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January 6 Will One Day Be A National Holiday — It Will Be America’s Bastille Day

‘In countries in which the people cannot assemble to cause publick opinion to act on their rulers, and in which the great majority are disenfranchised, or never possessed a vote, the right of petition is an all important right.’ — James Fenimore Cooper

The storming of the Capitol on Jan. 6 by Trump supporters has been characterized by liberals in the usual hysterical — if not psychotic — overtones that is one of the characteristics of fanatics. And we are most definitely in the midst of a totalitarian movement.

Jan. 6 has been likened to the War of 1812, the American Civil War, to the present war in Ukraine, to 9/11, and (need you ask?) to the Holocaust. CNN’s Anderson Cooper, with a straight face, even referred it as the equivalent of the Bosnian and Rwandan genocides.

How many tens of thousands, how many millions were killed during the storming of the Capitol?

One person.


Ashli Babbitt, 35, of San Diego and an Air Force veteran and Trump supporter, was murdered on the day of the riot when shot point blank in the face by a Capitol Police officer who weeks afterward put on a show of being afraid for his life (he was uninjured).

The overall incident has continually been referred to by the leftist politicians and the propagandistic media hivemind as an “armed insurrection.” If it had been truly an insurrection, the people would have been armed to the teeth, the Capitol would have been burned to the ground, the guards would have all been killed, and the politicians’ heads would have been displayed on pikes.

I don’t know about you, but the latter image definitely puts a smile on my face.

Now, if it was not for the fact that there were numerous recordings of the event, to hear the liberals and the media hivemind tell it, Donald Trump told his followers — all dressed in KKK bedsheets and Stormtrooper uniforms, of course — to storm the Capitol and kill everyone in it. His followers would have been armed with machine guns, RPGs, tanks, and other redneck paraphernalia.

Wait for the movie version, which will be just like that.

In the days that followed, I worked the phones in the local metropolitan Republican Party office and fielded a number of calls by some Republicans demanding that I take them off the rolls. I shrugged and did so. Good riddance. These tended to be the prissy conservatives, the all-too-common type that strongly believe that conservatives should not say, do, or print anything that Democrats might find offensive, or that the media may object to, and are constantly hamstringing efforts to stop the totalitarian takeover by counseling “moderation.”

As for the other conservatives and libertarians since that time, their reaction has been almost apologetic, their only defiance has been to whine and complain about the abuse of the political prisoners of Jan. 6 (in isolation … with no bond … for a misdemeanor). And that has been the extent of their support. Just talk. As usual. Just talk. That’s all they do. No monetary support for them. No legal support for them. Just talk. And talk.

The Republican congressmen, on the other hand, have not even uttered a peep. In fact, the majority of them always act as if they are intimidated cowards on any issue of importance to voters. “What the hell are my colleagues afraid of?” Rep. Chip Roy recently asked.

At any rate, I have a different take on the Jan. 6 “insurrection.”

Remember when the Republicans were called the No-Party to Obama’s administration’s policies and Rush Limbaugh said, “Actually, we are the hell, no! Party.” We should own Jan. 6. Proudly. For years and years, for decades actually, the politicians of both parties have ignored the average person, his concerns, his problems, and have instead rubbed shoulders with the individual components of the media hivemind, with lobbyists, with members of the military-industrial complex, with rich foreigners and, in doing so, the politicians have been getting rich through an elaborate kickback process (Lynn Cheney went in with $7 million and came out with $44 million and still counting; McConnel went from $3million to $37 million and counting; however, they are dwarfed by Nancy Pelosi’s $315+ million and still counting).

“Screw the average man and woman. Piss on their faces” is the politicians’ motto.

In the case of conservatives, Republicans know that they only have to tell the yahoos back home that they are pro-life and support the Second Amendment and the stupid yahoos will salivate and remain pacified and ignore the rest. In the case of liberals, they have to work in promoting totalitarian measures — which in all fairness they personal adhere to — and their vicious constituents will be happy. But at no point will either one meet personally with voters, in spite of those periodic moronic election ads showing the politician talking to and listening to “voters” (actors). Last year, Senator John Cornyn had an ad doing just that; nobody in the state has seen the sonofabitch in years.

In essence, being so far away, the politicians can do anything they want to. And they do. And to hell with the average man and woman. The citizens can be totally ignored.

