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Memo To The Clintons: Please Go Away And Don’t Come Back

The Clintons are back at the top of the news, claiming in recent separate interviews that we are at risk of “losing our democracy.” Of course we’re not a democracy, and shrieking about “losing” it is the Democrats’ cover for their campaign to achieve absolute and unchallenged political power in this country. And no one is more to blame for that than the Clintons.

In an interview with talk show host James Corden, a hopelessly silly man who apparently fawns over every Democrat he talks to, Bill said he believes “there’s a fair chance that we could completely lose our constitutional democracy for a couple of decades if we keep making – if we make bad decisions.” Two days later, Hillary, who said she won’t run for president in 2024, assured a Financial Times reporter that “we are standing on the precipice of losing our democracy.”

It’s become a Democratic Party talking point, and fits in neatly with the Jan. 6 show trial. The implication is that Democrats’ political opponents are authoritarians who will, well, we really don’t know how the Democrats think “democracy” will be lost. They never say. Voters are simply supposed to believe them.

This type of talk could never happen in a country where the political divide wasn’t white hot. Yet it’s where we are today, and the Clintons were central to the destruction of civil politics in the U.S. (though not to the extent that Barack Obama was, but they did set the table for him).

Hillary, of course, has called Americans she looks down on “deplorables,” yammered about a “vast right-wing conspiracy” stalking the couple, and played probably the dirtiest political trick in American history by enlisting federal agencies to pursue a bogus Trump-Russia connection. Her politics are in large part informed by the radical Saul Alinsky, who was a master of bitterly driving political wedges between Americans.

Of course Hillary has insisted that Donald Trump was an “illegitimate president” who “stole” the election. As far as we know, she’s never accepted her 2016 loss, which has only inflamed the hostilities between the left and right.

Before that, Bill governed as president not in a conventional way but through a “permanent campaign,” which chronically divided Americans as the political battles that once raged every four years, then settled down, became constant conflict. It set the stage for an era of nastiness. A poll taken during Trump’s first year in the White House found that “each successive presidency after President Clinton then became the most polarizing in polling history.”

The Clintons were also known for wrecking the lives of others as they made their way to the top.  While one was busy with marital infidelity, the other smeared his victims. Both are grifters who’ve made money off the backs of others. They’ve played the pay-to-play influence peddling game like no others.

Newt Gingrich – who should know, as he served as speaker of the House while the Clintons occupied the White House and saw their behavior up close – said they “steal from everybody.” Their friends have been rewarded – think of their cronies who took the jobs of the non-political White House travel staffers the Clintons fired in 1993 – but their enemies punished. Sometimes, though, being a friend wasn’t a safe place. It’s been said it’s dangerous to know the Clintons.

As Gingrich also said, “in a normal, healthy society,” people such as the Clintons “would be ostracized.” And if the Clintons had a shred of honor between them, they would leave public life. To be rid of them would be a great relief.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

The Issues and Insights Editorial Board has decades of experience in journalism, commentary and public policy.


  • People die around the Clintons. Are we not just recently up to 5 people?

  • Slick Willy and his shrewish “wife” are vivid examples of the kind of leeches the body politic has brought us since Reagan. Clinton, the Kenyan, and now Crazy Joe would make one wonder if America has a death wish. I agree with Newt that “in a normal, healthy society they would be ostracized.” Cromwell’s expression to Parliament also fits here, “In the name of God, go.” Begone, varlets, you have your money!

  • We have two major political parties in the land of the free and home of the brave, but the crew ruling presently considers itself the sole legitimate representative of the American people. It barely regards its counterpart as a loyal opposition, but rather deems it an inapposite obstruction, a usurper to be denounced in hyperbolic terms as a public enemy. Joe Biden and his public relation shills up and down the administration believe that big media in all its guises will carry the idea that the Biden presidency, with the barest of legislative majorities, can rule as if it had won a landslide victory in 2020, as if it has a mandate to cast political thought and procedure toward exclusively partisan ends, as if we will gaze away from autocratic governance just as administration flacks and followers shied away from Hunter’s laptop and Hillary’s 2016 machinations. In truth, there aren’t special counsels enough or hours in the day to thoroughly clear the Democratic Party of its anti-democratic instincts.

  • “…a hopelessly silly man …”

    Describes a majority of voters well.

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