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  • At least Apple is consistent. They oppose freedom in both the USA and China. In the USA, Apple pulled the plug on Parler and conservative sites at behest of the USA Dem/communist party. In China, Apple plays by the rules of the CCP. You kiss the butt of the ruling party, if you want to be a player in their country. USA Dems or China CCP, no difference (same totalitarian mentality). If GOP were not such a petty bunch of losers fighting each other instead of the Dems, Apple would have to change its tune. Maybe with McCarthy & GOP in charge of House of Reps, Apple will ease up on their conservative censorship. Power is the name of the game, and dysfunctional GOP Senate leader is too busy licking Majority Leader Schumer’s butt and sinking GOP candidates to gain it for GOP in the Senate. You would think GOP Senate leader would be sending money to Walker and campaigning for him in Georgia, but instead invested $9 million in sinking the GOP Native American candidate in Alaska and making himself look like a petty racist fool. GOP needs to look inward for some of the blame for loss of freedom in the USA.

  • “Taking the bite out of that apple was an act of defiance against God, whose only rule was that they steer clear of the ‘tree of the knowledge of good and evil.’”

    This doesn’t strike me as an apt metaphor. If the Apple logo suggests that the bite of the apple endowed the knowledge of good and evil, then why doesn’t Apple recognize the ChiComm regime as an evil regime?

    As for obedience, Apple has shown itself obedient to a “higher authority.”

    The story of Adam and Eve has always bothered me because it punishes for acquiring knowledge, just like the ChiComms.

    • Pomegranate.
      I’ve interpreted that gain of knowledge as a benefit too.
      Is it better to be a moral creature or not?
      Otherwise we’re just animals; longest tooth and sharpest claw rule. Is that preferable?
      I’ve even suggested that women(Eve) have been blamed for introducing evil by biting the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil because brute force could no longer rule in a morally aware world.

    • Except that is not what the story teaches. You might want to read the story again. Much like the tower of Babel, it is a warning against trying to create a utopia on earth – an eternal warning since before there was a right and a left political alignment in our modern society.

      It has nothing to do with acquiring knowledge – it’s with attempting to play god, when we most obviously are not.

  • Apple painted itself into a corner. If it’s true that 100% of their products depend on China, well, then that explains a lot, doesn’t it?

    It appears to me that they placed all emphasis on profit margins at the expense of paying no attention at all to supply or political risk. By becoming fully dependent on China they made themselves to the world of personal computing and communication what Germans did to themselves vis-a-vis energy dependence on Russian natural gas.

    More examples of the flawed thinking that diversity is our strength, until it really matters.

  • No where in the Bible is the word
    Apple mentioned as the fruit Eve was deceived by the evil serpent to eat
    Then give to Adam.

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