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The Electric Vehicle-Blackout Connection

Thursday we reminded readers that electric vehicles are evil. Today, we provide another reason why they are the functional equivalent of an invasive species.

In our “It’s Time To Admit It: EVs Are EVIL” editorial, we made the case that “EV owners, not those who drive internal-combustion engine cars, “are the ones responsible for raping the planet, poisoning entire communities, enriching genocidal tyrants, and creating a massive hazmat problem while doing nothing to stop ‘climate change.’”

Moving on, we argue that EV owners, the policymakers forcing electric cars on the country and the nagging activists who support them will be responsible for a future of blackouts and power shortages.

According to PJM Interconnection, a regional power transmission organization that serves 13 states and the District of Columbia, the country faces “a potential timing mismatch between resource retirements.”

“Thermal generators,” meaning power plants that typically produce electricity from fossil fuels and nuclear fission, “are retiring at a rapid pace due to government and private sector policies as well as economics.” These “retirements are at risk of outpacing the construction of new resources.”

PJM cites “the proliferation of high-demand data centers in the region” it serves and “electrification” as factors in an increased demand for voltage. It also mentions the growth of “plug-in electric vehicles and battery storage” as additional drains on the grid.

What we have arriving, too soon no matter when, is a convergence of an expansion of EVs with what amounts to a powering down of electricity production due to that “mismatch” of resource retirements.

EVs are of course must-haves in California, and we don’t mean that in a consumer-demand sort of way. The peacock governor, with the support of the unelected members of the state Air Resources Board, has dictated that all new cars and light trucks sold in California starting in 2035 must be zero-emissions vehicles, or ZEVs, (which don’t exist).

That’s about 12.5 million battery-operated automobiles sucking power from the grid, 15 times more than there are today. A year later, all sales of new ​​medium- and heavy-duty trucks will have to be ZEVs, too, which narrows the options down to plug-in EVs and essentially nothing else.

While California roads are filling up with EVs, the state is transitioning to a fully emissions-free grid by 2045. And, no, that won’t include nuclear power, unless the politics of California change quickly. Consumers will have to get along with electricity that is powered by the sun and wind … and not much else.

Meanwhile, Gov. Murphy wants all new car sales in New Jersey to be EVs by 2035. That’s another 4.5 million millstones pulling down the grid. Did we mention that the state is also targeting 2035 as a deadline for the economy to be running on 100% clean energy? We should, since it’s significant – and foolish.

Because other blue states are in thrall with California’s progressive agenda the way teenage girls were smitten by Paul McCartney’s hair in 1965, they’re ready to follow the Golden State into a new Stone Age of power shortages. Both Oregon and Washington have already committed their residents to dark days caused by EV mandates, while several other states are likely to adopt ZEV programs in the near future.

So we say it again: EVs are evil. The climate zealots will continue to ignore salient facts about them, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

The Issues and Insights Editorial Board has decades of experience in journalism, commentary and public policy.


  • Little did I know in high school, reading Edith Hamilton’s MYTHOLOGY, (I can’t underline, and Book titles can be in all caps as an alternative) that the most valuable story I would read would be about Procrustes.

    Socialism doesn’t work.

  • The myriad of moving parts all noisily beating and wearing themselves to pieces clattering and vibrating while searching for the correct gear or spooling up the turbo in the narrow power band of an ICE engine pails next to the elegance of the instant and broad torque of an EV power train unless you are fond of noise, vibration, hesitation, shifting, braking and paying at the pump. ~2000 moving (and degrading) parts in the power train of an ICE engine versus 20 in an electric power train. No fluids or belts to get low or refresh except windshield wiper juice.

    I cringe every time these days when I am forced for some odd reason to resorting to one of my old legacy ICE vehicles instead of my much preferred Tesla M3lr, but do not get me wrong, I am well aware that the privilege of driving an EV is something the vast majority of people cannot enjoy because of the technology required to produce them with grotesque open mining for the raw materials, often with slave and child labor. It is anything but sustainable without even getting into power generation/transmission requirements, at least until Graphene batteries become viable.

    Interesting facts re common lithium battery packs of an EV —

    “A typical EV battery weighs one thousand pounds. It contains twenty-five pounds of lithium, sixty pounds of nickel, 44 pounds of manganese, 30 pounds cobalt, 200 pounds of copper, and 400 pounds of aluminium, steel, and plastic. Inside are over 6,000 individual lithium-ion cells.

