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What We’re Reading: Fauci’s Fantasy, Deep State Bias, Recession Denial . . . And More

Headlines that caught our eye.

Fauci’s Totalitarian Lockdown Wish

Anthony Fauci Says If We Could Do It Again, COVID-19 Restrictions Would Be ‘Much, Much More Stringent’ — Reason

School in the time of Covid — via Cafe Hayek

Birx: ‘Vaccines Were Not Going to Protect Against Infection’ — ‘We Overplayed the Vaccines’ — Breitbart

Are masks bad for you? — Spectator

Covid deaths in lockdown-mad New Zealand soar to RECORD high as Omicron wreaks havoc — UK Daily Mail

Some Dare Call It Conspiracy

Investigation: The Biden Administration Is Crawling With Conspiracy Theorists — PJ Media

Here Are the Senior Biden Officials Entangled in Durham’s Criminal Russiagate Probe — Real Clear Investigations

‘Corrupted to their very core’: Whistleblowers say DOJ, FBI show political bias in investigations — Just The News

Monkey Pox ‘Emergency’

Here We Go: WHO Declares Monkeypox Outbreak a Global Health Emergency — Gateway Pundit

Monkeypox is being driven overwhelmingly by sex between men, major study finds — NBC News

Hunter’s Helpers

GOP Sen. Chuck Grassley alleges widespread effort in FBI, Justice Dept to downplay negative information about Hunter Biden — CBS News

‘Highly Credible’ Whistleblowers Say FBI, DoJ Downplay Negative Hunter Biden Information — Breitbart

The Demise Of American Education

The National Association of Scholars Takes on the Marxists in Education — American Thinker

Report: At Least 181 K-12 Educators Arrested on Child-Related Sex Crimes in First Half of 2022 — The Tennessee Star

Academia Neglects Its Most Important Function: A Free Marketplace of Ideas — American Thinker

About That Non-Recessionary Economy . . .

Biden: ‘We’re Not Going to Be in a Recession’ — CNSNews

Yellen: We’re Not In A ‘Recession,’ We’re In A ‘Transition In Which Growth Is Slowing’ — DailyWire

Economist Roubini calls predictions for mild recession ‘delusional’ as severe financial crisis looms —

IMF Issues A Dire Prediction For The Global Economy — Daily Caller

Economist Dismantles Biden Admin’s Attempt To Redefine Recession With One Chart — Twitter, via Daily Caller

The Global Energy Crunch Continues

Russian Gas Cut to Europe Hits Economic Hopes — Epoch Times

European Countries Push Back After EU Tells Them How Much Gas They Can Use — Daily Caller

The West Might Lose The New Cold War With Its Self-Defeating Energy Policy — The Federalist

Miscellaneous Stuff . . .

L.A., A Hell Of A Town: City Squanders Millions Of Dollars In Housing Vouchers As Homeless Death Rate Soars — Daily Caller

Was the Pentagon involved in planning for January 6? — American Thinker

The Jan. 6 Obsession Claims Another Victim — FrontPage Mag

Why would 500,000 illegals choose not to turn themselves in to Joe Biden’s catch-and-release Border Patrol? — American Thinker

Adam Schiff admits Clarence Thomas is main target for Jan 6 committee, vows to use wife to get him — BizPac Review


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1 comment

    The democrats are bold liars (it’s a tactic w/o any moral thoughts) …small lies by omissions & such are a given BUT WeThePeople are now beaten into a rage by the new level of DAILY in ya face lies…
    “the border is secure”
    “we are not in a recession”
    “we have a strong economy”
    “overseas caused gas hikes”
    “we r looking at every option”
    (we r NOT all 7 years old!!)
    On top of this we get the constant fear/guilt trips along with ugly divisive social engineering!
    (reelmanPhD 7/2022)

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