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What We’re Reading: Biden Family Crimes, Green Loses Sheen, Dems In ’24 Panic . . . And More

Some headlines that caught our eye.

Surprise! Hunter Biden Walks On Tax Fraud, Gun Charges . . .

Hunter Biden will plead guilty to skirt prison time — Washington Examiner

Hunter Biden’s plea deal will see him walk away from gun and tax felonies — American Thinker

Legal Experts Call Hunter Biden Plea Deal A ‘Joke,’ ‘Sweetheart Deal’ — Daily Caller

DOJ Sentenced Famous Rappers to Years in Federal Prison on Gun Charges – But Hunter Biden Given Slap on Wrist for Same Charge — Gateway Pundit

The Intentionally Provocative Hunter Biden Plea Deal — National Review

GOP rips Hunter’s ‘sweetheart’ plea deal on tax and gun crimes, zero in on Joe Biden — Fox News, via MSN

. . . But Will He And Joe Skate On Bribery, Too?

How Did Biden Really Make His Millions? It’s Time For A Special Counsel To Find Out — The Federalist

Comer says new Biden bank records will show family accepted between $20-30 MILLION from foreign nationals — UK Daily Mail

Hunter Biden Plea Deal Excludes Alleged Biden $10M ‘Bribery’ Scheme — Breitbart

A Key Question for the White House After Hunter’s Guilty Plea — Townhall

‘Whatever You Need’: How Hunter Biden Helped the CCP’s Premier Influence Group Gain a US Foothold — Washington Free Beacon

Will Hunter Biden’s business partner dish on the Burisma ‘bribe’? Devon Archer is COOPERATING with Republicans over alleged $10 million payment to the first family — UK Daily Mail

The Bidens Are About to Get ‘Harvey Weinstein-ed,’ and Here Are Joe’s ‘Secret Audio Bribery Tapes’ — PJ Media

It’s Not Easy Being Green

‘Fundamental Culture Change’: Here’s Why Europe’s Energy Giants Are Pivoting Back To Oil — Daily Caller

Germany faces electricity shortages and can expect to see industries leave the country due to green energy policy ‘disaster,’ business chiefs warn — UK Daily Mail

Why Our Electric Grid Is Threatened — Powerline

UN Chief claims fossil fuels are ‘incompatible with human survival’ — Watts Up With That?

Watchdog group slaps Climate Czar John Kerry with complaint for wildly exaggerated claims — Hot Air

Are Dems ‘Panicking’ About 2024 Election?

Five signs Biden’s campaign has Democrats in full panic mode — Fox News

Democrat Party Panics Over RFK Jr. Primary Challenge: Report — PJ Media

Why Can’t the Democrats Be More Moderate? — The Liberal Patriot

Democrats Moving Sharply Leftward, Long-Term Polling Data Show — Powerline

Even As China’s Economy Struggles, Its Threats Continue To Grow

China’s economy is struggling and there’s ‘no quick fix’ — Hot Air

China’s economy is way more screwed than anyone thought — Business Insider

Better ties with the U.S. may be about one thing: China’s struggling economy — NBC News

China ‘is in advanced talks to build new military training facility in CUBA’ — Daily Mail

Biden’s policy on China is now outright appeasement — New York Post

Blinken in China Says ‘We Do Not Support Taiwan Independence’ — Washington Free Beacon

Miscellaneous Stuff . . .

CDC Director knew COVID vax did not prevent infection — Hot Air

Democratic Donor Arrested and Charged With Setting Destructive Wildfire That Democrats Blamed on Climate Change — PJ Media

Same Magistrate Judge That OK’d Mar-a-Lago Raid Now Limits Trump Public
Defense Against Secret FBI Evidence
— Conservative Treehouse

Have Trump’s Tribulations Been a Blessing in Disguise? — American Thinker

Supreme Court rejects appeal from religious college disputing transgender dorm rooms — Washington Examiner

Did The FBI Prevent Delaware Agents From Investigating Biden Bribery Allegations? — The Federalist

Trump: Hunter Biden Plea Deal ‘A Massive Coverup,’ ‘Full Scale Election Interference Scam’ — Breitbart Politics

Zelenskyy Questions US Presidential Candidates Calling for Ukraine Peace Deal: ‘Are They Ready to Go to War?’ — Epoch Times

Tucker Carlson Savages Bidens Over Hunter’s ‘Slap On The Wrist’ For Tax, Gun Crimes — ZeroHedge

Body Mass Index Is ‘Racist,’ Says American Medical Association — Epoch Times

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