically assaulted or jailed. We have political prisoners. The economy is being destroyed. Churches are being desecrated. Statues are being overturned. History is being falsified. Science is being corrupted. The government has imposed unnecessary lockdowns. Our national border has been erased. The military is being indoctrinated. The FBI is becoming another Stasi. Our military stockpile has either been abandoned in Afghanistan or given away to Ukraine. A crime family similar to the Borgias are in the White House. So what … exactly … are you waiting for? You don’t even have to go head-to-head with the authorities, you can target individuals: Mayorkas, Joy Behar, Cuomo. Or you can start locally.”

I just love their stupefied faces. Their faces just go blank as cognitive dissonance takes hold of them. I just love doing that.

Dear esteemed members of the FBI death squads: I am not advocating revolt or assassination; I am simply deflating gun owners’ bombastic delusions. Nor am I claiming that President Biden is in the White House through voter fraud, nor has taken numerous bribes, nor that his son is anything but an upstanding citizen.

All hail our glorious FBI!

One last point, whether or not you own one of those little popguns: Don’t make threats. Making threats is the height of stupidity, whether they are verbal, on the internet, or through the mail.

Not to mention it can get you killed.

Armando Simón is originally from Cuba, a retired psychologist, author of “The Only Red Star I Liked Was a Starfish” and “The U.”

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  • You point out something that the Founders realized early on – getting organized is/was as important to the Revolutionary Movement as was the ownership of arms. Standing alone as individuals the People are weak. Organized, the People cannot be so easily defeated.

  • Might as well curl up in a ball and cower in fear then, sweetie.

    Let’s talk practical reality – a mass confiscation isn’t happening. Look at the numbers, then the resources the feds have. Look at the number of federal agents killed going after guns. It happens. Even from what you stupidly and derisively call “pop guns”. Some folks have much, much more than “pop guns”. Look at the standoff at the Bundy ranch. Consider Sheriffs who are working to ensure constitutional rights:

    Read Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s take on what would have happened if people had simply mobbed their “security forces”.

    Then calm down.

  • Armando the Feckless trolls America.

    We all know what’s coming, your gleeful mocking of this poor deluded man notwithstanding.

  • One opposition strategy might be to wonder who all those agents are and what motivates them to persecute their neighbors and fellow citizens. It might be a long process, but if we can discourage young people from pursuing these careers, we might see some gains later on.

    • Cops have no motivations. They follow orders. They do what they’re told without hesitation, and without conscience.

  • Trolling gun owners to make mistakes that WILL get them targeted and killed by authorities. So what positive steps is the author doing? Other than trying to provoke gun owners into behaving stupidly and give rationale for the authorities to crack down and truly begin confiscations.

    A very stupid article by either an ignorant naive person or a very evil one.

  • So, all I get from this article is that you brought your “sheep mentality” to America. I don’t threaten anyone or any agency. I believe in protecting what is mine and what is my responsibility to protect, my family. I don’t really care that you don’t or won’t own a “pop gun”…..good luck if you live in a DEM run city, bro.

  • Some of us maintain guards that never sleep.
    So they can bring it.
    While that ‘overwhelming’ force is scraping what’s left of itself back together, I’ll be waiting. They need to seriously consider if its really worth that paycheck.
    Remember- the hills have eyes, and some things are just better left alone.

  • I’m not sure why I bothered to read past “I don’t own any and have no desire to do so. But I want to take a sledgehammer to the delusions that the 2A gun nuts embrace so fervently.” I thought maybe, just maybe, even with the early insults, there might be a kernel wisdom, NOPE. You have the right to open your piehole to nonsense, but your lack of experience nullifies any advice you might spew. You are correct – if the government decides to take (the singular and personal) “your” firearms, they will shoot you dead to do so. If the government decides it is time to confiscate firearms, things WILL get ugly. Thank you for playing.

  • So, after reading over all of your arguments and warnings to gun owners, I am left with a couple of unanswered questions.

    Since you make it sound like the Communist Democrats could easily launch a nation wide, door to door, gun confiscation agenda and would encounter little, if any resistance, why haven’t they done it already?

    And, if the Second Amendment supporting gun owners are seen as the kind of wussies that you make them out to be – and, I do agree to some degree with that assessment – why are the Communist Democrats so obsessed with disarming these wussies?

    • A) They haven’t done so because as hard as they have tried, they have not been able to fully consolidate their hold (though damn near) because of the separation of powers embedded in the Constitution, particularly the courts. If they do so, they will make it legal to suppress free speech (“hate speech”) and legalize the confiscation of guns. This is why they are so desperately trying to appoint leftist judges to the courts. As time passes I continue to be awestruck by the bloody brilliance of the Founding Fathers.

      B) They are obsessed because they know of the potential dangers of letting the citizenry be armed, should the 2A guys wise up, abandon their cherished fantasies, become realistic, and grow a pair.

      • Unacceptable answer. My own sense is that, while the average Joe Six pack, overweight and horribly out of shape gun owning Boomer would fit into your profile of the wussy who would cave in, and not resist his guns being confiscated there is another category of White male who I am convinced that these Communists truly fear.

        I am referring to the White males who have served in the US Military and who have special ops training and who’ve been schooled in the long range combat sniper courses and who have several years of accumulated experience in that area of military expertise. A guy with that kind of training could easily set up a post a mile or so away from the front door of every Communist politician’s house and when the slab of human manure went out to check his mail or pick up his or her morning newspaper, a simple squeeze of the sniper rifle trigger could see their heads explode in a dozen different directions.

        As soon as any nation wide effort were to be kicked off to confiscate law abiding citizens legally owned firearms, I have a strong suspicion that these former (or active duty) White military snipers would spread out across the country and have lists of the home addresses of every Communist politician. Remember these snipers are also trained to disappear into the woods or country side and survive for weeks or months and avoid detection, both before and after they do their assigned mission.

        Trust me. These are the White guys who the Commies fear most.

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