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Hunter Biden Laptop Cover Up — One More Reason Why We Need Strong Voter Integrity Reforms

Amid the staggering inflation and devastating Russian military action against Ukrainian cities and civilians, we all learned recently that major liberal U.S. news media organizations covered up the Biden laptop revelation during the final 15 days of the 2020 election. 

The laptop contained damning revelations that Hunter Biden essentially acted as a bag man for then-Vice President Joe Biden to enrich the now president through international business dealings in Ukraine, Russia and China.  Is it also not lost on us that these same regions are causing the most crisis in the world today.

Over 50 so-called national security “experts” claimed in October 2020  — just weeks before the presidential election — that the Hunter Biden laptop story was simply more Russian disinformation.  Now it’s revealed that not only was this untrue, but those same major news organizations knew it was false at the time. 

Despite this (or perhaps because of it) those news media outlets worked in concert with the nation’s social media oligarchs and launched a wildly successful campaign of hide-and-seek to cover up these Biden crimes.

And it’s today even more clear why:  Now that the laptop has been confirmed as legitimate by none other than the New York Times and Washington Post, polls are registering off-the-chart data that show if the truth been reported at the time, Trump would be in the White House today.

All this is especially important in the run-up to the 2022 midterms and illustrate clearly why election integrity issues must take center stage.

While killing Ukrainian civilians and destroying their cities has taken the current spotlight from unprecedented gasoline price increases, the botched departure from Afghanistan and the continuing U.S. border debacle, the election fiasco is what could have the most debilitating impact on America in the near term. 

If we don’t return control of our elections from the manipulators in our ruling class, we’ll be handing our nation away to our enemies within and beyond our borders without any prospect of restoring it.

Big blue states’ and cities’ corrupt election machines, operating behind cover from the leftwing mainstream news orgs and social media, must be curtailed if we have any hope of returning common sense and decency to our nation, and indeed, peace in the world.  The stakes in the federal/congressional battle to control our election procedures — instead of the states, as required by our Constitution — is probably the most consequential fight of our lifetimes.

There is only one way to restore order and honesty to our Federal election:  First, block turning Federal election control over to Congress and or the President.  Here are the key elements we must include:

  • Presidential and Congressional election day must be the same (single day) for every one across the nation for federal office so that every voter has access to the same information before voting.
  • Voting must be in person as a designated neighborhood polling place (no mail-in ballots except for proven invalids and those traveling).  Mail-in voting should be a narrow exception, not the rule, and “ballot harvesting” ended.
  • No one may vote without proving their identity and address and be checked off the list as having voted.  (In states which issue driver licenses without proof of citizenship, like California, voter registration must be a separate process – if we don’t solve the border mess, anyone physically here claim legal entry, voter registration, and the right to vote.  More important than ever, because of the Covid epidemic and the vast relocation of people it has caused, we need to have a new valid update of where people live.)

And the new challenge to voter accuracy and fairness is the Soros/Zuckerberg effort which increased the turnout for the left in normally low voter-participation districts. These recent innovations must be thoroughly reviewed, understood, and countered to restore fairness and sanity to the voting system.

If there is anything to be learned from the Hunter Biden laptop coverup it’s that election integrity is a fragile and easily manipulated process.  Beyond exposing the corrupt media throwing in for the left, we must also curb manipulation of the process, for instance; illicit Zuckerberg funding of ballot harvesting and George Soros dark money funding for fringe socialist ideologues.

The Constitution properly lays out the solution by providing for local control and oversight of the election process. Only at the local level can the voting process be properly protected.  Federalizing elections will only license more chaos by bad actors and political interests who cannot succeed in the light of day.

While current policy failures of the Biden administration have become too numerous to mention – and all must be addressed – voting accuracy and accountability are the keys to America’s future.

Lew Uhler is founder and chairman of the National Tax Limitation Committee and the National Tax Limitation Foundation (NTLF). Uhler worked and collaborated with Ronald Reagan and Milton Friedman in California and across the country.

Joe Yocca is NTLFs national policy director. A long-time political and policy consultant, Joe served in the California State Senate as chief of staff to the Republican leadership for decades and directed statewide, legislative and congressional campaigns throughout his career.

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  • We keep saying we need voter integrity reforms as if we didn’t realize it…but the reforms never come. Elections keep coming, but not the reforms. So…what Red Wave can we expect? We’re still passive sheeple accepting a system we have verified is corrupt! And or “representatives” just keep telling us to vote…as if votes matter. It’s preposterous.

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