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Michael Ramirez

Michael Ramirez is a two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist with the Las Vegas Review-Journal. His cartoons are syndicated by Creators. Michael won his second Pulitzer while at Investor's Business Daily.


  • I am a peaceful and gentle person but to this cartoon I say – If Only. (Just “blue” states)

  • When can we begin detaining the democrats and remove the poison from our civilized society so that the United States may be allowed to prosper once again? Because if tyranny is allowed to continue to reverse the progress made by our nation, civilization will cease to exist and totalitarianism will conquer democracy as well as destroy all concepts of human decency and morality while annihilating all notions of common sense. The prophesies in the book of revelations have already begun and the demonic takeover of humanity is already here. The time to fulfill our obligations to preserve life and protect humanity from extinction is the situation we find ourselves in as I am typing this comment right now and the time for speculation or preparation is over. Democrats have brought upon us the final stage of human life on earth as now we must face judgement for our personal lives and actions taking place on earth that will determine the fates of each soul of every human for the rest of eternity. Those who chose to reject God are about to begin serving the consequences for the actions they committed during their lives here on earth and face the wrath of the Almighty Lord. Never ending torture and pain will soon be the reality experienced by the unjust for their failure to treat other humans fairly as required by the words of God. And God was very clear about his warnings to those who try to act like God by imitating creation or modifying His creation through modifying human genetics when He said that this is forbidden. Those who ignored God’s rules for humanity will soon learn that God follows through with the words of his promises with the same actions that He said would happen because God is true to His word, even though we have leaders in power that are not. While the Democrats have lost faith in the word of God and doubt that God will fulfill what He promised to humanity, the conservative patriots will forever be saved and rewarded with the everlasting happiness that God offered for those who listened to His words and obeyed His rules through remaining loyal to God and the morals prescribed to us through Christianity. Jesus was sent to live and die on earth for the salvation of mankind because humans are not perfect and sins will be forgiven for those who repent and are truly sorry for the sins they committed. The time is ending for those who wish to repent and receive His glory and salvation. But God also told us to protect the lives of the children who are not capable of protecting themselves. The democrats have revealed their desire to harm the children of the world with the dangerous and untested vaccines. The push for mandates that would require poisonous injections and modify the genetics of God’s human creation is what we patriots must protect the children of earth from happening because they cannot defend themselves and they are innocent. Therefore it is our obligation to fulfill the duties given to us by the word of God to protect His children from this harm. The time has come for us to fulfill our part of the contract between God and humanity so that we earn everlasting greatness and rejoice in heaven, as described in God’s own words in the Holy Bible. And the Bible says that many shall die on earth, but not to be afraid. For the pain felt on earth will be brief for those who stay true to God’s covenant, but the reward of everlasting glory in heaven shall be rewarded to those who remain loyal to the word of the Lord. For those who obey God shall receive His salvation and be rewarded with the greatness of heaven for a life of eternity. God has called upon humanity to stand up to the evil being pushed upon us by the democrat party around the world. Those who have the faith and courage are called upon to fight in this final war against evil and protect the innocent and defenseless children. Billions of people around the world look now to the brave Americans who have the courage given to man by God to defeat the powers of evil. The powers of good prevail in the end against the powers of evil, as said in the Bible. Rise up to the occasion now, men and women who possess the courage. Who will join me in fulfilling the word of God and the fulfillment of the foretold prophecy of the destiny of humanity as told in the Holy Bible?

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