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What We’re Reading: Renewables Racket, COVID Stories, Toughest Job In D.C. … And More

Some headlines that caught our eye.

Biden’s Cash Is Merely A Drop in the Bucket of What an All-Renewable Future Needs — Wayne Winegarden and Tim Anaya, Pacific Research Institute

Credit Card Competition Act: An Econ-Sapping Look Backward — John Tamny, RealClearMarkets

Sharing and Collecting Covid Stories: For Those Who Were Burned — Brownstone Institute

Biden Signed Off On Declassifying COVID Origins By June 18 — He Didn’t Do It Daily Wire

Is Dr. Fauci still getting a government paycheck? — Based Politics

Christian Humanism and the Imaginative Mysteries — Acton Institute

Economic Freedom Is Declining in the U.S. — John Stossel, Reason

Fact-Checking Slow Joe — Power Line

Alan Dershowitz says there are people in the FBI who believe Trump is Hitler — Just the News

30 Years Later, Even More Evidence That GMOs Are Safe — Science Based Medicine

For the Love of English, Stop Changing Definitions — Intellectual Takeout

MSNBC: Democrats wishing death upon conservatives is peachy keen — HotAir

Solving the Global Housing Crisis — Joel Kotkin, The American Mind

Best Of I&I

Americans Say ‘No Thanks’ To ‘Woke’ Corporations: I&I/TIPP Poll

The Toughest Job In D.C. — Transcribing Biden’s Remarks

The Great White Hunter Privilege

Time To Buy Stock In Candle Companies

Amtrak Joe And The Trans-Pacific, Trans-Indian Railroad

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