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What We’re Reading: Calamity Joe, Down With DST, Banning TikTok … And More

So What?

‘There’s going to be more’: How Washington is bracing for bank fallout  —  Politico

Silicon Valley Bank’s Failure a Warning for the Fed – New York Post

Can the chaos from Silicon Valley Bank’s fall be contained?  —  AP

Is SVB’s Fall Start of Reckoning for Global Markets? — Reuters

US banks sitting on unrealized losses of $620 billion — CNN

Why Now?

#Bidenflation Seen As Cause Of Bank’s Collapse; ‘Dems Lining Up To Bail Out Their Donors’ — Off the Press

The Real Reason Silicon Valley Bank Collapsed — National Review

The SVB Fall: Green, Woke, and Now Broke — Breitbart

Silicon Valley Bank employees received annual bonuses hours before collapse: report — Just the News

Calamity Joe

Biden’s Budget: A Declaration of War on Businesses — Steve Moore, Fox News

Biden’s $5 trillion tax gambit catches Congress by surprise — The Hill

Biden Blocks Oil Drilling In 16M Acres — Off the Press

WATCH: Joe Biden’s Senior Moment of the Week (Vol. 33) — Washington Free Beacon

Big Censorship

The Censorship-Industrial Complex — ThreadReader

House Republicans step up pressure on State Department over funding for ‘disinformation’ index — Washington Times

Down with DST

Changing our clocks is a health hazard. Just ask a sleep doctor — NPR

Will This Be the Last Year for Daylight Saving Time? — PJ Media

Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You

Biden Administration Urged to Take More Aggressive Steps to Relieve Medical Debt — Kaiser Health News

Will Biden Cancel Medical Debt Next? (I&I, Sept. 27, 2022)


On Deck for the GOP, Ron DeSantis: Can He Do It? — Andrew Malcolm, RedState

Catholic student arrested and charged after saying men and women are different — Fox News

January 6 Prison Choir Has The Number One Song In The Country — Daily Caller

Greta Thunberg’s 2018 Prediction That World Would End In Five Years Doesn’t Turn Out So Well — PJ Media

Having failed to mask and socially distance, New York City rats found to be infected with COVID-19 — Hot Air

Shameful New York Times hit piece on Ron DeSantis reveals panic over his political appeal — American Thinker

Illinois town nixes solar desert — CFACT

‘A National Security Concern’: Top Democrat Senator Calls For China’s TikTok To Be Banned In U.S. — Daily Wire

Biden Is ‘Dragging His Feet’ On Releasing Covid Origins Information — Town Hall


Oscars Ratings Soar As Nation Watches In Hopes Of Seeing Someone Slap Jimmy Kimmel — Babylon Bee

BREAKING: Elon Musk to buy Congress to release all January 6 footage — Genesius Times

Tucker Carlson Obtains 40,000 Unseen Hours Of Biden Falling Down Air Force One Stairs — Babylon Bee

Odd: All Crime From Dangerous Trump Supporters Stops During FBI’s Company Picnic — Glorious American

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1 comment

  • The exchange between Sen. Warren and Jerome Powell is instructive.

    Powell argued that all Americans, not just two million, are suffering under high inflation.

    “Will working people be better off if we just walk away from our jobs and inflation remains 5% or 6%?” Powell replied.

    Warren cautioned Powell that he was “gambling with people’s lives.”

    Powell is correct. Inflation has the potential to destroy peoples’ savings and their retirement portfolios — everyones’. People seem to be sleepwalking at present, unaware of what is happening. Since retirement funds are primarily used to support lifestyles beyond retirement they are fully impacted by a rising CPI. The purchasing power in them has declined by 14% already under the past two years of Bidenomics. Yet most Democrats I know can’t stop praising Biden and tell me they are unconcerned about inflation because they think it affects only people richer than themselves.

    The Democrats gamble with peoples’ lives all the time.

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