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Insanity On Display?

John Kerry, former senator, former secretary of state, and now chief climate alarmist for the Biden administration, said in so many words Tuesday during his World Economic Forum rant that it’s too late to save the planet from global warming. Yet he claimed climate programs still need more “money, money, money, money, money, money, money.” The only reason he’s not the worst person in the world is because he has so much competition at Davos.

What Kerry actually said was that he is “not convinced we’re going to get there in time to do what the scientists said, which is avoid the worst consequences of the crisis,” meaning that he doubts that the global temperature will stay under the cap of 1.5 degrees Celsius above the pre-industrial temperature set by scientists (though it is actually a random figure with no scientific support).

Yet he continues to crusade for a cause that hopes to strip Westerners of both their wealth – yes, according to the United Press International, he said “money” seven times – and freedom to move about.

With absolutely zero self-awareness, the man who flies in private jets, has multiple homes (which most of us would consider mansions) and more cars than most families, and up until a few years ago owned a yacht, preached about “the way we live,” and thundered against “the incredible sort of destructive process of growth the way we interpret it.” He called it “robber-baron growth.”

But his luxurious lifestyle and those of the other wealthy men and women fighting global warming must be OK, because he assured members of his fawning audience that they are all special, “a select group of human beings” who “are able to sit in a room and come together and, uh, actually talk about saving the planet.”

No less nauseating was the performance of another failed presidential candidate, Al Gore, the mother of the global warming cult. He came off like the crazy uncle that the family tries to keep away from the outside world. Author and columnist Michael Walsh said that Gore is a man who appears to need help. During his tirade, Gore gesticulated “wildly, his face reddening, his voice rising,” said Walsh. “The former vice president of the United States became a man in the deadly grip of a panicked, violent, superstitious reaction to … the weather.”

The video of Gore confirms that Walsh was not exaggerating. Gore is a man whose pot is cracked. Once just a hypocrite, he’s now an all-out headbanger.

Kerry and Gore are not the only dastards at the WEF’s Davos meeting, which ends today. Nor is the global warming scare the lone weapon the elites are using to exercise greater control over humanity. The unelected of the WEF are eager to push the world toward a universal collectivist state that would be held down under their boot and funded by a global tax. They would stamp out free speech, crush dissent, and quash privacy.

Web developer and blogger Richard Fernandez had it exactly right when he tweeted that “the men on Davos are a tribe; and it would be impossible to understand the nature of the Great Reset without grasping the tribal nature of the enterprise. These as the most narcissistic people on the planet. Of course they know all the answers.”

Fernandez’s last line is exactly what makes the WEF so dangerous. People who think that way have no trouble wrecking the lives of others. Just collateral damage on the way to a utopia dreamed up by twisted minds.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board


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  • The cortical midline structures are brain regions that enable self-reflection; one can only wonder how this region has shriveled in some people to the point of nonexistance. Affluence perhaps.

  • These type of people are SELECTED by Soros and Schwab. People like Kerry, who actually believe they are special, and gifted, when in fact they are useless and have a track record of FAILING at everything.

  • There are crucial, eye-opening facts about CO2 and global warming with authoritative supporting citations people need to know and understand at:

    Facts that undermine climate activists’ case and agenda.
    Please read.

    • I appreciate fact-based posts. Check out to see raw data related to historical plant atmosphere trends over the last 400,000 years and relationship of temp and carbon during that period.

  • Wow, did John Kerry ever shoot himself in the foot. Oh, no. Wait a second. He already did that in 1969. Forget it.

  • I’m actually sorry the Davos conference is ending. It’s such a continual source of ironic laughs.

  • The WEF is just another Globalists front group pushing for a Global Government all under the UN control

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