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What We’re Reading: Left’s Roe Leak, Hillary’s Legal Peril, Politicizing Jan. 6 . . . And More

Some headlines that caught our eye.

Leak Of Possible Roe v Wade Reversal Drives Left Mad

Supreme Court Barricaded After Bombshell Abortion Leak, Leftists Start to Call for Rash Action — RedState

The Shocking Supreme Court Leak — Bari Weiss, Common Sense (substack)

Unprecedented: Supreme Court’s Roe Draft Leak Is First in Modern History — Breitbart

CNN Report: Roberts doesn’t want to completely overturn Roe — Hot Air

Who Leaked The Roe V. Wade Draft? Some Big Clues Point To Obvious Culprits — Blue State Conservative

Notes On Roe v Wade — Powerline

Reminder: As A Senator, Joe Biden Voted for a Constitutional Amendment Empowering States to Decide Abortion Legality — CNSNews

Durham Probe Zeroing In On Hillary Clinton

Emails Surface More Evidence Hillary Clinton Paid For Anti-Trump Disinformation Operation — The Federalist

Why The Hillary Clinton Campaign Can’t Hide 38 Documents From The Special Counsel — The Federalist

Durham May Have Enough to Pursue Conspiracy Charges in Russiagate Investigation — PJ Media

Hillary Clinton’s Evasions Are Set to Unravel on the Eve of a Trial in John Durham’s Probe — RedState

The Rancid Politics Of The Jan. 6 Investigation

January 6 Committee Targets GOP Donors Ahead of 2022 Elections — American Greatness

Jan. 6 panel wants answers from GOP’s Brooks, Biggs, Jackson — AP, via Fox 13 Memphis

Rep. Ronny Jackson says he won’t provide testimony to Jan. 6 committee, calls it ‘ruthless crusade’ — AP

DOJ Signals Another Step Toward Broadening Jan. 6 Probe To Focus On Bigger MAGA Fish — Talking Points Memo

Democrats place American democracy in grave peril — American Thinker

The Never-Ending Edupocalypse, Cont’d. . . .

Chicago, Los Angeles Teachers Unions Conflate Ending Roe v. Wade With Racism, Voting Rights — Daily Caller

Read the ‘Antiracism Fight Club’ Guide Distributed at a Public Elementary School — Washington Free Beacon

‘Anti-Racism’ Guidebook Tells DC Pre-K Students to Reflect on ‘White Privilege,’ Confront ‘Racist’ Parents — The Epoch Times

New evidence on the damage to students during the pandemic — Marginal Revolution

Where did all the kids go? — American Thinker

Why the Education War Matters — American Thinker

Miscellaneous Stuff . . .

Green Nightmares — Powerline

New study: Face mask usage correlates with higher death rates — Israel National News

Now the ‘War on Cops’ is racking up a blue body count — NY Post

Ministry of Truth: Joe Biden’s New ‘Disinformation Board’ Director is a Ukrainian Govt Advisor Who Was ‘Pleased’ By The Censorship Of Hunter Biden’s Hard Drive — National Pulse

CDC and FDA ‘altered’ Covid guidance and even ‘suppressed’ findings while under political pressure, bombshell report suggests — UK Daily Mail

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  • The first thought on that SCOTUS leak is cui bono ? And I cannot perceive conservatives gaining from this. Democrats will, there remaining only 6 months until mid terms. The modus operandi is so typical–a leak, indignation and violent retaliation incited , leading to intimidated judges and a reversal of opinions by their very human selves. They have reputations to preserve, much like the majority of intimidated academics, and vulnerable families without security from the fanatic, state sponsored mobs. How rigorous can any investigation be in a despotic state ?

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