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Trump Isn’t A Special Case, He’s A Test Case

Liberals might be scratching their heads over why potential Donald Trump rivals are rushing to denounce his indictment. The reason is simple. Conservative Republicans know that if this assault is allowed to stand, they will be next.

The left, as well as the rabble of never-Trump Republicans, like to tell everybody that the unprecedented measures taken against Trump – culminating with this week’s indictment – are justified because he poses a unique threat to our precious democracy.

Just to review, we’re talking about measures like Democrats impeaching him twice on the flimsiest of grounds. Like federal law enforcement engaging in a coordinated campaign to smear him as a Russian stooge. Like journalists dropping any shred of objectivity and professionalism to attack Trump, up to and including peddling obvious falsehoods.

Measures like Big Tech companies signing on as paid censors of the federal government to stamp out “misinformation.” Like national security “experts” selling lies about Hunter Biden’s laptop. Like raiding Trump’s home.

But the lie at the center of all this is that Trump is a special case that justifies such previously unimaginable antics.

He’s not.

Trump is a test case.

For years the left has been honing its skills at intimidation, manipulation, deception, and election fraud, all to silence and marginalize anyone who isn’t on board with its agenda.

When we were at Investor’s Business Daily, we reminded readers of how the left treated the now-sainted George W. Bush when he was in a position of power.

Jonathan Chait wrote a 3,600-word word piece for the New Republic in 2003 on ‘the case for Bush hatred.’ In it, he admitted that ‘I have friends who … describe his existence as a constant oppressive force in their daily psyche.’ Nobel Peace Prize winner Betty Williams gave a speech at a women’s peace conference in Dallas in 2007 declaring that ‘right now, I could kill George Bush.’ The audience laughed, and she won praise for her ‘bravery.’

Pollster Geoff Garin told The New York Times that Bush hatred was ‘as strong as anything I’ve experienced in 25 years now of polling.’ The winning film at a 2006 Toronto film festival was a movie — Death of a President — that realistically depicted Bush’s assassination.

Unlike Bush, Trump refused to bend to the left’s whims, and he was better than most politicians at giving a voice to those who’ve long been victimized by the false promises of the elites.

Trump’s bigger-than-life personality and his obvious character flaws gave the left the chance to see just how far it could push the edge of the envelope. What it learned is that there is no edge. There’s been no pushback to any of its depravations in polite society.

That is why as soon as Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis started appearing as a possible new threat to the left’s established order, it immediately pointed its weapons at him. And so we started seeing headlines such as:

  • “Who’s more dangerous — Trump or DeSantis?”
  • “A Comprehensive Guide to Why a Ron DeSantis Presidency Would Be as Terrifying as a Trump One”
  • “DeSantis is a ‘very dangerous individual’ an expert on fascism argues”
  • “Believe It: A DeSantis Presidency Could Be Even Worse Than Trump”
  • “Branding expert explains why Ron DeSantis is way scarier than Donald Trump”

The truth of the matter is that If Mister Rogers ran as an unapologetic conservative today, he’d be treated with the same level of disdain as Trump. That’s a point that cannot be emphasized often enough. Anyone who thinks that these types of attacks will go away once Trump does is delusional.

The left has now perfected its plans and strategies for multi-year, wide-ranging, never-ending attacks on the political opposition. It won’t ever stop until it is made to stop.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

The Issues and Insights Editorial Board has decades of experience in journalism, commentary and public policy.


  • Test case? Leftists? More like communist business as usual, imported from Soviet Russia, Communist East Germany, etc. and embedded into USA Deep State Government via Bush II’s “Patriot Act”. Indeed, same underlying Bush II Patriot Act rhetoric about preserving and promoting “democracy”. The underlying playbook was laid out by Lenin, Stalin and, not to be anti-Semitic, Trotsky, at the 1917 Communist International. Biden should be awarded the Red Star of Stalin for his work, and Soros should be awarded the Trotsky Prize for promoting global revolution. These are communists and cultural Marxists, not mere leftists, and far from being a “test case this is the “new” business as usual in New York and the other Totalitarian States of America. Just ask all those J6ers and former Trump staffers who have been bankrupted or locked in the DC gulag prison dungeons in solitary confinement without trial or bail hearings for over 2 years.