    “It should concern you that all those toxic components come from mining. For instance, to manufacture each EV auto battery, you must process 25,000 pounds of brine for the lithium, 30,000 pounds of ore for the cobalt, 5,000 pounds of ore for the nickel, and 25,000 pounds of ore for copper. All told, you dig up 500,000 pounds of the earth’s crust for just one battery… Both human rights abuses and environmental degradation are directly connected to the mining for the exotic minerals and metals that are required to manufacture wind turbines, solar panels, and EV batteries.”

    I drive a Tesla M3lr every day and consider it, as I said, a privilege to do so because EVs are not a sustainable possibility for the masses, the reasons for such skepticism illustrated above, yet my car is orders of magnitude more drivable and fun than all my many previous rides — very, very quick and deadly silent at the same time. The harvesting of raw minerals for batteries, even before addressing problems in adding power generation and transmission of it, is a rapacious endeavor at moving half a million pounds of the Earth’s crust for each average present technology battery.

    The concept that everyone can be forced by an army of Command & Control Government Freaks to drive EVs or the ludicrous hydrogen-fueled dream cars is preposterous.

    • Elon? Did you read the article? Sigh. Moving parts for your wonderful environmentally ‘friendly’ EV that won’t be powered except on that odd Wednesday.

    • Your compulsion to write a novel, desperately trying to conjure up a justification of your unjustifiable advocacy of child slave labor and strip mines won’t stop the childrens blood from flowing out all over your feminine Tesla, whenever you merrily strut down your San Francisco roads. 😂

  • Few people realize that hydrocarbons are the basis of modern civilization. They are not some alternative that can be dispensed with without returning to a near 19th century existence. As their use is progressively suppressed, people are already starting to get poorer, and that will only accelerate as more draconian restrictions are implemented. Soon people will long for the days when inexpensive, reliable energy was taken for granted. Power outages will become common, and few will be able to afford new cars which won’t work much of the time because of the lack of electricity. All in a fruitless quest to control the climate.

  • EVs are not evil – the battery powered vehicle is.

    The problems with EVs as we know them has nothing to do with the electric motor and everything to do with the use of batteries to store power downloaded from the public mains. Replace the battery with something like a fuel cell and the EV could be better than ICVs; offering, for example, silent operation; more low end torque; fewer emissions; and greater stability (lower center of gravity, particularly if the motors are in the wheels.)

  • 2035 will come and go and EVs will still be a small minority of cars on the road.

    • I’d take that bet in a heartbeat, and suppose I already have with TSLA shares!

  • Hmm, PT Musk who is the single non government individual most responsible for this upcoming horror just bought Twitter to deflect from his NWO greed. He knows everything just mentioned in this article is true yet has no problem cashing a $20,000 government check for every Tesla sold.

  • The ordeal that is your commenting and voting process is not worth the effort. Good article but….., Cya in 8 months?

  • You’re lucky the Liberty Daily linked to your article. Are you trying to be a boutique conservative site with limited economic growth? Improve your voting/commenting process, 2 cents… Good article

  • Luddites find ways to attack every innovation and ignore concurrent incorporation of complementary technologies and social changes. Absolutist “EVs are evil” is a lot like “using fossil fuels is evil” and the nonsense won’t stand well in 10 years, as the grid continues to evolve and incorporate storage, and hopefully more base load capacity as well. EVs won’t necessarily make sense in every situation, and mandates are problematic, but for the majority of people taking short daily trips, EVs can result in much more efficient power conversion and I for one trust a market indicating accelerating adoption.

  • CO2 HOAX easily explained
    Co2 = ~ 400 parts per 1,000,000
    Imagine A 1,000,000 mile car trip = around the world 40 times OR a trip to the moon and back- 2X .
    Since the beginning of the industrial revolution all the planet’s additional CO2 that has been added …… the earths natural cycle…….. and a tiny man made amount ( IPCC says 3.0%.)…… = 200 Parts Per 1,000,000
    That CO2 is only the beginning of the trip from Boston to NYC, NY (200 Miles)

    100% hoax

  • This is *not* about climate, energy policy, or saving the Earth. This is about control, political power, and money. We need to put on a massive media blitz to combat their unintelligent lies with hard push-back, while letting the actual scientists to speak freely, without fear of retribution to get to the truth of Al Gore’s (among many others) money and power grab. Expose these frauds!

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