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How Global Warming Is A Lot Like ‘Get Trump’

Brilliant author Tom Wolfe wrote more than 45 years ago that “the dark night of fascism is always descending in the United States and yet lands only in Europe.” While still relevant to our present times, it’s the sort of observation that can also be applied to a couple of other events playing out in our world today.

First up, global warming. We’ve been hearing the shrill warnings, a constant wave of hysteria for more than three decades. Because of man’s use of fossil fuels, we’ve been told the polar ice caps would melt, glaciers would collapse en masse, snow would stop falling, rising sea levels would flood coastal regions, and droughts and floods would be the rule rather than rare exceptions.

It’s hard to even recall a time when this alarmist or that climatista wasn’t trying to convince the world that we have only eight or 10 or 11 or maybe “zero” years, possibly even less than 100 months, to change our fossil-fuel-burning ways before Gaia would see to it that we begin to suffer and perish.

In fact, we shouldn’t even be here today. In 1989, the Associated Press reported that “a senior U.N. environmental official says entire nations could be wiped off the face of the Earth if the global warming trend is not reversed by the year 2000.” 

But as we look around us, and as we review the data, the dark night of global warming that is always descending has never landed.

And it’s unlikely that it ever will. As the science shows, there is no climate emergency.

The enduring-beyond-all-logic climate scare reminds us of the “Get Trump” campaign, which has been claiming for about seven years now that Donald Trump is on the verge of being either: indicted, kicked out of the White House before his term was up, found guilty, imprisoned, or chased from the public square.

How many times did we hear during his four years that “a turning point” or “a tipping point” or “the beginning of the end” of his presidency had been reached? Predictions of him being “done,” of bombshells exploding all around him were reported with a grave seriousness hiding an inner glee for years. To have listened to the media in recent years it was hard not to believe the walls were relentlessly closing in on him and his last days were quickly approaching. Even now, as a former president, the Democrats, the media, and the Never Trump Republicans are sure that the FBI search of his home will be his end.

Yet the dark night has yet to land on Trump.

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden, the Democratic Party, and much of the media want the country to believe that, led by “MAGA Republicans,” the dark night of fascism continues to descend on the U.S. They are partly right. There is a distinct whiff of fascism in the air. But it’s the Democrats who released the stench with their efforts to crush dissent and establish single-party rule over constitutional governing.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

The Issues and Insights Editorial Board has decades of experience in journalism, commentary and public policy.


  • Global warming IS happening. Every decade since the 1970s has been warmer than the previous. Glaciers are melting. Polar ice caps are in decline. Sea levels are rising. Coastal areas are flooding more than they used to.

    The fact that some people, most of whom were not experts, got some specifics wrong, does not change the trend. Even less so when predictions are misrepresented by the deniers, as they so often are,

    And the fact that some of the effects of global warming/climate change are slow to be manifested does not mean that we should wait until they become intolerable.

    • This is delusional and anti science. The items you list as facts, are not facts. This planet’s health and welfare are not dependent on a fractional change of average temperature over billions of years, now or ever.

    • Global warming IS happening, has been for more than 200 years…somehow converting the entire world economy to electric cars wont stop it. Humans producing CO2 also isn’t harming the planet. The idea that some data proves humans are destroying the planet is farcical and void of critical thinking and science. Data shows that more CO2 actually increases crop yields and history shows humans thrive more with higher co2 levels. The unscientific notion that CO 2 drives the climate is preposterous. That sort of hypothesis is based on models that are incomplete ideas on how our globe actually works. Public policy ought not be driven by political notions of un-scientific thought. The temperature trend and weather is dependent on the Sun and the gravitational pull of the solar system and its other rocks spinning in the cosmos. Weird how no one on CNN mentions this idea, huh?

      • “Global warming IS happening, has been for more than 200 years…”

        False. It was cooling. The overall trend for the last 6000 years was cooling until the last century.

        “Humans producing CO2 also isn’t harming the planet.”

        The planet itself will be fine. It’s the ecosystems on it that are most at risk, as the temperature and rainfall change, the sea levels rise, and the oceans acidify. Some species won’t be able to relocate fast enough. Others will be able to relocate, but the plants, insects, etc. that they need won’t exist in the new locations.

        “Data shows that more CO2 actually increases crop yields and history shows humans thrive more with higher co2 levels. ”

        When humans grow plants in greenhouses, increased CO2 makes many plants grow better. In the wild, the increased CO2 benefit is often less than the detriment due to changes in rainfall, pollinators, and other factors.

