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What We’re Reading: GOP In Charge, Biden Steals Secret Docs, Climate Hysteria . . . And More

Some headlines that caught our eye.

Change In Congress Comes Swiftly

Payback: McCarthy to yank Omar, Swalwell, and Schiff from their House committee assignments — American Thinker

In McCarthy Negotiations, GOP Landed On ‘Most Significant Win For Conservatives In A Decade’ — The Federalist

Experts: Speaker Vote Was Healthy Deliberation, Not the Media’s ‘Chaos, Confusion’ — The Epoch Times

House GOP Causing Panic On The Left — Powerline

As Kevin McCarthy Ascends to Speaker, a Defense of the Freedom Caucus — RealClearMarkets

House Republicans Vote to . . .

Repeal Funding For Army of 87,000 IRS Agents — Gateway Pundit

Launch Probe into ‘Weaponization’ of FBI, Intel Agencies — National Review

Investigate COVID Origins — Off The Press

Oops! Biden In Crosshairs For Taking Classified Documents . . .

Report: Joe Biden’s Mishandled Classified Documents Include Intel Materials Related to Iran, Ukraine — Breitbart

Biden’s Docs: Where’s the Special Counsel? — Patriot Post

‘When is the FBI going to raid the White House?’: Trump leads Republican rage — UK Daily Mail

FBI, US Attorney investigating how top secret documents from Biden’s time as VP were recently found in his think tank office — Hot Air

Biden Unclassified — Powerline

. . . And More Biden Trouble’s On The Way

Now There’s Proof White House Was Behind Facebook’s COVID-19 Censorship — PJ Media

Lawsuit: DOJ Concealing Records of Biden Family Payoffs with China and Russia — American Greatness

Liberal media shamelessly play politics over House GOP’s Biden investigations — New York Post

Biden admin moves to ban gas stoves, citing clean energy policy, switch will cost U.S. households — Just The News

Social Media Coming Under Intense Scrutiny In 2023

New Documents Expose White House’s Alleged Social Media ‘Censorship Scheme’ Targeting Tucker Carlson, Others — The Epoch Times

‘Some Conspiracies Are Actually True’: Elon Musk Reveals Secret Pfizer Operation to Censor Vaccine Critics — Becker News

The Real Climate Threat: Hysteria

Net Zero Will Lead to the End of Modern Civilization, Says Top Scientist — Summit News

Another year, another round of global warming doomsday predictions that never came to pass — American Thinker

Biden Administration Finally Admits How Disastrous Cancelling Keystone XL Was — Red State

Biden Promised To Refill Oil Reserves at a Profit. Now Prices Are Too High — Washington Free Beacon

Powell vows that Fed ‘will not be a climate policymaker’ — Politico

The Coming Future Of Electric Vehicles: Something Here Does Not Add Up — The Manhattan Contrarian

Will Jan. 6 Ever End?

Kash Patel Says Jan. 6 Committee Buried Key Evidence From His Testimony — The Epoch Times

Jan. 6 seditious conspiracy trial against Proud Boys begins in DOJ’s third case bringing Civil War-era charge — Fox News, via MSN

Study: ‘Russia Collusion’ In 2016 Election Was A Myth

Russian trolls on Twitter had little influence on 2016 voters — Washington Post

New study debunks Hillary Clinton’s favorite conspiracy theory — Based-Politics

Miscellaneous Stuff . . .

Feds propose ‘student loan safety net’ alongside forgiveness — AP

The Insurrection of General Milley — FrontPage Mag

It’s time to defund taxpayer-funded NPR over porn for kids — BizPac Review

69 Conservative Leaders Call New House Rules ‘Transformational,’ ‘Body Blow Against D.C. Political Cartel’ — CNSNews

Numbers Don’t Lie: America’s Border Crisis Is Biden-Made — Daily Signal

Globalist Disaster: World Economic Forum’s Davos Set for ‘Record Participation’ as 52 Heads of State to Attend Summit — Breitbart

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  • The American Thinker site, which I read from time to time, does non-progressives no favor by refering to the sweeping of Swalwell, Schiff, and Omar from committee assignments as “payback.” That sounds like petty vindictiveness. It’s actually karma. The Democrats decided on these rules and should be made to live up to them. Recall that one of the Democrats holy books, Rules for Radicals, says as much.

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