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Nose Job


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Michael Ramirez

Michael Ramirez is a two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist with the Las Vegas Review-Journal. His cartoons are syndicated by Creators. Michael won his second Pulitzer while at Investor's Business Daily.


  • “Nose Job” is an excellent image, too, for other self inflicted mistakes the Republican Party leaders do to themselves, to our citizens and to the strength of the US.

    ( Don’t get me wrong; Democrats inflict far more cockamamie, absurd, sophomoric, easy to avoid mistakes on themselves, on our citizens and to the strength of the US. Far more! )

    The Republican’s suicidal stance against abortion is a colossal self inflicted mistake. Why do they continue to commit suicide, politically?

    Suicidal in that they lose millions of votes and many elections on this one issue that is radically opposed to everything else important that the party stands for in individual freedoms, integrity of the family, less government intrusion in our privacy.

    Why so deliberately, off the cliff, suicidal on an issue that is actually a Religious Freedom issue? The vast majority of opponents to other family’s planning choices are opposed based on their personal religious doctrines, from which we all have freedom in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution?

    Why is the present cast of Republican Party “leaders” suicidal and unconstitutional, and so cruel, on one issue?

  • It is not the Republicans it is the American people that see that the Washington D.c. FBI leadership and frankly most of FBI now are democrat operatives. The FBI infiltration of January 6th event was only the beginning. The FBI swat teams that go to homes in early morning hours with CNN on hand to raid Roger Stone, O’Keefe, Manifold, Pro-Life clergy. They never find who fire-bombs anti-abortion life clinics, never found the pipe bomber on Jan. 6 but found some grandmother who walked in Capital. Who swarmed Mara-Lago? Every FBI agent that participates in these assaults on American Citizens because they are Trump supporters or Conservatives are part of the problem in the FBI.

  • I’m really tired of Ramirez. I may think the Republican leadership stinks too, but not for this reason. The FBI is and has been a corrupt institution treading on the rights of American citizens and spying on them for decades. There is no provision for a federal police force in our constitution and the FBI must be shut down or we will soon lose all our freedoms. The same with the DOJ. All we need is an Attorney General and just run prosecutions through the states. The hell with this federal leviathan we have created. Too many federal laws have been created on crimes that are best handled at the state level. Ramirez is no conservative.

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