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There’s No Liar Like A Biden

How do we know when Joe Biden is lying? When he says he gives us his word as a Biden. But that’s not the only time he spins a whopper. He says something untrue quite regularly, the most recent instance a tall tale about his “epiphany” regarding gay marriage.

When asked about his “evolution on marriage equality” during an interview on Monday night’s “The Daily Show” on Comedy Central, Biden radically revised his personal history so that he would appear to have been woke for more than a half century. Our president (how did such a thing ever happen?) said he “hadn’t thought much about” same-sex marriage until his “senior in high school.” But one day as his father was dropping him off, he saw “two well-dressed men in suits” kiss each other.

“I mean they give each other a kiss. … And I’ll never forget, I turned, looked at my dad, he said ‘Joey, it’s simple. They love each other. It’s simple.’ No, I’m not joking. ‘It’s simple. They love each other.’  … It doesn’t matter whether it’s, whether it’s same-sex, or heterosexual couples should be able to be married. What is the problem?”

Here, thanks to PJ Media’s Matt Margolis, is the truth behind another pathological lie from the “Big Guy”:

So Biden claimed he had his epiphany on same-sex marriage as a teenager, yet, in 1973, during his first year in the U.S. Senate, Joe Biden opposed homosexuals working in the federal government, insisting they were a security risk. ‘My gut reaction is that they [homosexuals] are security risks,’ he said, ‘but I must admit I haven’t given this much thought … I’ll be darned!’ He would later support Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, the policy concerning gays in the military, in 1993, and voted in favor of the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act, which defined marriage as being between a man and a woman. In fact, Biden defended his vote on DOMA years later and argued that the issue of same-sex marriage should be left to the states. … As vice president, he even opposed civil unions for same-sex couples.

This “epiphany” is similar to Biden’s claims about his grand contributions to the civil rights movement. He’s said a number of times that he was an activist, even as a teen. He’s even told stories about participating in marches and being arrested multiple times at civil rights protests, once in South Africa where he was trying to visit Nelson Mandela in prison.

But the facts tell a different story. The New York Times has reported “there is no evidence he was ever arrested during a civil-rights protest.” Nor did he march with activists. A three-decade old book on U.S. politics entitled “What It Takes: The Way to the White House” noted that “Joe didn’t march. He was in high school, playing football.” Biden’s South Africa story was a fabrication, too, as was his claim that while later visiting Washington, Mandela thanked him for his efforts.

Biden has also lied about his education, his family background, his life experiences (he really said that he “used to drive a tractor trailer”), that he was on a plane that was fired at in the Balkans, was on a helicopter forced down by terrorists in Afghanistan, and told at least one group he was a “hard coal miner”). In the 1980s, he plagiarized a speech by British politician Neil Kinnock, appropriating the Labor leader’s story as his own.

Long before he ran against Donald Trump in 2020, Biden was a well-known liar. Yet more than 81 million voters cast their ballot for him, a man who cannot tell fact from fiction. He lied when he promised he’d “shut down” COVID, unite the country and rescue the economy, which had been roaring before it was maimed by lockdowns.

Given his uncontrollable urge to deceive, why did 81 million Americans believe him? Why would just 81, forget a million times that number, put their trust in a man who is the biggest liar in the post-Lyndon Johnson political era? It’s obvious he has a deep character flaw and has been in a decades-long descent into madness. He is a “psychopathic personality of some type.”

And he is president of the United States, a mistake for which we’ll be paying for decades if not longer.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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  • The “81 million voters” is also a lie.

    But very sadly, the shameless incompetence of Joe, along with his entire Administration, is not.

    • Sadly too true. See and for how it’s irrefutable that the 2020 elections were stolen (as were those in 2022), but Deep State Dems & RINOs seem unstoppable. But God is still in control.

  • Have you noticed that Biden’s “tell” that he is telling yet another lie is that he positions his hands as though he is about to catch a basketball? The closer his hands are to the size of a basketball, the bigger the lie.

  • Don’t Democrats embellish their histories all the time? Hillary Clinton, Richard Blumenthal, even Bill Richardson. Truth be told, some of the lowest feeders in the Demcratic party ecosystem around here make up provably false histories. It is some sort of disturbing need they all have to be bigger and better. Biden is an outlier in this regard, but the whole party is ill in this regard.

