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Fauci Lets His Megalomania Show

The Biden administration’s chief medical adviser made last year what C.S. Lewis might have called a “lunatic, liar, or lord” statement when he essentially claimed to be the embodiment of science. (Hint: he’s a bit of the first, all of the second, but wants to be the third.) Five days ago, this man went even further, declaring that the executive branch should be free to act outside of boundaries put in place to prevent an all-powerful presidency.

He’s a menace. We’d all be better off if he were a Washington Nationals batboy rather than a powerful government functionary and influential media darling.

Anthony Fauci – we won’t grant him the honor of the title of “Dr.” because he’s far more bureaucrat than healer – who heads the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases is not science, even though in June 2021 he said his critics, of whom there are many but not enough, are “really criticizing science because I represent science.”

But he does have the mindset of an authoritarian.

During a CNN interview Thursday, Fauci expressed surprise and disappointment over federal Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle’s ruling that overturned Washington’s planes, trains, and public transportation mask mandate.

“Those types of things really are the purview of the” Centers for Disease Control, he said. “This is a public health issue.

“We are concerned” – said the man who also issued a “now is the time to do what you’re told” threat – “about courts getting involved in things that are unequivocally public health decisions. I mean, this is a CDC issue; it should not be a court issue.”

In other words, the executive branch, under which the CDC and other health-related agencies operate, is not bound by recognized constitutional limits. It can unilaterally do whatever it wishes, as long as it decides its orders, mandates and restrictions are justified by urgent needs. There will be no other gods before it.

Anyone who thinks this isn’t dangerous isn’t thinking at all. Just by crying “crisis” or declaring an “emergency” an administration, using what we’ll call the Fauci Doctrine, could smother social and economic life, strip civil liberties, suppress freedom of speech and religion, take over industry, require explicit behaviors – and set itself up as an unchallengeable power.

Fauci’s disservice to the country actually goes beyond his anti-constitutional bearings. He has been Washington’s scaremonger in chief; urged lockdowns (which made us worse off) and mask requirements (which didn’t work); was part of the successful poisoning of a reasonable response to the pandemic; tried to spoil holidays; lied to the public and probably Congress; defined and then redefined herd immunity to suit his personal tastes; downplayed the benefits of natural immunity; and has been, in the words of Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, “promulgating things that are unscientific.”

But maybe he did some good, made the trains run on time … sorry, we mean saved lives and limited the suffering, his defenders would say. OK, we’ll play: Please tell us how many COVID-19 deaths Fauci prevented? How many infected Americans was he able to keep out of intensive-care units, hospitals and real doctors’ offices? What have been his quantifiable contributions during the pandemic?

Of course those questions are useless to ask. Nobody knows the answers. And that’s the point.

What we do know, however, is that Fauci has prescribed bad medicine for the country. Where his performance can be measured, he has come up woefully short.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

The Issues and Insights Editorial Board has decades of experience in journalism, commentary and public policy.


  • I sure hope Trump is smart enough to clean house, this time. Guys like Fauci need to go.

  • Comparing Fauci to batboys is doing a disservice to batboys. Those members of baseball teams are performing a valuable and constructive service in comparison to Mr. Science.

  • Comparing Fauci to batboys does a disservice to batboys. These team members perform a valuable and constructive service unlike Mr. Science.

  • Just by crying “crisis” or declaring an “emergency” an administration, using what we’ll call the Fauci Doctrine, could smother social and economic life, strip civil liberties, suppress freedom of speech and religion, take over industry, require explicit behaviors – and set itself up as an unchallengeable power. -I&I

    Two years ago in 2020 this policy was implemented in the blue states (e.g. NY, Michigan, California). More of the same and make it permanent, that is Fauci’s message. Fauci desires a dictatorship ruled by health technocrats, with politicians and judges as pawns/servants. In their power lust, Fauci and the cultural Marxist tyrants will use whatever pretext works (COVID, public health, race, gender, save democracy, stop disinformation, Russia, Putin, etc.) to cancel opposition and gain absolute power. Fauci is a Classic Bully, banging a verbal Big Stick. Health is his shtick. As an infant, he probably banged his spoon and threw his food to get his way.

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