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A Climate For Absolute Power

How do we know that Joe Biden has made a verbal blunder? His lips were moving. There are so many slip-ups and absurdities coming out of his mouth that it’s hard to keep up. But one recent gaffe stands out: The president said last week during an interview with the Weather Channel that he had already “practically speaking” declared a climate emergency.

He of course hasn’t, but should he or another president do so, they would in effect also be declaring themselves to be an American kaiser who could issue tyrannical edicts with absolute power. They would be able to autocratically “deploy around 130 different powers,” says Climate Depot’s Marc Morano.

Operating under emergency climate powers, a president could halt “the export of crude oil … phase out all exports and imports of fossil fuels entirely … stop issuing permits for offshore oil and gas wells under already existing leases and halt all drilling immediately … marshaling funding under the DPA to deploy clean energy – for example, rooftop solar installations on low-income housing,” according to Morano.

He, or she, could also implement lockdowns similar to those forced on us during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s a truly frightening proposition. Worse than one-party rule, it would be one-man rule.

Which means that the green-on-the-outside, red-on-the-inside radicals are giddy over the proposition even as they feel Biden’s rhetoric is running too far ahead of his actions.

“Activists say nothing short of an emergency declaration will address deadly heat – and the fossil fuel dependency driving it,” gushes Grist, the “Pravda version of the Whole Earth Catalog.” They would be happy to see Biden “divert billions of dollars from the military toward constructing renewable energy projects.”

Climate scientist Peter Kalmus wants Biden to declare a climate emergency so “he could unleash a historic education program to counter fossil fuel industry disinformation … ban new fossil-fuel vehicle sales by 2030, prosecute violations by fossil fuel polluters, commit to veto laws granting immunity to such criminals, and more,” all done without the approval of Congress.

New York Democratic Sen. Charles Schumer is apparently one of many lawmakers who wouldn’t mind if Biden bypassed Congress. He began suggesting Biden declare a climate emergency almost as soon as he was sworn in as president.

“He can do many, many things under the emergency powers … that he could do without legislation,” Schumer said in January 2021.

Sens. Jeff Merkley, Oregon Democrat, and socialist Bernie Sanders of Vermont also want Biden to go rogue, urging him in a letter “to put us on an emergency footing and aggressively use your executive powers to address the climate crisis.”

The Democrats and their scribes in the media are already well into a campaign to delegitimize the Supreme Court, so there’s no reason to think that a president who would declare a climate emergency would comply with the Court’s order to stop acting like a dictator.

Spreading fear about the climate is only a means for the Democrats to reach their ends. The goal is to establish a monopoly of political power that is too strong to be challenged, and they’ll do it any way they are able, through legislation passed by lockstep and party-line votes; issuing pen-and-phone presidential orders, rigging elections by federalizing them, taking long marches through our institutions, and sowing deep social division; practicing censorship, eliminating political opposition via lawfare; and poisoning our politics then blaming the other party for the toxicity.

When asked what type of government the founders were creating during the 1787 constitutional convention, Ben Franklin, according to a journal kept by a Maryland delegate, replied “a republic, if you can keep it.” It’s taken nearly 250 years, but we are losing our republic because one party in this country would rather rule than govern within constitutional limits.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

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  • The NSDAP, under Adolf Hitler, managed to end German democracy in about 100 days in 1933, made possible through the Enabling Act a sort of energency decree like Democrats currently demand from Biden.

    U.S. Democrats lack self-awareness.

  • In the past few days a judge in montana sided with youthful plaintiffs suing the state claiming that the government owed them a clean environment… i.e. if the government thinks climate change “repair” is a necessary function then this is the mechanism by which lockdowns will be justified.

  • Biden would rather be a Emperor and rule for Life with his Imperial Eco-Storm Troopers in Green Armor

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