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More Bad News For The Eco-Radicals

For the first time in more than 80 years, the Atlantic Ocean hasn’t produced a named storm between July 3 and Aug. 31. So the Climatistas will have to celebrate Labor Day this year for its Marxist roots rather than the weather destruction they’re constantly rooting for so they can blame it on man.

The Atlantic’s failure to form a tempest is a rarity. It “has had no #hurricanes yet this year,” Colorado State University meteorologist Philip Klotzbach tweeted Thursday. 2022’s calm spell happens to be only the seventh time since 1950 that the Atlantic “has gone through August without a #hurricane. Other years are: 1967, 1984, 1988, 2001, 2002, 2013.”

In a separate tweet, Klotzbach acknowledged something that Democrats, the know-it-all media, and the agenda-driven extremists will likely never admit: “Forecasting the weather and climate keeps you humble!”

The Atlantic storms will eventually arrive. And the alarmists will blame them on human greenhouse gas emissions. It’s the blueprint. But for now, their taste for disaster has to go unsated as their narrative fails again.

Of course this is merely a single point of reality. There are others.

For instance, Arctic ice is at a decade-high level. Wasn’t supposed to disappear altogether by now due to our miserable fossil fuel addiction?

Then there’s the Great Barrier Reef, which “set new records for extent this year.” This, only a few months after the Washington Post, acting as a mouthpiece for the entire global warming racket, said “climate warming has dealt yet another blow to the Great Barrier Reef,” as it had just suffered its “sixth massive bleaching event.”

Have we left out any recent news? Oh, yes, there was the release of the World Climate Declaration, which calmly points out “there is no climate emergency.” More than 1,100 scientists and related professionals signed the document, including physics Nobel Prize laureate Ivar Giaever of Norway, and more than 235 professors.

Yet the nonsense persists. The Associated Press reported earlier this week that “Zombie ice from Greenland will raise sea level 10 inches.” Zombie? Haven’t the climate fanatics continually told us that they’re all about science?

Anyway, it’s “hokum,” according to Anthony Watts, who sends readers to a 1989 Associated Press story in which a senior United Nations “environmental official says entire nations could be wiped off the face of the Earth by rising sea levels if the global warming trend is not reversed by the year 2000.”

“That claim voiced by the U.N. official was based on computer models projecting future sea levels,” says Watts. “Obviously, the models were wrong, because that claim never happened. Today, 22 years past the due date, not one country, not even a city, has been ‘wiped off the face of the Earth by rising sea levels.'”

We’ve had enough of the lies, the exaggerations, the fearmongering, and the hypocrisy. We’d like to see a little honesty, even just a touch, and some humility. Otherwise, we’ll have no other choice but to believe that the climate crowd, which is roughly the entire left side of the political spectrum, is invested in establishing an authoritarian government that it controls.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

The Issues and Insights Editorial Board has decades of experience in journalism, commentary and public policy.


  • Too bad we do not have rising sea levels, as that would mean more water that can be desalinated to provide freshwater and more fish in the sea for sushi and seafood to feed the world. Oh, but wait, in the Zombie state, drought-plagued California, the Coastal Commission just killed a desalination plant adjacent to Los Angeles County after the would-be builders spent $250 million and 15 years in vain pursuit of a permit to turn seawater into freshwater. Forget Zombie Ice from Greenland, Zombie government from California, including its Zombie governor promoting Zombie electric cars, is the bigger problem. If only Zombie California was just a Roger Corman film. Today Zombie California, tomorrow Zombie USA under Zombie Biden armed with F-15s and out to get MAGA. That’s the real threat to democracy.

    BTW, physics Nobel Prize laureate Ivar Giaever of Norway was Obama’s climate change advisor. But the Zombie President did not follow the real science, as voodoo climate change politics was his game. Giaever’s 30-minute 2015 Lindau Nobel Laureate talk on climate change (deeply banished to Google purgatory and hard to locate) is a must-see video:

  • There are massive numbers of industries that have been built around today’s radical Eco-theology! Huge amounts of money have been sunk into these industries and they aren’t going to let go easily, even if this phony eco-theology is, in it’s present form, extremely destructive to the entire world (example: the destruction of easily available forms of energy that have been condemned by the above, in order to push their own high priced non-practical, and often destructive and/or more expensive forms of energy.

  • I was watching a Barney Miller rerun from 1977 the other night. One of the characters was investigating the next ice age.

  • Nice to see Watts get some cred. He has been fighting the good fight with humor for years! “It’s worse than we thought!” You left out the news about polar bears! It’s a farce, a tragic farce and symptom of our decline. The manic search for economic rent by un-productive elites.

  • The media’s climate change narrative has a million holes in it but many willfully drink the Kool-Aid, especially the brainwashed young.
    Last year’s wildfire in CA, blamed on climate change, was set by an environmentalist. That fact is completely ignored.
    The media is our enemy and it can’t be argued.

  • Corrupt Democrats in the USA will pay no attention to reality or science. They are intent on seizing total power and Global Warming/Climate Change is probably the key path they are using to seize total control even as they destroy the middle and working classes of the USA. They justify their seizing power, money, and making our lives a living declining hell even as they fly around in the private jets, SUVs, $150K electric cars, and spit on us from on high. This article is right. Since Katrina that they used to paint a picture of ever more destructive and frequent hurricanes we’ve had fewer hurricanes not more in the Atlantic and hitting the USA. But never mind, the next tropical storm in the Atlantic and the Democrats and their Fake News Media will make it sound like the world is ending. They have to do that to justify their totalitarian seizure of power.

  • Looking at those years and doing some math, looks like 17 years, then 4, 13, 1, and 11. Adding 2022 makes the next gap 9 years. Looks familiar. Could this possibly be related to solar cycles? Nah! What could the sun possibly have to do with the climate?

  • If you’d like more humility and honesty, just read the actual IPCC reports. They’re a lot more level-headed and “sciency,” because the IPCC talks in probabilities, margins of errors, and uses a lot of words like “may”, “might”, and “could”, and very few words like “will”. The IPCC reports usually present a caveat: That the report is not to be used for forecasting climate events. You wouldn’t know this from how the alarmists talk about the reports. They (the reports) don’t actually say most of what alarmists claim they say.

  • I would like to take these Eco-Freaks and strand them in the Wilderness for whole month without tools or weapons nothing but the clothes on their backs and lets see how long they can hack it

  • An old definition of a fanatic is “one who, having lost sight of his goal, redoubles his efforts.” “Global warming / Climate change” fanatics go further: having had their goal disproved by evidence, they persecute those who differ with them. It’s a pity they have so many allegiants in government and the media.

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