        “The unscientific notion that CO 2 drives the climate is preposterous. That sort of hypothesis is based on models that are incomplete ideas on how our globe actually works. Public policy ought not be driven by political notions of un-scientific thought. ”

        Incomplete data does not mean unscientific or ridiculous. Denying the best science we have is unscientific and ridiculous.

        “The temperature trend and weather is dependent on the Sun and the gravitational pull of the solar system and its other rocks spinning in the cosmos. Weird how no one on CNN mentions this idea, huh?”

        Of course the Sun is a major factor. But the Sun is not causing this warming. Solar output is much more constant than the warming we are experiencing, with a slight reduction of solar output in recent decades, while the Earth has warmed.
        The major cycles that affect temperatures, the Milancovitch Cycles, are in a very long, slow cooling period, which would lead to another glaciation thousands of years from now, except that human-caused warming has overcome the natural trend, causing extremely rapid warming, in geological terms.

        I don’t know what CNN has reported, but I expect they are not experts. The experts predicted warming, and they were right. The deniers predicted cooling, and they were wrong.

      • “The experts predicted vanishing polar bears, increased hurricanes and rising sealevels that will wipe out islands….all of those are false and haven’t happened. Your assumptions based on models are just that….assumptions. there isn’t anything scientific in assuming. In the 70s the experts predicted an ice age…but they were wrong too. Weird how its the Leftists that keep predicting doom and in spite of their failed policies, humans keep progressing. Its brain dead propagandists pushing the climate hoax. Why not just call ecosystem change….wait for it….ecosystem change. You people are such liars

      • DrZ said, “The current warming has been happening for more than 10,000 years.”

        False. It warmed after the last glaciation (ice age). Then, it was cooling for about 6,000 years, until the last century.

      • Mike Herzog said, ” In the 70s the experts predicted an ice age…but they were wrong too. ”

        Yeah, a minority of climate scientists predicted cooling according to the natural cycles. They got some press coverage. The majority of climate scientists in the 70s were predicting warming. The majority was right.

      • Mike Herzog said, ““The experts predicted vanishing polar bears, increased hurricanes and rising sealevels that will wipe out islands….all of those are false and haven’t happened. Your assumptions based on models are just that….assumptions.”

        The idea is to take the best information that we have, and to prevent disaster, not to wait until it is too late. Those predictions have not been proven false.
        Models aren’t just assumptions. They are the best that our science can do at the moment.

        Denial is like if you are told your house has termites, and you say, “It’s hasn’t fallen down. Termites are not a problem.”

      • ge5568 keeps saying” take the best information we have….” That would be great huh? Will the censoring of opposing points of view and the information from those that disagree, help with the best available information? Your hypocrisy is rich. When do we actually get to debate the “best available information”? I have lots of information that shows the globe is always changing and that humans are just part of an overall process that always changes. The best way to avoid calamity is to empower individuals with ALL the information and allow them to choose thier own path. Why do you oppose that?

        Trump Derangement Syndrome has shown to be a valid observation with all the times the Left has lied and gotten wrong all their claims about him. Its funny how the very same people that lied about Russian Collusion, and “the walls are closing in”, that masks stopped a microscopic aerosol virus, that COVID was worse than the flu, and that ‘Vaccines’ work, are on the same side of the Climate Change farce. Its almost as if there was an agenda by Leftists to tear down liberty and capitalism and scapegoat the people that succeed by using common sense and logic. Weird huh?

        Quick, how do we regulate the amount of methane spewing from the ocean floor? Tax more rich white people in New England? Maybe more CRT will lower CO2? When are you going to provide the correct CO2 ratio for the atmosphere? Is .04% too high? Share with us all those past civilizations that thrived in Ice Ages. Thanks

      • Mike Herzog said, ” When do we actually get to debate the “best available information”? I have lots of information that shows the globe is always changing and that humans are just part of an overall process that always changes.”

        The funny thing is that your “information” is full of lies and deceptive half-truths, and you don’t seem to care.

      • Mike Herzog asked, “Quick, how do we regulate the amount of methane spewing from the ocean floor?”

        The one thing we can do to prevent it is to stop global warming. But you don’t want to do that.

        How do we regulate the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere? Same answer. Both of those increase when the temperature increases, and they both cause warming, in a positive feedback loop.