    • I am appalled that we in America can keep the J6ers under lock and key for 800+ days without hearing or trial. What a travesty. Of course the run of the mill Democrat and even many Republicans, especially older Republicans, don’t seem aware of it because of the establishment news embargo.

  • I believe what you are alluding to is a National Divorce. The last time we had one it did not end well for anyone especially the Democrats. That was 1860 – 1865. Seems we are headed to repeating history b/c of the Left. Having been to war myself I can only say may God have mercy upon us all.

    • “War is the remedy our enemies have chosen, and I say, let us give them all they want of it”.
      – William T. Sherman.

    • Every student of the American Revolution knows that one.of the main reasons for rebellion was the Crown using Colonial Magistrates (the courts) to punish anyone in defiance of the King. History is repeating itself. Will the rebellion?

  • The horrific thing about this is that it’s nothing unusual. This level of corruption, and worse, runs through every facet of the US legal system, right from the law schools to the Supreme Court. Lawyers have agendas, and the evil ones are entrenched in the system and are winning. Laws can’t prevent or stop tyranny. Our laws promote it, because they were written by corrupt, venal charlatans. If there is going to be a reset, it has to start from a blank slate. The current system must be scrapped, like Napoleon did after the French Revolution. That also requires that the corrupt ruling class faces the ultimate sanction.

  • That black fat porker needs to be taken down by any means necessary because we cannot allow this charade to continue. Trump will be our next president whether the left likes it or not, or there will be civil war. We have had it with the criminal cabal in the white house destroying our country before our eyes.

    Remember my friends, “FREEDOM IS NOT FREE” We must protect it with everything we have at our disposal, including our lives if need be. Our founding fathers were stunningly accurate as to why they needed to put in a Second Amendment, because they knew the propensity of men to try and screw each other at the drop of a hat.

    This police state cannot continue and if law enforcement doesn’t stand with the people the people will take out their anger of those first responders the government sends in to do its dirty work. Pick your side boys and girls because it is about to hit the fan if that fat black POS continues to try and screw-over the best president in over 50 years all bets are off the table. CAPICHE ???

  • I have been called lately an old fuddy-duddy who doesn’t like to see the world change. However, the change I see mostly around me right now, depending on the day, looks sometimes like 1930s Germany, and at other times like 1917 Russia, or 1947 China. And the journalists, college folk, and politicians cheering it all on have little sense of history and absolutely no self-knowledge.

    Bad moon a risin’

  • Hillary’s involved because orangemanbad and knocked her off the throne and flaky prosecution efforts over relative minutae show how politicized the court system has become. NYC /NY state are corrupt and long time democrat strongholds. Trump at one point went to war with city hall, and won, and they have not forgotten that. Trump’s still mah swamp drainer and there’s lots more swamp to drain. I hope the prosecutor goes down in flames and Hillary gets exposed as the driving force behind all this and then we can finally be quit of that woman because she is power-mad and needs to be barred for life from a lot of things

  • The headline is spot on. It doesn’t matter what Trump is charged with or if there are any facts to back up the charge(s). All that matters is that the left gets a conviction. hen it is just rinse repeat for anyone, sorry for any non-democrat in the way.
    I suggest that we all register as democrat and make it impossible for them to tell who is doing what so that votes would actually have to be counted instead of being pre-sorted by R or D.

  • AG Bragg has opened the door wide to the real important prosecutions needing to be brought to the courts; Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff and Nadler. The Trump case is flimsy as toilet paper and will be tossed out.

    But the corruption/criminal/sedition cases against the four above need to be brought to court and Bragg has opened the hanger door wide for such prosecutions. Well done, Mr. Bragg. Thank you.

  • It is on.
    Every Red State DA who wants a national profile and a six figure book deal is working on Barack Obama’s Indictment right now.

  • I’m an older woman who has been watching politics since I was a young woman. In all of that time I’ve seen some ugly things go on but I have never seen anything like what has been done to Pres. Trump for all these years. It’s disgusting, it’s degrading to our country, and has polluted politics forever. I’m actually surprised he wants to subject himself and his family to all of that again because it will never stop. Not even when he’s in his grave.

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