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Climate Emergency? What A Crock 

Joe Biden did not declare a climate emergency last week, as many in his party urged him to do. One Democratic senator claimed that the changing climate required “bold, intense executive action” from the president. Another said Biden needed to move because “the climate crisis is a threat to national security.” But there’s no emergency. It’s a wholly manufactured charade.

Though he put off an executive action, Biden said last Wednesday that he has “a responsibility to act with urgency and resolve when our nation faces clear and present danger. And that’s what climate change is about. It is literally, not figuratively, a clear and present danger. The health of our citizens and our communities is literally at stake.” 

His non-COVID fever continued:

“Climate change is literally an existential threat to our nation and to the world. … Right now, 100 million Americans are under heat alert – 100 million Americans. Ninety communities across America set records for high temperatures just this year, including here in New England as we speak.”

On the same day Biden issued an authoritarian’s threat:

“Since Congress is not acting on the climate emergency, I will,” he tweeted. “And in the coming weeks my Administration will begin to announce executive actions to combat this emergency.”

Most Americans who aren’t named Barack Obama like to think that the U.S. is the center of our world if not the universe. But just because much of the country has been hot, it doesn’t mean the entire Earth is on fire. Yet our politicians and media focus on unusual heat despite the obvious: If the global temperature “is just about average” – and it is – “then clearly it must be well below average somewhere else.”

The facts, not the Democrats and activists’ political desperation, show that global temperatures have gone nowhere over the past four decades, which is the only period of time they can be accurately measured and compared. Anyone who believes that the temperature record before 1979 is reliable is fooling themselves (and also a blind ideologue).

The only data that can be trusted, that makes a genuine apples-to-apples comparison, are the measurements from satellites. All other temperature reconstructions require faith in subjective readings of often poorly placed primitive instruments, and compromised tree ring signals.

So, then what do the satellite data tell us? That we just went through “the coolest monthly anomaly in over 10 years, the coolest June in 22 years, and the ninth coolest June in the 44 year satellite record,” says University of Alabama at Huntsville climate scientist Roy Spencer.

Repeat the line: Last month was “the coolest monthly anomaly in over 10 years, the coolest June in 22 years, and the ninth coolest June in the 44 year satellite record.”

Yeah, that’s some emergency.

But then June 2022 is just one month of many. What about the rest of the record? While global temperature based on satellite readings has trended upward, the increase has been slight. “The linear warming trend since January 1979” is a mere 0.13 of a degree Celsius per decade, says Spencer. June 2022 was also cooler than a number of months on Spencer’s chart, quite a few of them going back more than 20 years. 

Other evidence than the emergency exists only in the overly political minds of Democrats, their communications department (the mainstream media), and the usual zealots include:

  • “Despite rhetoric to the contrary, there is still plenty of sea ice over Arctic regions this summer, supplying feeding platforms for polar bears, ice-dependent seals, and walrus cows nursing their young calves.” – Watts Up With That?
  • “If you took a very careful look with consistent data over long periods of time, you will find that these (natural) disasters are not increasing. In fact, the health of the world is increasing tremendously. For example, deaths from weather disasters and so forth have gone down about 95% in the last hundred years. … They really aren’t increasing in frequency or intensity.” – John Christy, University of Alabama at Huntsville climatologist
  • “The ice caps on Mars have been shrinking in sync with ice caps on earth. To me, that’s fairly good evidence that the sun is involved but NASA assures us that’s not so.” – Bookworm Room
  • “Natural variability of the atmosphere was the proximate cause of the (recent) warmth and does not represent an existential threat to the population of Europe. Clearly, there’s no cause for alarm, no matter what the media says. But the media won’t tell you any of that, because it ruins their narrative of being able to blame the heatwave on climate change, while hoping you don’t notice their distortion of the truth about ordinary weather events we see every summer.” – Anthony Watts

It’s probably an even bet that Biden will eventually declare a climate emergency. His handlers probably think doing so would help pull his miserable ratings out of their tailspin. But we don’t think Americans want their presidents to act like dictators, especially when they are as feeble of mind as Biden is.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

The Issues and Insights Editorial Board has decades of experience in journalism, commentary and public policy.


  • The human species is adaptable enough to survive warming and cooling, cold climates and hot climates. Anyway, average global temperature is irrelevant to surface life; as the average includes the 70% of Earth’s surface that is ocean and the hottest deserts and coldest poles. Then there is Singapore, which at double the climate doomsday level (12 C) houses one of the world’s most prosperous populations. Based on Singapore, one might even argue that more warmth means more wealth.

    More warmth and more atmospheric CO2 should mean more global crop growth (more photosynthesis) and less famine. Yet in the Netherlands and elsewhere, climate change is the excuse to end farming and confiscate farmland, as farmers tend to be conservative, favor freedom and slow totalitarian population control. The radical Marxists (e.g. Democrats, socialists) and Great Reset globalists reflexively cry “wolf” or emergency at every possible opportunity to further their agenda. Climate, COVID, whatever works will do as a pretext or excuse to establish totalitarian control.C

  • William Happer. easy scientific exlaination. YouTube a dozen videos where he explains the truth about green house gas Co2.

  • The personal behavior of 1% of the U. S. population results in their CO2 footprint being 50 times that of the average of the other 99%. Were this small group to only emit 25 times the CO2 of everyone else, overall U. S. CO2 emissions would immediately, not over years or decades, decline 17%. Why don’t they tell the people this fact? Maybe because so many of this small group are AGW scammers?