    • Ge5568…How do we stop the globe from warming? You keep wanting to save the planet form humans…I keep telling you there is nothing to fear because the science shows nothing is as dire as the Leftist claim. All of your predictions have proven to be false. The climate hasn’t changed, yet if we could stop the globe from warming, how exactly would that be done…you know if you were God for a day. Please exlain how mining for more rare earth minerals to expand batter production helps cool the planet? Will wind mills power the excavators to dig up the cobalt? How will solar power get more copper to market? Will larger Sailboats deliver steel to build the wind mills pushing the ships to port? Have you actually thought through what it is you speak of? The “feedback” loops you talk of have always kept the Earth in a range of temperatures that have humans have figured out how to adapt to. The best adapters seem to have been the countries where liberty and free markets are allowed to thrive. The pollution is often because of corrupt government run by Leftists.

      The one thing your zealotry towards environmentalism is lacking is an understanding of political philosophy. Innovation expands when people are free to experiment and bring products to market. Forcing thinking people to accept assumptions and costs not in line with reason cause dissent. Weird that Trump supporters aren’t forcing the Leftists to learn a skilled trade to serve the population, we allow choices. Why do Leftists want to force the globe to drive electric cars that we know won’t stop the globe from warming at a pace that isn’t dire?

  • Al Gore and scientists he followed predicted the complete melting of Artic ice by around 2014. Didn’t happen. Something in their data led them to this conclusion. They should return to that data and reexamine what led them astray.

    • Some people can’t mention Al Gore without lying.
      Gore did not make such a prediction. He reported on a prediction by someone else, which contained a probability, not 100%.

      I agree with your last statement. I expect that the scientist, and others, have done so. If not, he is a poor scientist.

      • Al Gore can’t run from the fact he REGURGITATED predictions & propaganda that have been wrong for decades. He lied about the “science” in his Inconvenient movie because his own chart showed temperature rising before not after CO2 levels went up. CO2 doesn’t cause increased warming its a by product of a warming planet. The Sun warms the planet. The oceans and soil and atmosphere buffer the direct effect of the Sun so we don’t burn up like Venus. The hot molten center of our earth constantly changes and is never static. It spews lava and gasses we have no control over that dwarf any human emissions. The everyday Nitrogen cycle with decomposing plants and trees along with just water vapor contribute to why weather happens. Its odd how we about climate change all the time now but never do we hear of a climate that has actually changed anywhere on Earth. Is there ice still at the poles? Is the equator still warm year round? Let us know when you have data showing otherwise, thanks.

      • Al Gore’s sources were not correct about arctic ice being gone in summer by now. But they were correct that it is declining.

      • Mike Herzog lied, “CO2 doesn’t cause increased warming its a by product of a warming planet. ”

        Are there three climate scientists in the world who believe that nonsense?
        Climate scientists know that increased CO2 causes warming, AND warming causes increased CO2, in a positive feedback loop.

        “The hot molten center of our earth constantly changes and is never static. It spews lava and gasses we have no control over that dwarf any human emissions. ”

        Another lie. Human emissions of CO2 are about 100 times CO2 emissions from volcanoes.

        You need to find some new lies.

      • ge5568 writes: “Are there three climate scientists in the world who believe that nonsense?
        Climate scientists know that increased CO2 causes warming, AND warming causes increased CO2, in a positive feedback loop.”

        So what causes Ice ages? The amount of CO2 produced by humans isn’t changing the ratio of the molecule in the atmosphere compared to the methane or water vapor or sulphuric acid from natural planetary functions like volcanoes. My bad I didn’t nit pick it enough for a climate zealot to comprehend my meaning. Oops, got me. From the government:

        The natural processes that have always occurred aren’t causing catastrophic climate change. The amount of CO2 in the air hasn’t changed in its ratio. Has it? Please enlighten us if it has. The problem here is the Left is so married to destroying liberty nad free markets they need a scapegoat like climate change to scare the public school educated masses into blindly following the poeple that said ‘vaccine’ are 95% effective…oops Sorry if I don’t trust you liars.

      • Mike Herzog wrote, “Must have missed this information, huh”?

        The CO2 coalition is a disinformation group that misleads people with things like; “It’s still alkaline, so it can’t be acidifying, or if it is, it can’t be bad”, which is false. Moving toward acid is called acidification, even if it’s still on the alkaline side of the scale.

        From: :

        Impacts of ocean acidification on shell builders
        Ocean acidification is already impacting many ocean species, especially organisms like oysters and corals that make hard shells and skeletons by combining calcium and carbonate from seawater. However, as ocean acidification increases, available carbonate ions (CO32-) bond with excess hydrogen, resulting in fewer carbonate ions available for calcifying organisms to build and maintain their shells, skeletons, and other calcium carbonate structures. If the pH gets too low, shells and skeletons can even begin to dissolve.

