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What We’re Reading: Hunter Biden Charges?, EU’s Big Freeze, Cali-Craziness . . . And More

Some headlines that caught our eye.

Hunter Biden Saga Continues

FBI sends Hunter Biden tax, gun purchase evidence to U.S. Attorney — CBS News

Hunter Biden facing potential federal gun, tax-related charges after nearly four year investigation — Fox Business

Did Tucker Carlson’s Bobulinski Home Run Crack the Media Protection Racket of the Bidens? — Newsbusters

Bobulinski Claims Hunter Biden Defrauded Him, Slams Media ‘Blackout’ on Laptop Story — National Review, via Yahoo News

Trust the Justice Department on the Hunter Biden investigation? No way — NY Post editorial

Bill For Global Climate Insanity Comes Due

Britain Faces Possible Winter Blackouts as European Energy Crisis Worsens — Legal Insurrection

Australia’s Renewable Transition to Drive Up Prices 35% Next Year — Australia Financial Review, via Watts Up With That?

Renewables Not What You Think: Mostly Wood — International Energy Agency, via Bjorn Lomborg, Twitter

Placing The Blame For Europe’s Energy And Economic Crisis — The Manhattan Contrarian

The West is on the road to energy ruin — American Spectator

California’s Suicide By One-Party Government

Gavin Newsom’s Multibillion-Dollar Con Job — PJ Media

Gavin Newsom’s idiotic plan to fight high gasoline prices — American Thinker

California makes it illegal for doctors to disagree with politicians — NY Post

California Quietly Raises State Income Tax Rate to 14.4% — TaxBuzz

California’s debacle is more proof high-speed rail is a progressive fantasy — NY Post

Has FBI Become A Tool Of Democratic Party’s Far Left?

FBI Raids Another Pro-Life Activist In Early-Morning Raid In Front of His Young Children — Townhall

FBI Escalates Its War on Anti-Abortion Protesters — PJMedia

Zero arrests in at least 17 Jane’s Revenge attacks on pro-life organizations — Fox News

Is ‘Woke’ Military A National Security Threat?

The woke military is an institution that is breaking down — American Thinker

As Army Officials Report Catastrophic Enlistment Numbers, a Scary Last Resort Just Became Reality — Western Journal

Inspector general says a top Army officer ‘discredited’ the service by trolling Fox News’ Tucker Carlson over ‘feminization’ of military — U.K. Daily Mail

After Being Censored On Social Media, Iraq Veteran Explains Why Nobody Is Joining The Military — USA Supreme

Biden Army Secretary Defends ‘Woke’ DEI Programs as ‘Important’ — American Greatness

Miscellaneous Stuff . . .

Growing Chinese Technological Authoritarianism a ‘Threat to Us All’ – UK Intelligence Head — Breitbart

Republicans Praise Former House Rep. Tulsi Gabbard for Leaving Democratic Party — CNSNews

The New Global Virus Is Runaway Government Spending and Debt — Stephen Moore, CNSNews

Major Rail Union Rejects Deal Brokered by Biden as Countdown to a Strike Next Month Begins — PJ Media

Biden’s New Restraints on Using WMDs Could Tempt Putin to Nuke Ukraine — RedState

President Biden’s Foot-In-Mouth Disease — TIPPInsights

Top Officials Trade Stock in Companies Their Agencies Oversee — Wall Street Journal

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