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Sen. Markey Is A Dangerous Insurrectionist — Says The Supreme Court Was ‘Stolen’!

The left’s freakout over a leaked draft of a Supreme Court opinion overturning Roe v. Wade is hardly surprising. It has a collective breakdown whenever it loses on an issue, even a trivial one. But what did surprise us was the radical, downright insurrectionist talk spewed by at least one Democrat.

The unprecedented leak of a draft of a Supreme Court opinion – apparently in hopes that it would somehow change the outcome – was a sign of the left’s unbalanced mental state. As soon as the leak hit the internet, protests erupted, calls for packing the court and ending the filibuster re-emerged, and the hyperbole gushed forth.

Case in point is the statement from the two Democratic congressional leaders. “The Supreme Court is poised to inflict the greatest restriction of rights in the past 50 years – not just on women but on all Americans,” they screeched, adding that overturning Roe would be “an abomination, one of the worst and most damaging decisions in modern history.”

What really caught our eye, however, was what Massachusetts Sen. Ed Markey said:

“A stolen, illegitimate, and far-right Supreme Court majority appears set to destroy the right to abortion, an essential right which protects the health, safety, and freedom of millions of Americans. There is no other recourse. We must expand the court.” 

Read those words carefully. Stolen. Illegitimate. What does Markey mean?

The current conservative majority on the court was the result of three appointments by duly elected President Donald Trump. Those appointments were each conducted by the book. The candidates were highly qualified. They were vetted by the Senate, which carried out its duty to advise and consent.

It was the left that deployed extreme, and arguably illegitimate, measures to block each of these nominees. Democrats tried to filibuster one, engaged in a despicable display of character assassination against another, and smeared the third.

So how, in Markey’s opinion, has the Court been “stolen” or can be called “illegitimate”?

Markey can only mean that Trump never should have been president. That his presidency was also stolen and illegitimate.

Whoa! That’s insurrectionist talk there!

If Markey were conservative, there’d be rending of garments, wailing and gnashing of teeth. He’s undermining democracy! He’s destroying people’s faith and trust in our institutions!! He’s inciting violence!!!

Markey would be made to answer for this abhorrent language, and his colleagues forced to say whether they condone it. And he’d be impeached if anyone took him at his word and in any way tried to stop the justices from issuing their decision.

None of that will happen, of course, because Markey is a liberal and liberals can say anything they want.

Just to be clear, we don’t think Markey is an insurrectionist who should be canceled. But what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

In the meantime, let’s consider the context of the left’s meltdown.

If Roe were overturned, abortion would not automatically be illegal across the nation. Instead, residents of 50 states would once again be free – as they were before Roe – to debate this issue and decide what laws and regulations they want regarding the killing of unborn babies. Some states, California, for one, have already pledged to remove any restrictions on abortion if Roe is overturned. Others will enact limits, stricter health and safety regulations, etc. Some might ban it entirely.

Guess what. That’s how it’s supposed to work.

As the draft opinion published by Politico states: “The Constitution does not prohibit the citizens of each State from regulating or prohibiting abortion. Roe and Casey arrogated that authority. We now overrule those decisions and return that authority to the people and their elected representatives.”

In other words, overturning Roe will restore citizens’ rights, not strip them away. That’s what people like Markey find “illegitimate.”

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

The Issues and Insights Editorial Board has decades of experience in journalism, commentary and public policy.


  • Roe was/is “legislation from the bench”, nothing more, nothing less.

    If the pro-abortion faction REALLY wants to preserve the “right” disclosed by the penumbra and emanation that provide the foundation for Roe, let ’em have Congress do what it should’ve done in the beginning: their job, passing appropriate legislation or proposing a constitutional amendment.

    Roe is just one more instance of (mostly) the left attempting to obtain by judicial fiat what they are unable – or too cowardly – to get through legislation, of the left-dominated Congress abdicating its responsibilities.

    • Show me where Article 1 Section 8 gives Congress the power to legislate on abortion. (not that they have paid any mind to 1.8 in the last 100 years). The only legal solution at the Federal level is a constitutional amendment.

  • Obvious to me, but not the Editorial Board, that Markey was referring to the unprecedented block of the Garland nomination.

    • Every time this comes up I have to wonder. Would the left have been quite to apoplectic about the whole Garland situation if Mcconnell had allow the nomination to go through the process full well knowing that a no vote was in store? And when he was denied, would that denial be in of itself somehow found to be illegitimate?

      No, I fully expect that the left would have found reason to complain regardless of how the no came about.

  • “There is no other recourse.”

    That a member of the Legislative Branch can say this with a straight face is the tragedy of this story. So, Mr Legislator, you can’t say, pass a law or two enshrining the right to kill unborn babies?

  • Senator “Mr. Frosty” is calling for REAL insurrection. Let the tribunals begin!

  • Markey is a spaz! LOL! How on Earth does one “steal” the SCOTUS? Does he mean there are too many “conservatives”? A president either has the opportunity and authority to appoint a justice or he doesn’t. How can one steal the court!? DemComs…if it weren’t for stupidity their heads would contain nothing but air…

  • “So how, in Markey’s opinion, has the Court been “stolen” or can be called “illegitimate”?”

    Two words: Merrick Garland.

    • As noted in the article, every justice on SCOTUS was confirmed according to the laws of the United States, despite any claims otherwise.

  • I & I must not underestimate the danger to our republic at this moment. The socialist-democrats are already promising violence and a vengeful destruction of SCOTUS. Do not underestimate the left’s aggressive pursuit of permanent power.

  • Abortion isn’t a huge winning issue for Democrats like they think it is. The truth is that in NYC, the abortion rate for black females is 53% as of 2020. It’s over 30% in DC, Chicago, and most of Coastal Southern California. On the other hand, the abortion rates among whites and Hispanics in the South and Midwest are below 5%, and is less than 10% in NYC.
    The fact is that over 90% of black females already vote Democratic, and almost all of the states will likely make laws that allow abortion for the first trimester, as well as in cases of rape and incest, or for risky pregnancies or severe deformities.
    The issue will be great to keep black female Democrats in the New England States, Illinois and California from defecting, but as they are just 6% of the population, I can’t see the issue being a massive win for the Democrats, especially when they go overboard with advocating legal abortions during the third trimester, when the child would be viable outside the womb if it was born prematurely.

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