        The pteropod, or “sea butterfly,” is a tiny sea snail about the size of a small pea. Pteropods are an important part of many food webs and eaten by organisms ranging in size from tiny krill to whales. When pteropod shells were placed in sea water with pH and carbonate levels projected for the year 2100, the shells slowly dissolved after 45 days. Researchers have already discovered severe levels of pteropod shell dissolution in the Southern Ocean, which encircles Antarctica.

        Ocean acidification impacts on fish and seaweeds
        Changes in ocean chemistry can affect the behavior of non-calcifying organisms as well. The ability of some fish, like clownfish, to detect predators is decreased in more acidic waters. Studies have shown that decreased pH levels also affect the ability of larval clownfish to locate suitable habitat. When these organisms are at risk, the entire food web may also be at risk.

        While some species will be harmed by ocean acidification, algae and seagrasses may benefit from higher CO2 conditions in the ocean, as they require CO2 for photosynthesis just like plants on land. There are some ongoing studies examining if growing seaweed can help slow ocean acidification.

      • Let us know when the “species” are extinct…will that be too late? I mean just look at the polar bear populations that are decreasing from the declining ice, amirite?

      • Mike Herzog said, “The natural processes that have always occurred aren’t causing catastrophic climate change.”

        Hey, you got something right!

      • And nothing humans do are causing the climate to change either. Last I checked the temperate zones are still temperate. Tropics are still tropical and the arctic is still freezing in winter, AND ICED OVER IN SUMMER Let us know when the sky falls, thanks

    • The truth is that the Ice caps are melting at an astonishing rate. The year-to-year maps show how fast the ice is disappearing. They are in fact melting faster than many in the scientific community expected.

      Lots of maps available. Check out NASA’s:

      • The truth is they only starting mapping the ice sheets in 1979…and in every year since then there is a range that hasn’t been deviated beyond its historical range… from extreme weather. I have a chart also:

        show us where & when the ice disappears? Is NASA government funded? Any conflict of interest there? Where is the chart from 1925? Do you know the scientist Judith Curry?

        Maybe you can refute her assertions? Does she qualify as a member of the scientific community? From the webpage:

        “The idea of Arctic Warming during 1920–40 is supported in Russian publications by the following facts:
        * retreating of glaciers, melting of sea islands, and retreat of permafrost
        * decrease of sea ice amounts
        * acceleration of ice drift
        * change of cyclone paths
        * increase of air temperature
        * biological indications of Arctic warming
        * ease of navigation
        * increase in temperature and heat content of Atlantic Waters, entering Arctic Basin.”

        Please seek out the censored to see what all the facts are. Not just the ones CNN tells you to believe.

  • Lucy to Charlie Brown: “Liberal scientist can prove that climate change is real”
    Charlie Brown to Lucy: “They can’t even tell the difference between boys and girls”

    • Then why is the weather becoming more extreme (a bit like Trump supporters). It is built on a scientific model that looks at the tendencies over a period of time, and yes, the sun does have a lot to do with ice ages and heatwaves – the difference is that we cause trace causation to the use of fossil fuels, and that proposition is falsifiable, the acid test of any science. Denying facts (temperatures have risen on average since the 1850’s) is one of the hallmarks of the fascist mindset, along with spurious comments about not being able to tell the difference between boys and girls. We all know the difference, so you’re using a strawman argument to attempt to prove a logical fallacy where peoples of both left and right are concerned about global warming.
      I’m sorry Trump lost, and sorry that the insurrection failed, but can we move on and focus on the real problems that we, the working class, face today

      • Real problems, like inflation? Like open borders? Like rising crime and murder rates? How does picking electric cars as winners in the new economy help those problems? More over how does Leftism solve any of these problems? By blaming “fascists”?

        First you need to learn the definition of what you speak about. Trump voters aren’t the fascists. The right wing want smaller government, not bigger. The mere fact you misunderstand the meanings of words doesn’t bode well for your inane and in-efficacious arguments. The facts are temperatures have been rising since the last Mini Ice Age in the 18th century. People with common sense aren’t worried about the warming planet. They aren’t worried about minimal ocean rise in line with historical norms. They aren’t worried about more frequent and “extreme weather.(side note” why don’t you just call it extreme weather?) Why the fear mongering with climate change and global warming?

