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Welcome To Biden’s Police State, Part III

Try, if you can, to imagine the reaction if the Justice Department had, in President Donald Trump’s second year in office, orchestrated a raid of Hillary Clinton’s Chappaqua, N.Y., home, rummaging through rooms and cracking the Clintons’ safe looking for government documents she hadn’t turned over when she left the State Department.

You can bet, at the very least, that newspapers wouldn’t be carrying run-of-the-mill headlines such as “F.B.I. Searches Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Residence” or “FBI executes search warrant at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago in document investigation.” The Washington Post thought the important story to tell was how “Top Republicans echo Trump’s evidence-free claims to discredit FBI search.” 

No, the press would be in a full meltdown. Democrats would be calling for Trump’s impeachment. Celebrities would be making videos in which they cry about the future of the country. Never Trumpers would be patting themselves on the back and shouting “I told you so.” Colleges would be canceling classes so students could comfort each other and draw in their school-issued coloring books. The gnashing and grinding of teeth could be heard from space.

Needless to say, it would have been the end of the Trump administration.

But this is the Biden administration we’re talking about. And when it acts dictatorial – which is more frequent with each passing month – it’s the ends that matter, not the means, because the ends are about delivering on a leftist agenda. Did Biden authorize this raid? How far up the chain of command did it go? Don’t expect the “watchdog” press to ask such questions.

Instead, the response to the FBI raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home is, if anything, celebratory.

The Los Angeles Times, for example, immediately ran a piece titled “Raid May Signal End of Another ‘Long National Nightmare.'”

The New York Times published a story with what can only be read as a hopeful headline: “If Donald Trump broke a law on the removal of official records, would he be barred from future office?” (Anyone recall the Times asking this about Hillary Clinton and her purloined documents?)

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We won’t even bother relaying what cable new “pundits” or that hive of scum and villainy on Twitter are saying.

So, what exactly was the FBI looking for that required such extreme measures?

CNN described it this way: “Following the National Archives’ recovering of White House records from Mar-a-Lago in recent months, the FBI on Monday had to verify that nothing was left behind.”

Wait, that’s it? Not that the FBI had good reason to believe Trump illegally absconded with sensitive documents? It just wanted to make sure there weren’t any left in the house? Was there any reason to believe there were any such documents there? Or that Trump was purposefully withholding them? Did the agents have a list of “missing” documents they were trying to retrieve?

Is this the standard now for FBI raids? “We don’t have a good reason to bust into your home, we just want to make sure you don’t have anything you shouldn’t have.” If federal agents have such a low standard to search a former president’s home, what can’t they do?

The raid also draws a stark and undeniable contrast between how the FBI handled Clinton’s private server and her attempt to hide the fact that it contained official documents that she failed to turn over to the State Department, including top-secret documents that she claimed never existed.

In that case, the FBI treated Clinton with whatever is gentler than kid gloves. They gave her every benefit of the doubt. They excused the fact that she broke the law because she didn’t intend to do the nation harm.

This is, of course, a long-standing pattern in Washington. Republicans are vilified for any and all wrongdoings and made to answer for every crime, no matter how petty. Democrats get a finger-wagging, at worst.

You’d think that the FBI, its reputation for impartiality in tatters after its politicized handling of the Clinton email scandal and its eagerness to traffic in fake Russia-collusion documents, would want to act with a smidgen more restraint.

It turns out that the FBI’s campaign against Trump isn’t finished. It tried to keep him out of the White House by pushing the Russia hoax, and when that failed tried to run him out of office by dragging the investigation out for years. Now the bureau is apparently trying to make sure that Trump never holds office again. What’s the one thing we know Trump has been guilty of? He’s not a liberal Democrat or a cowardly Republican.

There’s a word for this, when law enforcement becomes an arm of one political party. What is it again? Oh, right, a police state.

This is what the left is celebrating. This is why the public needs to strip Democrats of power at the first opportunity, and never give it back.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

The Issues and Insights Editorial Board has decades of experience in journalism, commentary and public policy.


  • I&I article is an accurate summary. Let’s add some context and overview. The Marxist planners leading the Democrat party plot things out in strict linear sequence. Events like Mar-a-Lago are not random. They are part of a larger timeline and a well-thought-out plan. Though the news media pretend each event is a discrete, disconnected, isolated incident. In the very short-term, the Mar-a-Lago FBI raid successfully shifted the focus away from inflation, IRS weaponization, $5 billion monthly-funding of the Ukrainian government kleptocracy, etc. But the real focus is longer-term.

