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Aircraft Of ‘Non-Human Origin’ Flies Under The Media’s Radar

You’ve doubtless heard of the Fermi paradox: If the likelihood of advanced extraterrestrial life existing in the universe is so high, then why is there a lack of compelling evidence here on Earth?

While compelling evidence may still elude us, a whistleblower – who was well placed in the intelligence community and of seemingly unimpeachable character – is now claiming that government entities not only possess alien technology, but have withheld information about UFO retrieval programs from Congress for decades.

His story is so convincing that Tucker Carlson even dedicated a portion of his inaugural Tucker On Twitter broadcast on Tuesday to him.

Carlson called his viewers’ attention to a June 5 article published on The Debrief, a science and tech news site, which revealed that a former intelligence officer and combat veteran, David Grusch, claims the U.S. government possesses “intact and partially intact craft of non-human origin,” as well as the remains their pilots.

Grusch says he was illegally harassed in his position at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency in retaliation for informing the Defense Department’s inspector general in 2021 that information related to “unidentified anomalous phenomena,” or UAPs, was being withheld from Congress.

“In a normal country, this news would qualify as a bombshell,” Carlson said. “The story of the millennium. But in our country, it doesn’t.”

The Washington Post, Carlson said, had the story on Grusch but decided not to run it. The New York Times ignored it completely, opting instead to cover “Donald Trump, trans people, and climate change” the day after Grusch’s story went live on The Debrief.

Grusch has provided Congress with vast amounts of data that point to the existence of secret UAP retrieval programs. The data is the result of his own investigation of these programs, which included interviews with people involved in these secret programs – some of whom were concerned about how their work was being shielded from congressional oversight.

Not only was information regarding UAP retrieval kept hidden, but the military actively attempted to disinform the American public about their existence.

“There is a sophisticated disinformation campaign targeting the U.S. populace which is extremely unethical and immoral,” Grusch told News Nation in a video interview that was published the day after The Debrief article.

So, the question is, what the hell to make of all this?

Grusch was decorated for his service in the Air Force and received positive performance reports as an intelligence officer. A colleague characterized him as “beyond reproach.”

If he is not being honest, one can only guess at Grusch’s motivations for making the claims that he has made. He may himself be part of a disinformation campaign. While anything is possible, to think that a seemingly serious man would throw away his career, credibility, and reputation merely for 15 minutes of fame seems stranger than fiction.

At this point, Grusch’s story is the story. And with the exception of an article from Fox News, mainstream outlets seem to be steering clear. That constitutes a failure on the part of our so-called free and independent press.

It might be time to identify a new paradox: If news of advanced extraterrestrial life grips the nation, why is mainstream media so disinterested?

Nick Kalliteles is a writer focused on government accountability and promoting a fair and healthy media.

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  • I remain skeptical. The evidence so far has been speculation and no hard verifiable evidence. It has been this way for decades. Fuzzy photos, film and enthusiasm. This most recent spate of UFO/UAP always seems to coincide with the release of another piece of Joe Biden corruption evidence.

  • Any thinking person has to be skeptical about this. From what nearby world do these aliens hail? How do they handle the insurmountable problems with interstellar travel? Why would they bother with us? There is no way I’d call the grainy videos and inscrutable photos “sightings”. Does anyone know how long ago the so-called alien bodies have been on “ice”. I think I heard all about it on Coast-to-Coast 51 years ago, and it wasn’t new then. And I hope they are not stlll flogging Roswell. That was debunked ages ago.

    Venus in the daytime, disorientation on dark nights, hysteria and superior mirages explain most sightings.

  • It’s Stray Voltage. These UFO’s seem to crash a lot and never near or in a populated area. Always highly respected but also anonymous sources who were\are threatened for revealing information that is basically the same as the last 50 years of information revealed.

  • “If the likelihood of advanced extraterrestrial life existing in the universe is so high, then why is there a lack of compelling evidence here on Earth?”

    Because the universe is so vast, and so dispersed, and there are physical limits to how fast we or our communications can travel. Yes, there are trillions of stars, and the likelihood of life somewhere in those trillions, even with a tiny probably per star, is high.

    The nearest star is four light years away. As far as we know, there are no inhabitable planets there. With our present capabilities, it would take hundreds of thousands of years to travel to it. A radio signal would take four years, but it would be so weak when it arrived here it would be undetectable. Knowing about other life forms somewhere in the universe would be like Europeans knowing about American Indian tribes before knowing how to cross the Atlantic.

    Maybe some civilization somewhere in the universe is advanced enough to overcome these limitations. Outside of science fiction, physics as we understand tells us these limitations are insurmountable.

    I don’t know what’s causing these UFO sightings. But I’m confident they aren’t b/c of life originating extra-terrestrially.

  • I’d point out that God and angels in general are aliens by definition. Also, the origin of life on earth is extraterrestrial according to the bible. Demons also are literally aliens.

  • When I see a clear, full color photograph, of a UFO taken by one of those military aircraft that possess cameras that can read the headlines off of a newspaper at 40,000 ft, then I’ll believe it. Like all of those people last week who made national and international headlines by claiming that eight-foot tall aliens had landed their space craft in those folks’ back yard, repaired it, and then flew off before the police, with their body cameras, came. People are posting pictures of pets, subway brawls, even photos of their fast food lunch with their omnipresent cell phones all over the net. Yet not one photo of the eight-foot tall aliens and their disabled space craft. Give me a break!

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