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See the entire I&I collection of two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Michael Ramirez here.

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Michael Ramirez

Michael Ramirez is a two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist with the Las Vegas Review-Journal. His cartoons are syndicated by Creators. Michael won his second Pulitzer while at Investor's Business Daily.


  • Please show me where I can unsubscribe. So tired of Michael Ramirez’s anti Trump unfunny cartoons when there is so much to make fun of with Biden.

    • HAVE admired your work for years. But your hate of President Trump is showing an elitist snobbish view of what he represents. He is an American that gave up a wonderful life, put in harms way his fortune, family to run for President. He wanted to make it better for Americans. He loves this country which is more than I can say for 99% of politicians and Washington D.C. denizens. The Biden Regime represents this degenerate Anti-American New left. Taking down Trump at all costs is aimed at every American that can’t defend against the lawlessness we witness today. We deserve better from you.

  • I would guess that the vast majority of your readers are Trump supporters. Ramirez seems so out of line with your political position and the position of your readers. Every comment that I have read over the last two months on Ramirez agrees. Just saying.

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