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The Left’s Criminal Abuse Of The Young

Democrats have long portrayed themselves as the great guardians of the children. In truth, they are destroying the young. The harm they’ve done to children, teens and young adults has spiked in recent years, from scaremongering about global warming to pandemic lockdowns that have unnerved a generation to teaching them a divisive, politically charged curriculum.

According to ​​an online medical journal, the University of Calgary has determined there was a spike “in emergency department visits for attempted suicide and suicide ideation among children and adolescents” during the period of “social isolation” that coincides with the pandemic lockdowns. The university conducted a meta-analysis of 42 studies representing more than 11 million pediatric emergency department visits in 18 countries, and compared “the data on visits prior to the pandemic with those that took place during the pandemic, up to July 2021.”

Researchers found “a 22% increase in children and adolescents going to emergency departments for suicide attempts, and an 8% increase in visits for suicide ideation,” even though there was “a 32% reduction in pediatric emergency department visits for any health-related reasons during the pandemic.”

And which party was almost fully responsible for forcing the young into isolation? It was the Democrats in this country and their ideological kin in others, with the encouragement and approval of their media department, who placed the young under virtual house arrest and closed schools, houses of worship, playgrounds and other settings where social interaction takes place. No wonder so many lost hope.

It’s the same side of the political spectrum that has unconscionably stunted the speech, language, social and emotional development of small children through its obsession with mask mandates.

Not everyone agrees that this is the case. There is some debate among the experts. But common sense strongly suggests that forcing an entire population to appear less human – a masked population looks like a swarm of angry monsters – and interfering with basic verbal communication will have long-lasting negative consequences on society’s youngest and most vulnerable.

Before the pandemic, the political left was busy grinding down children, their own and others, with exaggerated tales of a climate doomsday. The literal poster child for this consuming phobia is Greta Thunberg, whose parents have indulged and exploited her fear of global warming.

But she is only one of millions of young Westerners who are panicked over the climate. EdWeek reported last fall that “37% of teenagers feel anxious when they think about climate change and its effects, and more than a third feel afraid. Many also said they feel helpless and overwhelmed.” A National Public Radio guest has said that “research with children and young people around the world” found “they were distressed, that they were finding climate change terrifying.”

“We didn’t realize the depth of the feeling,” said Caroline Hickman, a lecturer at the University of Bath, told NPR. “And we didn’t realize how that was impacting on their thinking and their daily functioning.”

This is sad: A large portion of the next generation is paralyzed for no reason. Their heads have been filled with stories concocted by hysterics.

Again, who is driving the narrative that warming caused by man’s use of fossil fuels has created an existential threat? It’s not the Republicans.

The Democrats, and again we include the dominant media as well as the many institutions now under control of the left, are also responsible for changing teens’ and pre-teens names and pronouns without their parents’ knowledge, and pushing confused kids into gender changes that they’ll later regret.

They have forced a woke indoctrination on students that is intended to elicit guilt from the “privileged” who are taught to feel convicted for their “whiteness,” pursued with Marxist vigor legislation that will burden future generations with crushing debt, sexualized children too young to understand, and used them as human shields to protect and validate their lust for ever-greater political power.

Much of the damage done by the left has been against its own. As late-night host Greg Gutfeld, recently said, adults on the left “incentivize misery.”

“The worse you feel and the more you express it,” he said, “the better you do in these circles.”

If only those circles were small. But they continue to grow, spun out by an increasingly deranged cabal of reprobates.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

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  • It’s not a gender “change”. The word gender does not apply to living creatures, it is a construct of grammar used in some romance languages. Therefore, we are down to sex and sex cannot be changed. These folks claiming to be transgender are mentally ill people and encouraging them in their delusions does them no favors. Pushing this on children is downright evil.

  • The left has an interest in destroying human agency: “ Many also said they feel helpless and overwhelmed.” A helpless and defeated population is more likely to be dependent on the state.

    It’s important to remember though that the left also has an interest in creating the perception of widespread mental illness in order to advance its programs of control. Social and Emotional Learning programs, whose goal is to undermine parental authority and drive a wedge between parents and children, are sold to schools and parents by scaring them about children’s mental health.

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