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A Roadmap To Restore Prosperity And Security


As Americans tune in the evening news, Biden/Harris chaos springs from every corner.  We are inclined to tune it out as a bad national nightmare, but the realities of inflation, lawless streets and feckless administration actions (at home and abroad) awaken us to the need to respond urgently in 2022.

Following a year of attempts to remake America into some sort of socialist fantasy, Team Biden is facing a hard rebuke from the country.  The latest national polls all reveal a clear trend for a complete course correction, led by the lowest approval ratings of any Commander in Chief in modern recorded history.

Amazingly, the Democrats in Congress and the White House remain disturbingly tone deaf to the country’s loud and clear protestations.  In survey after survey, citizens of all races, colors, creeds and political stripes are registering plain demands for solutions to inflation, crime, open boarders and pandemic overreach. 

Yet, rather than drive toward solutions to these dilemmas, Biden/Harris are pressing even harder on their irresponsible, reckless policies.  It’s as if they are purposely driving America to the brink so as to force some sort of unholy reset. 

Fortunately, America is not having any of it. On “Build Back Better”, for instance, there is clear national opposition to the policies advanced, as well as the tax increases contemplated to pay for all this new purely socialist government.  And on election reform, voters are again unambiguous: there is no appetite for what they perceive as partisan and unnecessary.

There is, however, a clear winning agenda to bring American back to it’s winning ways which includes changes to policies Americans do care about:

  • Peace on our streets – Restoring the America we love and teaching our young respect for law and order;  holding big city District Attorneys to account for their dangerous pro-criminal policies and fully funding law enforcement.
  • Re-establish reliable, honest voting systems in every state and under its jurisdiction as required by the Constitution.  We must hold national elections where people vote on the same specific day,  in person, verifying their name, address, citizenship and registration, ending the chaos of mail-in ballots (already the bedlam of limitless boarder-crossings experienced in New York City where non-citizens can vote).
  • At the public (read: government) school level parents have become widely dissatisfied with Critical Race Theory and the 1619 project to distort our history, as the recent Virginia  election confirmed.  The school choice movement nationally offers a way out from the political hold selfish Public Employee Teachers Unions have on the system (and that gets education off the Federal agenda and back to the states and local units of government where it belongs, as  the U.S. Constitution makes no mention of “Education” as a Federal responsibility).
  • Instituting federal spending constraints with a “Right Size” of government approach.  The Biden policy of advancing the left’s “new religion” of Climate Change which is an invitation to economic, industrial and international mayhem (the world-wide experts including Steven Koonin and his new 2021 book confirms  this for us: “Unsettled: What Climate Science Tells Us, What It Doesn’t, And Why It Matters”).

To underscore the fatuous nature of climate change claim, we often note that instead of returning to their crime-ridden Chicago (their home town), the Obama’s purchased a water-front home on Martha’s Vineyard (Massachusetts) just a few feet above the current tide line.  If they truly believed in the “sea rise” mantra why would they have done that?

Climate change has offered subsidy-seeking corporate offices an opportunity  to obtain massive taxpayer subsidies while trying to address electricity creation with totally unreliable wind and sun.  Does the American public have the responsibility to fund electric “filling stations” across our nation to accommodate 6-figure electric cars as well as this less-than-well-thought-out conversion of America’s power grid and your home heating system? 

The tumultuous first year of Biden does not augur well for him and his party, given the range of disasters from Afghanistan to energy prices, rampant international inflation, harbor backups, crushing illegal boarder-crossings, rampant chaos in the streets, and more.  But we must emphasize and focus on the key sources of these problems. 

In conclusion, it is time to restore common sense to American public policy.  Turn on the Canadian gas pipeline, drill in Alaska, and restore the America we have known and loved while we teach our children the magic of our American history and keep cheaters and looters off America’s streets.  That’s enough of an agenda to bring a strong majority of Americans on board.  

Biden was elected to unify the country.  In his zeal to leftward divide us, he has unwittingly done more to unite Americans of all races, colors, creeds and political backgrounds into a unifying force in opposition to his administration and the leftest Democrat party he carelessly leads.


Lew Uhler is founder and chairman of the National Tax Limitation Committee and the National Tax Limitation Foundation (NTLF). Uhler worked and collaborated with Ronald Reagan and Milton Friedman in California and across the country.

Joe Yocca is NTLFs national policy director. A long-time political and policy consultant, Joe served in the California State Senate as chief of staff to the Republican leadership for decades and directed statewide, legislative and congressional campaigns throughout his career.


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  • No one elected Biden* to “unify the country.” Those who elected Biden* wanted to destroy any vestige of the Trump Success Story.

    • /sarcasm/ YES! The trump success story! We can rest behind the wall that Mexico paid for! What, there were just a few miles of wall built and that was built with money diverted from DoD child care facilities and other programs? Mexico laughed at the idea that they would pay for it?

      YES! The trump success story! We are better off now that the trump infrastructure bill did so much work in our country! What, no bill was ever submitted, he claimed that it was important but it was just boasting? But President Biden and President Obama both had good infrastructure bills? Only Democratic Presidents actually pass infrastructure bills? We will have to wait for President Kamala Harris to pass the next one?

      YES! We have peace with North Korea and in the Middle East! What, there is no peace, that always was just bragging and photo ops?

      YES! The trump success story with his health care bill! What, there was no health care bill, that was just vague claims? And Obamacare is still available to millions of Americans?

  • The authors’ proposed road map back to security & prosperity is a pale shadow of what old-right ideologs of my sort have pushed since at least the so called new deal. It is other than the stark perfectly straight line to paleo-conservatism’s destination of state rights, laisser faire capitalism, gold specie doctrine, the Liberty & Bricker amendments, isolationism, city police department red squads, legislative investigation of un-American activity & de facto if not de jure patriarchy. Could the authors have purposely muted or omitted any thing? If we are to win we must mean to win.

  • I don’t see law and order ever being restored in certain US cities where crime runs rampant and police do nothing. Corrupt judges and legal system is dysfunctional favoring crime. I urge people to leave these cities and relocate to places residents can be proud to live in.

  • Two comments reference your article: You point to democrat’s “… attempts to remake America into some sort of socialist fantasy” as if the last two years of disastrous COVID policies hasn’t made this clear, and as if the whole ruse didn’t begin in earnest with BHO’s election in 2008 only to be buffered by 45’s four tumultuous, democrat-led soft-coup years fighting a weaponized federal government.
    You then comment that “Biden was elected to unify the country.” I vehemently disagree that Biden was duly elected, and I take further issue with your choice of word to describe why you think he was elected; to “unify”? You completely ignore the blatant fraud and lack of mental acuity associated with the Manchurian Candidate that is Joe Xiden. Do you honestly believe he was going to unify anything other than communist fervor that’s been destroying America for the last several decades?
    Your article, sir, in my opinion, lacks insight, as well as depth.

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