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Beware America, Gavin Newsom Is Running For President

The governor of the biggest state in the country has said he isn’t running for president. But there’s no question Gavin Newsom wants to be in the White House. The only question: Is this country foolish enough to elect such a miserable failure?

Newsom has said publicly that he has no presidential ambitions. But it’s no secret that he’s been groomed for White House occupancy by rich, progressive San Francisco elites. And now he’s “picking exactly the kinds of fights that presidential candidates like to pick” and is “clearly laying the groundwork for a presidential run,” in 2028 if not 2024.

California, the “damn state” Newsom swears he loves, was once the destination for those who wanted a better life and were willing to work for it. Now, both residents and businesses are fleeing. They’re fed up with confiscatory taxation, a can’t-do-business-here regulatory regime, an extreme cost of living that’s been driven by public policy, and a prohibition agenda that threatens to ban every consumer convenience Americans have grown accustomed to.

No longer golden, California is the center of the universe for homelessness. At 4.3%, the state’s unemployment is worse than in all but seven states, the poverty rate is higher than in any other state, blackouts are becoming more rule than exception, soft-on-crime policies have shown up in ugly street crimes, a politically created drought has a distinct Third World feel, and personal freedom is on the decline while economic freedom has been near rock bottom for more than two decades.

No, Newsom did not create these problems. But his party did. And as governor, he’s done nothing to solve them, which he was elected to do. He has talked a lot, though, and has yet to see a camera or microphone that didn’t need his presence.

In many cases, the problems have actually become more profound under Newsom’s watch. For instance, he said in 2004 – as homelessness was falling in the city – that as mayor he would solve San Francisco’s homelessness crisis. Yet homelessness in the city has grown since then, and the homeless population across the state grew 42% between 2014 and 2020 even as it fell 9% in the rest of the U.S.

How can the governor of the state that is “home” to almost 30% of the country’s homeless yet makes up only 12% of the U.S. population, who has watched over his state’s decline in so many areas, be a credible candidate for president?

Furthering Newsom’s disqualifications is his “education” from the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders program, which is not as benign as its name suggests. The WEF is, of course, an anti-capitalist organization that is working to “reset” – meaning wreck – liberal economies because its leaders believe free markets are unsustainable. Its founder, Klaus Schwab, provided even greater insight into the plan when he wrote that the COVID-19 pandemic is an “unprecedented opportunity to reimagine our world.”

Having never been asked to participate, we have to assume that what is taught through the Young Global Leaders program, whose “graduates” already infest government and politics in this country at their highest levels, is in line with the WEF in “calling for countless socialist and progressive plans.” Given our bleak national outlook, we’d be much better off with fewer YGL and WEF influences than more. 

Newsom is a well-connected narcissist more concerned with his image and his place among progressives, whose approval and praise he craves. As an elected official, he’s useless, and that’s on his best days. Unless he runs for president in 2024, he will be California’s problem for another 51/2 years. Just don’t make him America’s problem for four or more.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

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  • California’s situation is so bad, there is no need to exagerate it. I think Alaska and Texas might dispute the claim that California is the biggest state in the country.

  • As California goes, so goes the nation. He is another Kamela Harris, a beneficiary of California’s rigged political system from “last known address” ballots to “it’s your turn candidates”.

  • He’s not a serious candidate…unless he writes the mandatory “I Love Me” pre-campaign book. That said, his failure on so many levels in CA makes him a very serious possibility. If he writes the book.

  • oh PLEASE DO ! this will be hillarious seeing him go down in flames

  • The last governor from CA who won the election was reagan and back then CA was not as blue and messed up as it is now and of course reagans popularity mostly stemming from his acting carrier played into it ! Newsom might be a rockstar in his state but he comes accross as a smuck entitled liberal for most people outside of his state which might be a bridge too far for voters in swing states

    • His state found 9 million votes in an effort to recall him. He will be laughed out as fast as Martin O’Malley was when he a was semi-popular Governor in the solid blue state Maryland. He polled at 3% nationwide, which now that I think about it, was higher than Biden’s favorability in the Democrat primaries. 81 million votes?…..LOL SURE!

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