        Normal people are worried that woke indoctrinated Marxists are ruining the economy for the political power to ruin the middle class and wreck the future of our grandchildren. Fascist censored their citizens….which party is doing that now? Who banned mean tweets?

    • Standard reply from Trumpists: If you’ve lost the argument, change the subject to something stupid that sounds like Common Sense to you. And turn it into a false accusation.

      • Standard deflection from addressing Truth… from Leftists….bring up Trump in a conversation about the Climate Change farce. Its weird how you’ve just made assertions without actually debunking mine, you know, with citations,reason, logic and “facts.” Do you own any gardening books? Try Looking at the National Sunset book about the climate zones for plants. It speaks to the variations in the weather…for the thousands of species of plants, that thrive in certain areas but don’t in others? It proves that the climates are never static. Please explain at what level the earth should be for the proper Leftist approved CO2 ratio…I’ll wait. Or how exactly less fossil fuels will help charge all the batteries for the electric cars and electric cities you think will better the earths ecosystems…Where is Al Gore’s movie about that?

        If you brought up nuclear power I might keep debating you..but you can’t, you’re indoctrinated by Marxists. You aren’t about “saving the planet”, you are lied to about changing capitalism and liberty.

        Please also share the data you have that proves your assumptions about more extreme weather is ruining the earth and its ecosystems.

        Isn’t it curious that is always the Leftists claiming ‘progress” as their cities fall into chaos and their assumptions are always on the wrong side of history. Quick name the one country that has succeeded with Socialism. If it weren’t for capitalism, Socialism couldn’t take all the money it wants to help others. Give a fish to a Socialist, feed him for a day, Teach a Socialist how to fish, he’ll call you racist.

      • Mike Herzog,
        My post, which you replied to, was a reply to LongTimeTexan, who did exactly what I said, making no point about climate change whatsoever. It was posted before your post which appears above it. So I clearly was not replying to you in any way.

  • As a farmer and forester who faces the instability of climate and the ecosystem on a daily basis, I despise loose social analogies to the complex and serious changes occurring on our planet. Comparing climate change to media responses to Donald Trump is an utter disaster.

    For those reading: the **only** basis for refuting climate change that is provided in the random pile of words above comes from a rag-tag group of randos who call themselves “Clintel,” a group started in 2019, funded by a few businessmen with financial and political ties to the fossil fuel industry. Clintel has exactly zero climatologists and conducted exactly ZERO research on climate change. A leaked draft of their declaration on climate showed that they claimed the there is no evidence that CO2 is a greenhouse gas- a supremely ridiculous claim that even they had to pull back on. And this editorial dares to call Clintel’s sole, lonely opinion, “The Science”, ignoring the actual scientific community, entirely.

    Supporting junk scientific claims, and then using those lies to incite political anger… well, there’s little more fascist than that.

    • As a farmer. You clearly have no idea. There is 1200 scientists who have signed the report from all fields of science and you say there is no climatologists amongst them 😂 Not only that, but they all work for the coal industry 😂 Then you try to pretend you arent partisan and Know more then they do 😂 Dam.

  • I don’t know that the current climate change – i.e. global warming – is any different than ones in centuries past, but if this one is different, let me suggest that burning oil and coal aren’t necessarily the biggest culprits. Cars may spew exhaust, that may cause a greenhouse effect, but paving more and more of God’s green earth for those cars is definitely a way to catch and hold the sun’s energy. And when it’s hot, we turn on the air conditioning – which over the past 20 years has gotten filtered by ever more restrictive air filters for “indoor air quality” meaning those air conditioners must run longer and longer to reach that 75 degrees set on our thermostat. Those are facts that don’t take a scientist to explain.

  • The pendulum always swings both ways, We are paying the price now for marginalization of minorities, the future will pay the bill for demonizing the majority.

    • What political party marginalized the minority? KKK was a Democrat invention. And which one demonizes the majority with the aid of a lying Legacy Media?

      Seems like the pendulum swinging back and forth is always wrong when it swings to the Left. The fact is the Left never wants to admit how wrong collectivist thinking is. It wants to deny Natural Law. It doesn’t actually know what Science is. The left doesn’t test and verify data. They scapegoat one group or person after another to deflect from their failed ideology. The USA thrived because the individual was put above the government as a free person with natural rights. Our country was founded by men of moral character that knew only when people learn and do for themselves will human progress succeed. So far no one can debunk that. But leave it to a Leftist to deflect and harp on about climate change is going to ruin the world because humans dared to thrive.