    What I find more disturbing is the ease with which my Democrat colleagues, neighbors and acquaintances deceive themselves and vote according to this deception. It is like truth has no solid form to it and they see it as a mere construct. They spend years in an infantile tantrum about the liar Trump, but they can’t recognize Biden or, worse, they readily come up with ludicrous rationalizations for his behavior. I actually have people tell me that Biden exhibits the highest integrity of any politician they know — oh, and Mayor Pete is one of the most intelligent men on the planet.

    What becomes of a nation with citizens like these?

  • To hear him tell the story of Martin Luther King’s assassination in 1968, Joe BRANDON was up on the balcony with King! And, wasn’t Joe BRANDON instrumental in the capture of James Earl Ray, the assassin?

  • There is no way that this addled old creep saw two men kissing in the 1960’s when he was a teenager. In the 1960’s one just did not see this kind of thing. Unless he was in San Francisco, and even then it is doubtful.
    Most homosexuals hid their sexuality for fear of repercussions. And we didn’t see the sexually explicit behavior among them like we do now. He is a liar, a plagiarist and a fool, and yes, a traitor.

  • This is the worst website I have ever been on. Pop ups, cookies, vet little relevant content

    • No problem with popups and cookies on mine.
      Perhaps you need to sort out your computer rather than blaming other people for your inadequately set up equipment.
      Back under your bridge!

    • No popups on mine either. Sounds like a system issue at your end. As far as content goes, “relevant” is in the eye of the beholder. This reader happens to find I&I articles to be generally relevant and well written.

  • Most everyone embellishes most freely admit
    some a lot others a little bit

    Some untruths are characterized as little white lies
    to protect or soothe or shield innocent eyes
    others are designed for devious ends
    naked attempts at dominance…

    Scariest is a liar caught yet unrepentant of the lie
    while wielding power over who lives and who dies
    crazy to find ourselves in this challenging time
    with a leader fully embedded in the Cult of the Lie

    You claimed new election laws were Jim Crow two-point-oh
    record turnout shows that isn’t so
    guess voters didn’t get the memo
    none were more restrictive than in your own Delaware
    or reliably Democrat New York…

    You never attended historically black Delaware State
    full academic scholarship for law school, wrong
    in the top half of your class, sorry
    you remind us of an ill-intended Mr. Magoo
    or Alfred “what me worry?”

    Outstanding student in the poli sci department
    graduated with three degrees, geez
    even you must see
    with available records a credible jury
    wouldn’t hesitate to convict you of perjury…

    Obfuscating always on illegal immigration
    no the border’s not in the least bit “closed”
    every month sets a new record for illegal entry
    while in cover of darkness your charters fly illicit migrants
    to unsuspecting communities around the country…

    “Never spoke to my son about his overseas business dealings”
    laptop was “Russia disinformation”
    these layers of deceit and untruth so deep
    c’mon, Big Guy, showing the lie to your denial
    records show you met with at least 14 of the players…

    Afghanistan you called “an extraordinary success”
    tell that to the families of the 13 dead soldiers:
    Hoover Pichardo Gee Lopez
    Page Sanchez Espinoza Schmitz
    McCollum Merola Nikoui Soviak Knauss

    Billions in weapons and infrastructure left behind
    we’ll never know for sure how many Americans and allies
    you said al-Qaeda was gone, wrong
    and the under-oath testimony of your generals to Senate Armed Services
    showed you lied about their advice…

    Excerpts from “‘T Ain’t So Joe” by Richard Milne (posting this comment)

  • Ironically, in an article that focuses on Biden’s lies, I&I manages to work in the lie that Biden actually got 81 real people to cast their votes for him. Now, there may have been that many ballots (doubtful premise also), but multiple sources have established the “2000 Mules” were the least of the fraud.

  • Joe Biden is not lying.

    After she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, my mom was not lying when she said that she had worked in New York City for a few years when she was young, although she didn’t. In fact, her father found her a job in San Antonio after she graduated from high school in the depths of the Great Depression. But that memory was lost to the disease, and her mind filled the gap with another memory, about the time that she visited New York City with her sister-in-law.

    When Joe Biden can’t remember something, he either brushes it off (my mom did that, too) or his mind makes something up to fill the memory gap.

    • With appropriate concern for the condition your Mom faced, the standard for POTUS — ostensibly the most powerful person in the world — must be massively higher. Where countless lives and billions of dollars of wealth can rest on one person’s words, truth matters. Period.
      If Mr. Biden cannot sort out what is fact and what is fiction (which is a condition he has faced for decades) he has no place being POTUS.

      He ever did, actually. And history will show this to be true.

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