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Word has come tumbling out that Russian Vladimir Putin is descending into madness. Is it too much to ask true Russian patriots to rid the world of this tyrant before he does further damage?

Putin apparently thought Ukraine would be a summer’s evening stroll, that within days, if not hours, his forces could overrun the country with minimal resistance.

Instead, his campaign met stiff and heroic resistance from the Ukrainians and President Volodymyr Zelensky, who inspired a nation and a world watching when he declined the Biden White House’s offer to pull him out. He didn’t need a ride, he said, he needs ammunition.

Now we have angry citizens from a number of nations who want to join the Ukrainians in their fight and they’re getting the blessings from their governments – even the regime of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who went to war last week on his own soil against truckers weary of his petty-but-growing tyranny, won’t stop Canadians who wish to fight.

With the world lining up against him, and his expected romp turning sour, it seems that events have broken Putin.

But then he was apparently broken before the invasion. The West just wasn’t seeing the cracks.

“I always thought that we were dealing with somebody who was actually very logical,” British journalist Nigel Farage said last week at the Conservative Political Action Conference conference in Florida. “But I now begin to wonder whether he is.

“And if something’s gone wrong with Putin and he’s lost logic and reason, it’s quite possible to think that he’ll want to go back to the days of Catherine the Great’s and Tsarist empire, and that Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia are under threat.”

London’s Daily Mail reported also last week that “questions are being asked about the Russian leader’s state of mind after he announced the invasion of Ukraine in ‘rambling, terrifying, apocalyptic’ fashion.”

The Mail continued;

Rumors surrounding the Russian leader’s health have been swirling for years, with  repeated reports suggesting that he is suffering from cancer and Parkinson’s disease.

On top of that, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on both the president’s physical and mental health can’t be underestimated, and it’s been suggested that brain fog as a result of long COVID could be impairing his cognitive function.

On the same day, Republican Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, vice chairman of the Select Committee on Intelligence, tweeted that “​​it’s pretty obvious to many that something is off with Putin.

“He has always been a killer, but his problem now is different and significant.

“It would be a mistake to assume this Putin would react the same way he would have five years ago.”

The U.S. media, more concerned with global warming, diversity, equity, framing every issue with racial contours, and mask and vaccine mandates than they are with Putin’s crimes, is late but now on the case. The New York Times’ Sunday coverage said “Putin’s grasp on reality may be loosening.” Based on the Times story, MSN reported that “U.S. intel agencies are debating whether Putin has lost mental faculties or is bluffing to unnerve the West.” A USA Today headline questions his stability.

The world should be concerned that Putin, in our eyes a war criminal, is growing paranoid, given the nearly broad countering of his aggression. His decision to declare a nuclear weapons alert might be an indication that his mental hinges have come off. If he feels he’s being ganged up on, that he isn’t being allowed to take what he believes is rightfully his, he could become a global rather than regional threat, even if he isn’t suffering from cancer, or Parkinson’s, or long COVID. A cornered rat is dangerous, especially when he’s megalomaniac.

As is a deranged man so obsessed with a woman that he declares that if he can’t have her, then no one else will, even if it means his own end, too. And in his deteriorated state, he’s happy to take as many innocents along with him as possible. In similar fashion, Putin is desperate to annex a country that he’s fixated on, and has been told no.

He needs to be removed before he expands his list of enemies, and promptly tried for the crimes he’s committed against a sovereign nation. This shouldn’t be too hard for a country that for the last 105 years has routinely purged rulers and other officials who fell out of favor.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

The Issues and Insights Editorial Board has decades of experience in journalism, commentary and public policy.


  • The US has tried to change regimes before, and even replace foreign leaders with our chosen successors. Lets not do that again.

    Now Vladimir Putin has certainly earned a swift retirement and subsequent trial, his attack on Ukraine has been illegal and extremely dangerous for the world. Lets hope that the Russians realize that Putin has to go – and replace him with a less dangerous leader.

  • Looks like some conserv sites have been duped into believing all that corporate media and democrat party have put out there regarding this matter and many others.

  • Always believed that psychiatric services are grossly underfunded, globally. If the UN was fully operational in accord with its charter-fit for purpose- WHO could provide the deficit. Well, folks, the world has far more to worry about than one interpretation of weather phenomena-for profit. A mentally unsound Russian president , and a senile incompetent as POTUS. Shame extra terrestrials are not aware. They would be welcomed as sane beyond this world.

  • I totally agree, but I don’t think we can count on the Russians to do it. Maybe Ukraine can drone Putin in his mountain lair. Or cruise-missile him, if we (or the Turks) give him the appropriate hardware.

  • Nonsense! The mediocre at best media run from one dumpster fire to the next and provide little more than a sales job to the public. Now that the racist horse, the alphabet horse and the dreaded Covid horse have tired out, we see an immediate pivot to the Ukraine-Russia war that Biden purposely ginned up.

    Within a very short period, the media moved in unified fashion going from selling a lockdown to a war to Putin’s mental health. What is not surprising is that so many people no longer watch or read the traditional news and instead become the prey to brainwash on social media.

    If you really feel like Putin has a mental problem, show some integrity instead of just jumping into the echo chamber.

  • This sounds like it came right out of the Great Reset book. It is helpful however that Issues & Insights editorial board has revealed itself to either be hopelessly ignorant or part of the World Economic Forum’s propaganda department.

  • Putin and Biteme are both out of their minds but we have to put up with traitor Joe because he be democrat Putin just be communist.

  • Soros, Hillary Clinton, The Biden Regime, Rhino’s like Lindsey Graham and now I&I editorial Board? Putin is a War Criminal and now must be going crazy? Maybe he is just tired of NATO dangling a carrot to Ukraine (a very corrupt country) on membership in its move eastward.
    I don’t think the US would take kindly to a communist move northward from South American Countries. Oh wait, that has happened and we spent much time and money fighting it covertly, in sovereign foreign countries. Does that make us war criminals too?

  • This all seems like part of the great reset.Give us some examples of where it is considered
    that Putin is going mad because I haven’t seen any.To me it looks like you are trying to goad him into a nuclear war and thus rid the planet of the required people as per the original plan but plan B instead of A.How many of you have a nuclear bunker and will be sharing–didn’t think so.
    If you have consideration for the peoples of the war you will also allow some consideration for the people of the Dombass,they are having a rough time of it.There are answers for this and the
    russian/ukranian people must have time to get it right through negotiation and keeping them talking is the right way to do this not issuing threats and depriving ordinary citizens of Russia
    of the means of living.Has the anti-christ arisen because a lot of people are acting very strangely,some appear to have changed their whole personalities–not for the better I add

  • An army truck convoy can’t move if it has flat tires. A sniper could take out the tires on several trucks before he would have to move on to avoid being caught. A few dozens snipers could disable Putin’s convoy.

  • I thought I&I thought deeper than this. A bit disappointed.
    Have a Nice Day

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