Except that every four years or so, the citizens do have some power, through elections. But not much. Usually, it is diluted power because incumbents almost always get re-elected, if for no other reason than six or eight challengers from the same party crop up to unseat the corrupt or inept incumbent, with the result that the anti-incumbent vote gets diluted. Sometimes the incumbent’s minions will encourage and subsidize lots of challengers for just this purpose. The end result is a farce. But the point is, that the citizen believes in this power. People realized that, although they have been told for all of their lives that they have control of the country, that it is their country, the fact of the matter is that they have no influence whatsoever, no say so, on how the country is being (mis)managed. The most that they have, the only thing that they have, is one day out of every four years when they can pick a candidate in an election (and before Trump, the candidates were practically indistinguishable from each other).

And then, in 2020, even this limited power was blatantly stolen from the people (not the first time; after all, Democrats have a long, well-documented history of electoral fraud, all the way from Tammany to the present).

Furthermore, they saw that, as compensation for Democrats imposing lockdowns that resulted in their loss of livelihood, they sent twenty-five million dollars of their money to Pakistan, ten million of which went to “gender programs,” $700 million to Sudan, $250 million to Palestinians, and eleven billion dollars to African dictatorships. “Pleased that we were able to get so much done #ForThePeople in the closing days of the 116th Congress,” said Pelosi, who has somehow become a multimillionaire while in Congress.

Once again, they spit in the people’s face

As the days and weeks passed after the election, information (affidavits, video cameras, fraudulent ballots, whistleblowers, multiple votes addressed from an empty parking lot, ghetto trash preventing and/or harassing poll watchers) began to trickle in.

And then it was a flood.

And the people were pissed.

Which is why they turned in such a huge number at Washington D.C., people who, ordinarily, it took a miracle to attend a local political event. And not only that, they came prepared, unafraid, defiant, to ward off the promised physical attacks from Antifa and BLM thugs, something that they had experienced in the past. Then, at the rally, when Trump suggested going to the Capitol and peacefully protest the fraud, they did so. Except that they interpreted it as going into the Capitol, into the country club where only the elites were allowed, and when the police tried to violently stop them, they responded in kind, whereupon they swarmed into the building. It was a spontaneous uprising.

Once inside, they were not violent.

No. They were just walking around, looking for their “representatives.”

But imagine how the elites felt! The rabble was entering their country club. They were going to be forced to meet with the people. Not the lobbyists. Not the media. Not other politicians. Not diplomats. Not rich foreigners. The common people. The peasants! And they were going to have to justify themselves. No wonder they were practically soiling themselves. It was bad enough when tens of thousands gathered in Washington DC streets to protest the blatant voter fraud of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, and Nevada. One could put up with that irritation. The voter fraud was going to be legitimized by the Congress, anyway, and then the peasants would go home. But then, the rabble had the nerve to go to Congress and express their anger at their overlords. How dare they interrupt their betters! How dare they enter where only the privileged may enter! The peasants should have let their betters, their overlords, to carry on the business of ruining the country without attempting to interject themselves into the process. Exactly who did those voters thought they were, anyway?

Yes! Who did these people think they were, anyway?

And if, at the time, one was not aware that the politicians were thunderstruck by what was happening, the open-mouthed shock of the hyenas in the media was evident to listeners as they were reporting the event on television in real-time. The peasants were actually revolting! And there were so many of them! They were swarming over the Capitol.

As for myself, as I watched the spectacle . . . I laughed. And laughed. And laughed.

In the end, the public didn’t have any luck, of course, they were not able to meet with any of their “representatives,” who were cowering in a hole under the Capitol. So, they simply went away.

Condolences to the elites of this country came in from the elites from other countries, absolutely terrified that their own citizens might get the idea of doing the same and there would be another 1848. After all, the young people of many countries like to take up whatever is trendy in America.

The politicians quickly ordered barriers and barbed wire and the National Guard to encircle and protect them in the days to come, afraid that the people would return. One individual asked: if the people truly elected them all in a fair election, why are they afraid of the people?

Then, they calmed down again and the barriers and barbed wire were removed and the National Guard went home.

Then, the retaliation began.

If you listen to the media hivemind, there was never any election fraud — regardless of all the evidence. “Move along, move along. Nothing to see here. Quick, look at the shiny object over there!”

Mark my words: Many years from now, January 6 will be known as American Bastille Day.

Armando Simón is a retired psychologist, author of The Book of Many Books, When Evolution Stops and A Cuban from Kansas.

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