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What We’re Reading: Special Biden Crises Edition … And More

Biden’s Energy Crisis Worsens

Biden’s Diesel Fuel Supply Crisis Could Soon Cripple America in Ways Never Before Seen — PJ Media

Biden Aims to Spur Drilling With Plan to Refill Oil Reserves, but Producers Are Skeptical — Yahoo Finance

Energy Costs Soar, Fuel Supplies Tighten as U.S. Braces for Winter — CBS News

Biden’s Border Crisis Deepens

Record 2.4 million migrants illegally crossed border in FY2022, almost 4 million total under Biden — Just the News

Biden sets new record for terrorism suspects at border — Washington Times

Biden’s Police State Grows

Elon Musk says “vote Republican,” suddenly being investigated as a national security threat — Hot Air

Judge Rebukes Biden DOJ for ‘Overbroad, Burdensome’ Subpoena of Conservative Group — Daily Signal

Biden’s Bailout Backfires

Federal appeals court blocks Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan — Washington Times

White House urges borrowers to apply for student debt relief despite court order — Guardian

Student loan forgiveness was ‘dangled in front of us:’ How 700,000 borrowers were cut out of Biden’s plan — CNN

Biden’s Brain Drains

Biden awkwardly pauses after TV host asks him about running in 2024 — Fox News

WATCH: Joe Biden’s Senior Moment of the Week Vol. 16 — Washington Free Beacon

WATCH: Did Joe Biden Doze Off Mid-interview? — PJ Media

Biden: ‘I Don’t Know Where I’m Going…I Get Told’ — CNS News

Biden Forgets Democratic Party Supports Unrestricted Abortion — Daily Signal

Joe Biden, Who Said Inflation Was a Blip, Now Predicts the 2023 Recession Will Be Tiny — Andrew Malcolm, Red State

Election 2022

The Dem’s last talking point — Hot Air

Democrats in Denial Week at Legal Insurrection — Legal Insurrection

Media Admit GOP Has Momentum 17 Days Before Election – Breitbart

Dem Ad Uses Doc Who Settled Fatal Botched Abortion, Was Charged With Sex Crimes — Townhall

Democrats Now Running From ‘Defund the Police’ Talk — Newsmax

Midterm Rankings: Here are the 7 Senate seats most likely to flip — The Hill

La La Land

Another red wave upset brewing in Los Angeles? — Hot Air

Racist audio leak could push L.A. City Hall further left in Nov. 8 election — Los Angeles Times

Suing Big Tech

Republican committee sues Google over email spam filters — AP

Fauci, Top Biden Officials Forced To Give Depositions In COVID-19 Censorship Case — Daily Caller

Dispatch from the Tolerant Left

Former New York Times Editor Claims Colleagues Treated Him Like an ‘Incompetent Fascist’ for Running Cotton Op-Ed — National Review

It’s About Damn Time

Alef Debuts Model A Flying Car and Hopes to Sell It Starting in 2025 — CNET News


Stunning” Voter Errors in LA Could Overturn Gascon Recall Results — Washington Examiner

Spot the difference in USA Today’s coverage of the Darrell Brooks and Kyle Rittenhouse trials — Twitchy

‘All of Us Knew’: Biden Ally Says Democrats Knew Inflation Was Coming After Spending Bill — Washington Free Beacon

Biden depleting weapons supply with Ukraine aid, hurting potential defense of Taiwan: experts – Just the News

CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky comes down with COVID a month after booster shot — New York Post

Transgender High School Volleyball Player’s Powerful Spike Severely Injures Female Opponent — Not the Bee

Has the media told you about the MASSIVE protests happening all over Europe right now? Come watch them here. — Not the Bee


Stacey Abrams: ‘If we abort 2 Million babies this year we could send another $40 Billion to Ukraine’ — Genesius Times

Stacey Abrams Reveals Eight More Problems Besides Inflation You Can Fix By Killing Your Kids — Babylon Bee

The Week in Pictures: Dis-Truss-Ted Edition — Powerline

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  • It has been reported that Mr. Biden appeared confused following a tree-planting ceremony on the White House grounds and asked for direction from ‘his team.’ This is innacurate. Following the ceremony Mr. Biden attempted to shake hands with the tree, wished she/her a happy new year, and then asked the tree for directions. Mr. Biden’s team located the official direction Bunny, equipped he/him with an ice cream cone, and they all meandered back to the White House basking in the afterglow of another successful event.

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