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Falling Life Expectancy Driven By Flailing, Failing Federal Health Baloney-aucracy

“New NCHS report shows life expectancy declined in all 50 states and DC in 2020” – National Center for Health Statistics tweet

Life expectancy didn’t just “decline.” Per woke medical news site Medpage Today, it “plummet(ed).” By nearly two years, a gobsmacking statistic.

This commentator knows what you’re thinking. NBC News beat us to it: “The main reason for the decline, of course, was Covid-19.”

Of course.

Except … expectancy was already flat or down six times between 2012 and 2021. After steadily rising for generations.

Hmmm. Your correspondent is hardly the first to connect these dots, but guess what else changed in Health Care World in the early 2010s? Hint: starts with “O” and ends with “care.”

University of Colorado Boulder professor Ryan Masters, author of a previous life expectancy study (spoiler alert: lifespans dropped further in 2021) noted: “(H)igh rates of obesity and heart disease, along with inequities in access to health care, were already leading the U.S. to lose ground with respect to health and survival before the pandemic. ‘Those same factors made the U.S. more vulnerable … to the mortality consequences of COVID-19.’”

But wait. Wasn’t “Improving Health for All Americans” the promise of the massive sectoral overhaul that is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act?  Doesn’t “Improving Health” presumably include “obesity and heart disease,” two leading health challenges?

And wasn’t Obamacare’s selling point to eliminate “inequities” and “make quality, affordable health care not a privilege, but a right?” Leading then-veep Joe Biden to declare its signing, over a hot mic, to be a “big f—ing deal?”

“Big f—ing deal,” indeed. A big failing deal, by the measure that matters: outcomes.

Obamacare’s dirty secret: much of increasing access was about exploding eligibility for Medicaid, even as exchange signups stalled – and those with existing coverage experienced rampant underinsurance due to rising costs. With the pandemic, floodgates for both Medicaid and the exchanges were opened in a “stealth health insurance takeover,” per the Wall Street Journal.

And though much of the biased research community insists Medicaid expansion improves outcomes, it knows better. A controlled, randomized Oregon study following an earlier expansion showed Medicaid had “no effect on measures of physical health including” … wait for it … “pulse, obesity, or blood markers of chronic inflammation.”

Moreover, Gallup finds just three in 10 adult Medicaid recipients describe their health as “excellent” or “very good” – again, fewer than the uninsured. Amid the happy talk, progressive outfits such as the Commonwealth Fund admit that “low reimbursement rates” – another study primarily blames billing hassles – “limit access to quality care and contribute to poor health outcomes for Medicaid beneficiaries” (emphasis added).

Yeah, “experts” say, because Medicaid serves populations with the biggest chronic health problems and the least access to care. Yo: again, that’s exactly the problem Obamacare was passed to address – and trillions of dollars later, has not. Remember? America, pre-pandemic, was losing ground to chronic disease.

Meanwhile, let’s indulge the failing, flailing federal health care baloney-aucracy in the notion that COVID presented a generational challenge to life expectancy. Shouldn’t public health authorities – also including the Centers for Disease Control and Food and Drug Administration – have been marshaling resources to protect vulnerable folks, while providing reliable information for others to use our best judgment?

“Of course” not. Why pass up the opportunity to politicize “The Science” for a Great Reset that left huge swaths of America isolated and dependent on the Nanny State while monstrously increasing its size and scope? And to claim virtually untrammeled power based on obscure statutory provisions – not just lockdowns but also rent moratoria and mandates of masks and vaccines? Which, as Alex Berenson’s continued excellent coverage reveals, appear to be making recipients more vulnerable to infection and disease? (The jab fiasco/coverup should be sufficient in and of itself to disqualify anyone involved from government service to infinity and beyond.)

All of which did zilch to protect the public while ushering in economic catastrophe, a mental health crisis, increased spousal abuse, delayed child development, educational losses and lost preventive care that devastated the very cohorts power-mad Deep Staters claim to protect.

This, by the way, right after FDA and the CDC conspired with turf-protecting tobacco control lobbies (whose funding disappears if the problem is ever actually solved) to drop kick away vapes’ budding success in virtually eliminating truly deadly cigarette smoking. Right before the hapless FDA single-handedly manufactured a formula shortage putting thousands of babies at risk. And don’t forget FDA’s role in generating – and Medicaid’s in financing – the opioid crisis also sapping life expectancy.

All  intensified by a health insurance tax exclusion that distorts markets and led to the rise of middlemen determined to deny, not deliver care.

One could go on and on – for example, the “public health” community’s promotion of riots and support for “gender-affirming care” that sterilizes and mutilates healthy teenagers. But one thing is clear: The federal health care monolith has lost America’s trust and even trust in itself.

The whole “big failing deal” must be torn down to the ground, piece-by-piece. And replaced by dispassionate, decentralized, professional and preferably privatized entities. Our (longer) lives depend on it.

Bob Maistros is a messaging and communications strategist, crisis specialist and former political speechwriter. He can be reached at

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  • “Improving Health” was never about improving health. Just as the Inflation Reduction Act was never about reducing inflation. Welcome to Alice in Euphemism Land and George Orwell’s Animal Farm. PT Barnum and Slogans, designed to fool and obscure while an Agenda is vaxxed into the body politic. Marxism has always been about killing people to attain and retain absolute power. From Stalin to Obama, the delivery has gotten cooler and smoother, but the end goal remains the same. Obamacare was just preparation for sinking the economy under Bidenomics. Successful outcomes, like the Trump economy or good health and happy people, do not provide the tinder for Marxist revolutions. Destruction of health followed by destruction of the economy are designed by the Democrats to weaken the populace and make submissive seizure of absolute power easier. People who are poor and in bad physical and mental health are easier to conquer (for the Dems, CCP and whomever).

