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Joe Biden’s ‘Souvenirs’

President Joe Biden of course adopted a sanctimonious stance when it was reported that classified documents were found at Donald Trump’s Florida estate. “Totally irresponsible,” said the man who has been keeping classified documents going back to his years in the Senate.

As infuriating as his comment was, Biden might be guilty of more than hypocrisy.

Biden has left a growing trail of classified documents behind him, including papers from his Senate “service” as well as his terms as vice president. They’ve been turned up at Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement in Washington – the “think tank” where Biden kept an office and which helped the University of Pennsylvania rake in ​​$30 million from Chinese interests – and the president’s Delaware residence. The more Justice Department agents look, the more they find. Despite his Gertrude Stein protest, there is a there there.

So, is Biden a kleptomaniac (the American people deserve to know if their president is a crook)? Were the documents misplaced by careless staffers? If so, why didn’t Biden choose more trustworthy aides, administration hands who knew which documents were hot and needed to be stored in a secure space?

Or, is it possible that Biden been covering the tracks of his decades of corruption?

It’s clear that Biden and his “family business” are corrupt. No one thinks that there’s been no influence-peddling in connection with son Hunter’s financial arrangements with his foreign associates. The same with Biden’s younger brother James. We know this because of the stone wall set up by federal authorities and the media. If there’s nothing to hide, why has so much hiding been going on?

We feel we’re on solid ground to say that the “Big Guy” who was to get a cut from the feedbag filled by Hunter’s multi-million-dollar global business deals is Joe Biden. Hunter’s former business partner Tony Bobulinski says he is. Apparently another former business partner, James Gilliar, has said the same. If he’s not, then let’s have a probe that clears the air and identifies just who the Big Guy is.

It’s also known, as we reported earlier, that ​​millions of dollars of documented payments were made to the Bidens from officials in Russia, Ukraine and China.

What else do we know? That Biden lied when he said he had nothing to do with Hunter’s business. Turns out he met with more than a dozen of Hunter’s business associates, at least three of them in the White House while he was vice president. Are we to believe that nothing took place at these meetings other than Biden spinning lies about his past before a rapt audience?

There is, as others have said, a stink of corruption around Biden. But it’s not a new odor – it has been around him for much of his public service, which could be better described as “self service.” He is one bum among many who should be thrown out.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

The Issues and Insights Editorial Board has decades of experience in journalism, commentary and public policy.


  • My Democrat acquaintances lately have been absolving themselves for having voted for Joe Biden by telling me “he [Biden] has done good things, but he’s become too old”. Suddenly become too old, has he?

    Uh, huh.

    That he has shown utter disregard for classified documents (actually utter disregard for everything except Joe Biden’s interests) for more than decade ought to put an end to such rationalization. But it won’t.

  • By now it should be abunhently clear why Mr. Biden’s many private residences are ‘private’ and why he spends so much time there. As ‘private’ residences there are few visitor logs, if any, so he can meet with whomever he (or his roommate Hunter) wants in complete secrecy. The pair have so many people to meet and so little time.

  • Much has been written and aired this month, and will continue to be, that those who hold Biden’s strings are ready for a new puppet. ‘‘The Deep State is turning on him,’’ and all the rest of it. Perhaps. But we should not too soon cast aside this same group’s unrelenting and unrequited obsession with Donald Trump. President Trump was an easy target, as is any President. However, as a former President, for the cabal to continue to target him requires persuading the country that it still makes sense to do so. They opted to be defined by their enemy rather than by who they really are and what they really want. Don’t have a lot to show for it, though. Now, just maybe, after the midterms, they even imagine losing what little they do have after installing Biden.

    More than 500 years ago Machiavelli wrote “…men ought either to be well-treated or crushed…the injury that is to be done to a man ought to be of such a kind that one does not stand in fear of revenge.’’ We were not long into Biden’s administration before Trump’s enemies decided they had not succeeded in crushing him. Now they face a House of Representatives they do not fully control. What an era we live in, where standing in fear of revenge is the driving force for every political move the Executive Branch makes! I. Mar-a-Lago was damage control. Not so much to discourage a former President from troubling or even calling out his political enemies, but to try to be one or two moves ahead when he does.

    No one responsible for cobbling together the raid itself or the court filings before and after imagines for a moment the now-declassified SCI material Trump was retaining has not already been duplicated and stored offsite. The puppet masters of those now in the Executive Branch would certainly do the same if the roles were reversed. Admit nothing, deny everything and make counter accusations. If possible, make the counter accusations first. The rationale is, if a straightforward, embarrassing and legally actionable reveal by Donald Trump against one or more major players in the uppermost reaches of the Uniparty based on what he had is or is thought to have had at Mar-A-Lago is not entirely preventable, let’s at least have our stories straight and plausible based on what we know he knows. We tried all kinds of made-up stuff, Russiagate, the Steele Dossier, January 6th, etc. We don’t dare let him hang on to something he might use against us that is not fabricated. II. Oh by the way, make sure the original documents in question, after we finish, are torched, shredded and no more.
    I think that last part is where things fell through. Why is it the case that the account of Biden’s own ‘‘classified documents scandal’’ picks up in the middle of the story? One thing we know which so far is not in dispute, attorneys were cleaning out a storage space in unoccupied offices at the Biden Center at Penn. No one believes they took on this task as a way to satisfy an annual Pro Bono work requirement many attorneys have to meet to keep their law licenses. Think about your living room or your front yard not quite one month after Christmas. Is there a chance after the decorations have come down and been put away, a few here and there might turn up in odd corners and under the furniture? Is it then farfetched at all to conclude the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement was a clearinghouse for any and all classified documents interested but unnamed parties might request or find impressive? Therein lies the dilemma, unanticipated by the cabal, of positioning an installed former Vice President against a duly elected former President. Any willful mishandling of classified documents requires first willfully subverting the measures to prevent and mitigate those documents from falling into the wrong hands. THEN, you have to maintain a record of your own so you do not lose track of what you’re not supposed to have in the first place. One or more minions answering to Biden fell short there, I think.

    Documents, perhaps a series of them that this administration, as well as the Obamas, do not want to see the light of day at any cost are at the heart of what happened in Florida in August and at Penn University in November. Any ostensible concern the DOJ and this administration wanted to portray for ‘‘concealment of any government and/or Presidential Records, or of any documents with classification markings’’ (exact quote from the Mar-A-Lago search warrant) as well as ‘‘the improper removal and storage of classified information in unauthorized spaces, as well as the unlawful concealment or removal of government records,’’ (exact quote from the Mar-A-Lago search warrant affidavit) turns out to be a contrived falsehood. We will not see corresponding legal documents with similar language RE. what was discovered at Penn University and next to the Corvette in Wilmington. III. The DOJ’s case as laid out against Trump is willful, textbook I.O. (information operations) misdirection. See what you see, but think what we want.

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