      • I studied Nozick, Rand and Rothbard at university, only Rothbard was consistent. Nozick used the theory of natural rights to try (emphasis on try) to give a moral foundation to the state – even he is willing to have 2 big exceptions to his theory – 1) the nightwatchman state requires the right to have taxation to enforce ‘property rights’ but the right to property (as he states) is a moral absolute, creating a unjust (by his own terms) foundation of the state 2) the ‘original acquisition’ of land in America was not by mixing ones labour with it, but by driving the Indians off the land – another violation of property rights.
        If we think of natural rights and the Earth we can make a strong argument as to why our rights to the planet are being violated by industry. The earth (and the air that I breathe) is a good (and a right) for me, pollution means someone is violating MY property rights by spoiling my environment. So regardless of climate science, I and the other humans have a God-given right to enjoy an unspolied planet. Companies, in coalition with the state, violate that right and I can secure redress by forcing them to stop and have a right to enforce my property rights to freedom from pollution (a negrative right) over their right to pollute (which is a positive right and always weaker than a corresponding positive one).
        All libertarians who are being consistent should thus demand enforcement of their right, even if the science is incorrect due to our theory of ethics,

  • Noting that back in the 1970’s it was Global Cooling and New Ice Age liberal rags like Time and Newsweek was giving it Top Coverage

      • How are you sure they aren’t? Try researching the Time articles from the 70’s and see where they weren’t giving it top coverage. I was alive then and remember it well. The Left has been lying for decades, if not centuries.

        And because this thread is so easy to reply to responses, I’m taking the liberty to address the takeover of America….the Indians didn’t have contracts nor laws to govern free people. Their concept of property rights was ‘might makes right’. Not really a philosophy based on liberty or natural rights. The idea that any single person has the right to ALL of the earths resources is idiotic and illogical. Besides first you would have to prove that the earth is being polluted to an extreme that its causing humanity to die off…last I checked, the population on Earth is growing. Logically if we continue to advance in liberty and free markets, even more people can succeed and thrive if we adhere to what has worked in the past… The Americanization of the global economy has done more to help more people move out of poverty than any time in history. Nobody is dying to cross the Gobi dessert to emigrate to China, why? No one is crossing the Indian ocean to move to India, nor the Bering straight to escape to Russia. Trying to demonize weather events for virtue signaling is pathetic. Leftism is a mental disorder. It can not debate logic reason or facts. It relies on scapegoating and deflection. Just read the above replies from ge5568. Why didn’t you refute who invented the KKK?

      • Mike Herzog said, “Why didn’t you refute who invented the KKK?”

        Because it’s a tiresome old deceptive argument. I’ve replied to it many times.
        The Democratic Party used to be the conservative party. They supported slavery, and after the civil war, they supported all kinds of repression of black people, including the KKK. The Republican Party was the progressive party of the time.

        That is no longer the case. It’s hard to believe that anyone doesn’t know that, or thinks that your point is relevant in the way you think it is. The people carrying Confederate flags and Nazi flags, and occasionally KKK flags, are Trump supporters.

        And, by the way, the people rioting under Antifa symbols are mostly not Democrats, they are anarchists. They mostly don’t vote.

      • GE5568….who’s bringing up conservatives or Trump voters? Nice deflection. I thought we were removing statues of racists, and cancelling science deniers. How does the Democrat party get away with being the racist party and continually looking to scapegoat others for their failed policies? Climate change isn’t happening. Weather happens and is always unpredictable. Please explain when it was ever static. Hurricanes, fires and droughts have not exceeded historical data points. The ice at the poles has not melted beyond the range of its historic highs and lows. Antarctica is actually gaining mass. Greenland was named because it was Iced over always?

        The Republicans were on the correct side of history in opposing the slavery the Democrats wanted to keep. The Republicans were on the right side of history during the Cold War, and during Civil Rights as well. Trump now and is correct on the Deep State as well. A few Nazi flag waving Leftists pretending to be Republicans isn’t the base of conservatism. And Marxist CRT professors are nothing close to liberal. It is always amusing to watch how a Leftist twists the argument to deflect from answering the logical questions asked when the science they claim to support doesn’t show their assumptions to be true.

        The word democracy is not in our Constitution. The USA is not a democracy it is a republic. Knowing the definitions of words is the first step in addressing problems. Leftist always fail to realize this because it would require reason truth and logic. Three traits avoided by Leftists. Shame is another.

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