  • I wouldn’t blame falling life expectancy entirely on the feds, because we are all first up when it comes to our own health. I still see people riding around in their cars with face masks on — and some of these people are probably parents who are masking their kids and getting their toddlers the Covid vaccination. While you cannot fix stupid, we don’t have to act stupidly. But, the piece lays a largest portion of the blame where it belongs — on federal policies and actions.

    • Massive amnesia! Not led by Feds. Perhaps vaxxes also affect memory. The shutdown of small businesses (while big box stores stayed open) was led by Blue State governors and local officials. Cuomo in NY; Whitmer in Michigan; Oregon & Washington governors: who also infused nursing homes with COVID patients to push death numbers above 100% so major media could whip up hysteria. Feds stepped aside and let Blue State Marxists control the narrative and rule the streets with burning, looting and protests. Pelosi cheered it on, saying worth it to shutdown economy to stop Trump in November election. Harris, not yet VP, was there to bail out anti-fa street armies. Contrast that with GOP, who cannot even do a legal or humanitarian fund for those languishing and driven to suicide in the Washington DC gulag prison for trespassing and parading. Dumb-ass GOP. Gave Dems whole agenda in Senate. Now Biden struts, with rising poll ratings going into midterms. GOP excels in losing, even when dealt a winning hand. Trump crime was introducing success.

    • Thanks for reading and commenting. The point is that America’s health started getting worse just after a trillion-dollar+ program sold as “improving health” was passed.

  • The Democrats/socialists/illiberals, whatever the in vogue label is, are staunch supporters of the Global Economic Forum. Its dictat is that 4 billion humans must be culled by 2050, less than 28 years away. Sxxx like Obamacare , like the Inflation REDACTION Act, promises one thing, but delivers the opposite, but not through stupidity; in compliance with the GEF. That even loyal supporters like blacks are beginning to realise this, is telling.

  • Now my doctor is actively anti-White, doesn’t hide the fact that he wants me dead, and keeps pushing Trump’s clot shot. Thanks to all of you who did this to us.

  • Obamacare radically changed the amount of time hospital physicians spend with a patient. Physicians routinely are now treating patients based on the results, labs and notes in the computer, it is the rare physician with a stethoscope anymore. They walk in, barely introduce themselves, give 2 min of time to the patient and leave.
    The next piece that is rarely talked about is the acceptance of society as well as medicine and nursing, that it is OUR responsibility to care for people who refuse to care for themselves. In other words, there is zero impetus for the small minority that is the vast number of repeated care and/or hospitalizations or ER visits, and they are by and large medicaid patients.
    A fellow nurse friend quit ER after the third time various young women came in to get a pregnancy test at the ER because it didn’t cost a thing when on medicaid, and that’s a damn site higher than the kits from Walmart. For millions the ER is their primary care, they clog up legimiate ER needs, and no one in healrh care has any control over any of the mess.
    Nurses aren’t leaving the bedside because of covid, they are leaving because covid broke open the fractures that were already there, in the same way that covid didn’t make all the difference in life expectency changes going 6 years back. Health care, actual care is horribly fractured, time constraints massive, staffing a ticking time bomb.
    And nearly all of it can be traced back to Federal governments mandates and corporate willingness because of the Federal dollars.

    • Great observations. Under socialized medicine programs, doctors are interchangeable widgets akin to manual laborers. I took my mother to her doctor at Kaiser Permanente just after Obamacare came into effect (about a decade ago). Her doctor said workloads (## of patients) doubled under Obamacare. Doctors were told they did not even have time to leave their offices for 5 minutes to visit patients in hospital beds down the hall. Instead, doctors unfamiliar with the patient and no time to read case histories were ordering wrong tests and treatments out of ignorance of patient particulars. But on paper, the administrative bean counters called it efficiency. With COVID, hospital administrations received bonuses for botched cases and bad treatments resulting in death simply by checking the COVID box on death certificates. Today’s mRNA vaxx jockeys have experimental use permits to legally experiment on hundreds of millions people at a time and block access to preventive and alternative treatments. Lockdowns alone do not explain the recent rise in death rates. Healthy athletes recently vaxxed are not dropping dead from heart attacks due to lockdowns.

  • When the same cohort demanding global depopulation also demands free healthcare, what, exactly, was expected? Everything touched by Democrats is destroyed, why would anyone expect healthcare to be an exception?

  • I am no Obamacare fan, but the idea that the big drop in LE in 2020 is somehow attributable to Obamacare is just not credible. While I don’t have the exact formula, LE is obviously heavily driven by deaths of younger people. So I looked at the UCD (Underlying Cause of Death) for people under age 55 2018-2020. This is what stands out as increases

    W00-X59 (Other external causes of accidental injury) *Overdoses in this
    2018 59,065 25.4
    2019 61,026 26.3
    2020 79,297 34.3

    X85-Y09 (Assault)
    2018 16,020 6.9
    2019 16,369 7.1
    2020 21,480 9.3

    U00-U49 This is Covid code
    2020 25,925 11.2

    K70-K76 (Diseases of liver) Mostly Alcoholic cirrhosis.
    2018 14,844 6.4
    2019 15,148 6.5
    2020 18,955 8.2

    The here is the overall
    2018 364,962 232,463,605 157.0
    2019 362,422 231,732,723 156.4
    2020 433,668 231,421,081 187.4

    23.1 of the 31.1 rate increase (156.4-187.4) is in those causes above and they really can’t be attributed to Obamacare-or much to medical care at all, really.

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