    Since the FBI’s reputation is already discredited, they can be safely sacrificed at Mar-a-Lago like pawns in a chess game. In the medium- and long-term, the FBI Mar-a-Lago raid (likely a joint Democrat party & DOJ/FBI operation) is political propaganda designed to demonize and criminalize Trump. There was a long, prime-time TV prelude to the FBI Mar-a-Lago raid. Namely the made-for-TV January 6 gossipy story show (reminiscent of the Hillary/DNC-funded Steele Dossier hoax stories of prostitutes peeing in Obama’s Moscow bed). Plenty of entertaining faux facts and false narratives. Infotainment for the Marxist-oriented major media (the de facto Democrat party propaganda ministry). For the medium term, January 6 plus Mar-a-Largo are media fuel to fire up the leftist/anti-fa street mobs ahead of the November midterm elections where Trump-backed GOP candidates could sweep. That mob, already fired up by Senator Schumer at the Supreme Court steps, has targeted the bodies, homes and families of conservative judges (while meritless Garland looks the other way) and attacked clinics providing abortion alternatives (freedom of choice is verboten). Since GOP midterm election wins threaten to delay or derail the longer-term Marxist/Democrat goal of total power and control, expect an array of further outrageous events orchestrated by the Marxist Democrats.

  • I believe this reflects the fact that Trump had no potential for blackmail (via Epstein, et al). There is a YouTube video entitled “Bradley Edwards explains the prosecution of Jeffrey Epstein), where the lawyer (Edwards) is asked about Trump’s involvement in Epstein’s proclivities and activities. Edwards explains that out of ALL of Epstein’s known friends, ONLY Trump agreed to talk to them, that he gave the team everything he knew about Epstein, and that what Trump told them was able to be verified and helped them win a civil suit on behalf of thirteen of Epstein’s victims.

    Epstein’s rig was clearly a CIA or SOME intel agency scheme. They just want to take Trump down before he takes THEM down.

  • The excuse for the raid was failure to return materials to the archive in a timely manner? It’s similar in kind to “overdue library books” ain’t it? Classified materials, yes, but Pres. Trump is legally allowed them.

    Does this mean police can now spend hours searching our houses, without our legal representatives watching, for lateness returning books (documents) to the library (archive)?

  • I think this is over “Schedule F”. In his last weeks, Trump wrote an EO establishing a new fed employment schedule for policymakers, and he intended to put all the Deep Staters into this schedule so he could fire them. These are the SES and GS15-16 officials in the DOJ, “Intel Community”, and other agencies who have all the domestic power in the Federal Government. Their livelihoods are on the line, so they must make sure that Trump never comes back in 2024. This is about self-preservation for the Deep State.

  • The Corrupt Senile Biden Regime and the Democrat party have turned the DOJ/FBI into their own 100% political GESTAPO. They have been lawlessly treasonously doing the Democrat dirty work since Russia Russia where they engaged in conspiracy, treason, creating false evidence, destroying real evidence, lying to the courts, and other illegal activities, most which have been exposed, but never punished, and they get worse every day. With their lawless UNCONSTITUTIONAL illegal raid on Trump’s home they’ve thrown all pretense aside. The raid had 2 purposes. !. was just a fishing expedition. They hope to find something they can pin on Trump no matter how silly. As we’ve seen you don’t need anything to impeach a President these days, so why would you need any real evidence of a crime to indict a President. 2nd of course like with all Nazi/Communist type Governments they want to harass, intimidate, and make people afraid. They want to show Trump supporters that they are lawless, ruthless, and will stop at nothing and go after anyone. Putin is a good example of where they are headed. He used all the Democrat/DOJ/FBI tactics against his political opponents, and if that didn’t stop them his next step was killing them with poison, and he wasn’t very subtle about it either. Does anybody think the Democrats and their pet GESTAPO aren’t headed there or would even hesitate? I don’t, and if they retain power somehow after Nov its easy to see everything cranked up a notch. Gulags and death camps! Laugh, but then go back and looked how the Democrats and Fake News laughed when Trump said they were spying on him. Everything everybody has warned about even when people were calling them crazy has come to pass. The Democrats want total power, they won’t stop.

  • Issues & Insights Editorial Board wrote: There’s a word for this, when law enforcement becomes an arm of one political party. What is it again? Oh, right, a police state.”

    It is more than that.

    A bad search warrant is otherwise known as a BURGLARY committed by law enforcement officers.

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