  • There is no CLIMATE CRISIS

    This is what you haven been told, It is not a conclusion you have the knowledge to arrive at on your own.

    There is not 1 single person in the world capable

    only a fraudulant computer model says so

    No climate model has predicted the observed temperature trend in the important Nino34 region of the tropical Pacific.  All have a warming trend where there has been a slight cooling trend observed.

  • Looney leftys. True believers can’t even tell me the weather/temperatures next week, let alone next century. It’s the Sun. Tragic that young Americans let this indoctrination affect their lives. Oh, well. As they mature, young Americans will regret allowing this Fake Science to have so much impact on their early lives and choices. I suggest they list names of persons pushing this garbage for future reference.

  • I am a retired Airline Pilot and active Flight Instructor. I have been flying since 1962. I know the atmosphere in ways that the climate worshippers will never understand. Based on my own observations I can state categorically that there is no AGW nor can there be. It is nothing more than an effort to exert control. They want to reduce the overall population to a “more manageable number”. They resent private transportation such as automobiles or general aviation. They want everyone on public transport. The bottom line for these traitors is a visceral hatred of individual freedom.

  • A well reasoned article. Pity, reason is not perceivable by alarmists.

  • Power and control. It is the real reason for the climate emergency narrative. A way to control the masses and make a lot of money in the process. Not much more complicated than that.

  • This should be a running series. Every two months or so? Succinct real data is priceless right now!

  • Like this is the first drought and heat wave summer in history. I’m 75 and been through dozens. Anyone who belives in this crap is profoundly stupid.

    • These idiots don’t even understand what “climate” actually is, which is weather within a particular region. There is no such thing as a world climate. We actually have thousands of different climates all over it.

  • I live in Texas and it’s been hot, but it’s ALWAYS hot in Texas in the summer, just as it is elsewhere in the country. My relatives in my native Tennessee have been having 100-degree days but 100 degrees is common there in summer as well. Democrats think Americans are idiots. Sadly, many know zilch about weather. The fact is that temperatures are the result of the shifting of the tropopause from south to north and north again. When it’s at its highest, it allows warmer temperatures to come up from the south. Central Texas gets hot weather coming from the deserts to the west. It’s NOT caused by the heat islands in cities where most temperature readings are taken. By the way, the hottest temperatures ever recorded were almost a century ago.

  • Manufactured emergencies, Lack of heat in northern states will kill people with weeks of – 0 temperatures not to mention the destruction of indoor plumbing.

  • So it’s been hot. Wasn’t it only six months ago that we were told that catastrophic anthropogenic (whatever) causes cold weather?

  • The biggest environmental change on the planet in the last few decades is the greening of the Sahel. It’s a *good* thing!

  • Climate science is reminiscent of the “science” behind Jurassic Park.

    Its DNA is a mix of context-deficient historical snapshots and the “frog DNA” of extrapolated predictions based upon computer modeling and outright assumption, all assembled to form a T-Rex of a narrative that is always “finding a way” to bite us.

    A narrative, promoted as a cult belief by people who are out to Save the World and Stick It to All the Proper People as they jam their total socio-economic morality down our throats … forgetting that consensus is not conclusive proof, having regard neither for individual liberty nor their own human perceptual limitations … never realizing that “first, do no harm” is not just for doctors.

    Believers in renewable-energy tech as the instruments of our salvation, demanding that it immediately replace the energy tech that provides the 24/76/365 power behind the highest standards of living and productivity in human history … when the state-of-the-art simply can’t support that replacement, requiring virtually watt-for-watt backup by the same Icky Brown/Neutron Blue sources that are on the To Be Stuck List.

    A cult with a continually-changing eschatology … announcement after announcement of The Next Big Thing that will Make It All Work. As someone who works with similar, established technologies and makes them work for applications that justify the cost and living with their limitations, my response is simple: I’ll believe it when it hits my receiving dock in production quantities, at a price that a free market will support.

    Cultists, who can’t even live up to their own hype … otherwise they would insist upon holding their conferences via Zoom, insist upon the development of nuclear power (one of the Proper People To Be Stuck), and insist upon more use of natural gas in the short term.

    As bad as it is, though, Climate Change Cultism is a symptom of the greater problem: the desire of those who Know Better™ to lord it over the rest of us in self-righteous hubris.

  • New Pause is now 7 years 10 months in length: This Pause, like its predecessor, which was an impressive 18 years 8 months is derived from the UAH monthly global mean temperature Data

  • If science were run on anecdotal evidence and ‘what everyone agrees on’ we’d still be in caves, never bathe and hide from ghosts at night.
    There is as much evidence that aliens are causing weather anomalies as man.
    (Actually, we are…ssshhh)

  • You can always find an outlier in the field of science that will tell you or publish what you want to hear: Mr. Spencer is one of those people. (that receives substantial funding from oil and gas interests — including Exxon, ) Here is the direct quote from ncei.noaa
    The June global surface temperature was 1.57°F (0.87°C) above the 20th-century average of 59.9°F (15.5°C). This ranks as the sixth-warmest June in the 143-year record.Jul 14, 2022

    Oh… Of note: Spencer does not believe in evolution. Nope, he is a creationist.: Spencer believes in the intelligent design argument for the origin of life. Definitely a scientist wort listening to 🙂

  • If the powers that be seemed to be telling us the truth on all other subjects, then I might dismiss my common-sense reaction to all the red flags that go up every time I hear the climatistas. But that’s not how it is; far from being truthful across the board, our rulers have been lying to us on a host of things.

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