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What Happens To A Country That Loses Its Mind?

To see biological males win “woman of the year” awards and others compete against women in sports, and at least one paid to promote sports bras, it’s obvious the American mind has slipped a few gears. But our current troubles are about more than celebrating what is clearly a mental illness that needs to be treated. We have lost our way almost entirely across the board.

The locus of our insanity, one could argue, is Washington, D.C. The federal government developed a habit long ago of spending beyond its means. But the foolishness has reached new levels.

The federal debt is heading to $31.7 trillion like a freight train at full throttle with no brakes. Spending is outpacing revenue by more than $1.5 trillion. Social Security is headed for collapse sooner than its appointed guardians had expected, but the collective vision among our “leaders” on the Potomac doesn’t go beyond the next election. So nothing is done.

Despite the obvious problems, the Democrats want to tax higher and spend more. The supply of vacuity seems endless.

Washington is also at the axis of weaponized government. Free speech is being crushed, dissent from the left’s political agenda is considered an imprisonable offense, and court rulings are to be ignored if they offend progressive sensibilities (yes, we know, two words that don’t belong together). The Democrats see the IRS not as just a revenue collector but also as a truncheon with which to discipline those who refuse to live under their boots. Parents who grouse at school board meetings? They are of course terrorists who must be watched.

It’s no coincidence that we’re living in riotous times. The damage seems to build with every news cycle. But to listen to the Democrats and their communications department, also known as the mainstream media, the only riot in U.S. history was on Jan. 6, 2021. In their twisted minds, rampaging, killing, burning, and looting in the name of George Floyd, or some imagined resistance to fascism, are just benign elements of mostly peaceful protests. Democrats have even contributed money to bail out the “protesters.”

Western and American culture has also been perverted by global warming zealots who are determined to silence heterodox voices, pandemic tyrants who think rights are theirs to give and take, modern segregationists committed to unwinding a half-century of racial progress, and elected lawmakers who think taking over legislative proceedings and occupying chambers is “democracy.” All have stirred up “the crazy” in our nation.

Our descent into madness was evident to many of us long before it became de rigueur to demand that everyone must confess that it’s just fab for boys to dress as girls; to proudly proclaim there is no distinction between men and women and force others to parrot the lie; to expose children to drag queens; and to form mobs for no reason but to satisfy the lusts of the depraved.

The left, which has marched through our institutions, won’t rest until the civil society we have flourished in has been replaced with a political society. It craves a societal breakdown, to bury the political and social norms that stand in its path to unchallengeable power.

America’s deranged, many of whom are prominent members of the ruling class, want the rest of the country to be as mentally and emotionally infirm as they are. It’s their dream to take the rest of us down in their ship that’s sinking under the weight of their lunacy. If we let that happen, we’ll have no country at all.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

The Issues and Insights Editorial Board has decades of experience in journalism, commentary and public policy.


  • Indeed, crazy times. The communists/progressives (dba Dems) appeal to Male Dominance and Female Rights or Feminism simultaneously, though the two are contradictory. Male Dominance is best politically when subliminal rather than overly overt, to capture the Dem male base and not overly alienate suburban Dem females. “Feminism” as redefined by the Dems now embraces Male Dominance (e.g. Trans Dominance) from the sports fields to inside women’s bathrooms, and is synonymous with spaying, neutering and abortion-on-demand paid for by employers who view women as cogs in the work machine. That male Dem voters like this illusion of power over women is obvious. Suburban moms rolling over in submission and voting Democrat makes it a two-fer.

    Craziness, insanity, madness, call it what you will. Behind it all is the very simple, cold, brutally murderous logic of Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky and the 1917 Communist International. It is the same logic of chaos and overthrow of norms that the Soviet Bolsheviks exported to the riotous streets of Wiemar Germany in the 1920s. The idea (like summer 2020 USA burning and looting and tearing down of monuments) is to create chaotic conditions conducive to seizure of power (vividly seen in locales such as Seattle & Portland). The same logic that played out in Cambodia’s Killing Fields is now playing out with J6ers in the Washington DC gulag jail, the capitol city’s Guantanamo Bay prison equivalent. More ominous is the FBI’s Mar-Lago document raid under the Espionage Act, which carries a potential death sentence for Trump (no doubt “an insurance policy” in case election rigging fails). The bottom line is people with deeply buried feelings of inner weakness seeking strength in the collective communist/Democrat party lust for absolute power. The end destination of the communist/Democrat mob is unfortunately (for those who value freedom) a totalitarian state along the lines of East Germany or the old USSR. Of course, for “good causes” like climate, gender, race, equity, etc.

  • The shear lunacy and wholesale abandonment of scientific principles is one thing, but we also have to push back against a Federal government determined to unwind 900 years of progress regarding individual liberties and protections. Every day there is a new revelation of some covert operation design to entrap citizens in general, but opposition to the Biden Administration in particular. Within the last few days we have learned that the Biden Whitehouse cooperated with NARA and the FBI in a legally dubious manner to develop a pretext for the Mar-a-Lago raid and then mislead congress about what they’d done.

    Senior Counselor and Director of Oversight and Investigations for America First Legal said, “The evidence further suggests that Biden officials in the Executive Office of the President and the Department of Justice unlawfully abused their power and then lied about it to the American people. This government, it seems, acknowledges no limits on its power to harass, intimidate, and silence its political opponents.”

  • Nice-but very depressing column (since, in my opinion, you are so right). Thanks-I thought I was going crazy. But-apparently-it’s the culture that going bonkers. Welcome to the new age: Where the inmates run the asylum!

  • jonathan cahn: the return of the gods explains it all. we are seeing the spirit of ishtar, aka inanna, venus

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