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Biden To The Unvaccinated: Drop Dead

Last week the White House warned the unvaccinated that “you’re looking at a winter of severe illness and death for yourselves, your families.” President Joe Biden followed up in today’s news conference with a similar though less-shrill message, even adding that Americans could “safely celebrate the holidays with” family and friends only if vaccinated. Apparently the administration has been consulting with the ghost of Jack Kevorkian.

Just in time for Christmas, the ghoulish Biden executive branch has cranked up a climate of fear that in the blue regions has been overheating for months. This is no way to encourage the unvaccinated to get the shot. Stoking anxiety and “othering” people, treating them as lepers, is mean, cheap, not in any way American – and quite clearly part of the Democrats’ agenda.

Make no mistake. Democrats, who want voters to believe theirs is the party of diversity, want to divide America. They want Americans charging for each others’ throats so they can play the role of savior: “We’re the only ones who can bring America together, so give us more money and power and we’ll fix this broken country.”

But there’s yet another angle that the White House is playing: Biden has failed to shut down the virus, as he promised he would during the 2020 campaign. He wants the country to believe that it’s not his fault that almost as many have died during his term than on Donald Trump’s watch. The president wants the country to blame the rubes out there who are defiantly making decisions for themselves. It’s the second time he’s done so this month.

If the administration is looking for a 100% vaccination rate, it’s delusional. If it is thinking about mandating its way to 100%, or extorting a pathway there by insisting that doctors refuse to treat the unvaccinated, then it’s committing a heinous offense. A White House that would stoop so low should be removed before it can do further harm.

Of course the Constitution makes that a difficult task outside of elections. Nevertheless, it’s a worthy goal. The Biden administration is a sick operation run by political gangsters.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

The Issues and Insights Editorial Board has decades of experience in journalism, commentary and public policy.


  • Wow this is stunning, an opinion that is so irresponsible. President Biden is doing exactly what he should do – encourage the vaccine deniers to get vaccinated. This opinion seems to want President Biden to encourage people to go to big parties even if they have not been vaccinated – maybe promise them the best health care to help them overcome their own lack of responsibilty?

    This site would probably also want President Biden to promise the best health care to people who refuse to drive the speed limit, who drive on the wrong side of the road, who refuse to wear seat belts. He is just saying that if you refuse to follow good advice, you might get hurt. And there is little that America can do for you – just ask Jimmy DeYoung, Marcus Lamb, and other deniers.

    • Charles you are delusional like most Woke liberals. You need to go back under your rock and pretend everything is okay. I guess you just need to defend your vote.

    • Why does JB hate black people- the demographic with the lowest % vaxed? He wants them to die if they don’t do exactly what he says….

    • ha ha, unexpecndted comedy. while you’re welcome to stick your head in the sand, the polls show a different picture. a picture of an already failed president, already lost the country, observably intemperate and incompetent. history will judge this old failure properly, your embarrassing fawning notwithstanding.

      • So your definition of “failed” is someone who could pass a significant infrastructure bill? Unlike the fat boy, trump, who just boasted about his.

    • We DO provide the best health care to those that speed, overdose on drugs, enter the country illegally and commit murder any others who flout the law and the social contract. Your logic is flawed.

    • Anybody who 18 months after it was introduced still calls this a “vaccine” is either
      A liar or
      Does not understand the meaning of the word “vaccine”
      If the Biden Administration would stop calling it a vaccine, I may listen to them. If they would honestly explain: This is definitely NOT a vaccine. It is a therapeutic medicine that may for approximately 3-4 months, ameliorate your symptoms and may spare you from dying, It is definitely as transmissible as it is for those who do nothing. So choose what you wish to do, as you choose to drive cars that cause accidents, smoke cigarettes, take deadly drugs, and overeat yourself into obesity.
      But we will always give you the truth.

  • President Joe Biden “you’re looking at a winter of severe illness and death for yourselves, your families.” Oh. The fact is that you could also look at a “a winter of severe illness and death for yourselves, your families.” even if you did get vaccinated. September 2021 “CDC director Rochelle Walensky admitted that the effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccines are waning over time …” I wonder what Dr Fauci’s response to the statement by director of the CDC? Shall we ask him? (NEJM) Dec 15, 2021 “National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Anthony Fauci cowrote a “perspective” in the New England Journal of Medicine that acknowledged COVID vaccines were not living up to expectations.” The Biden administration has mandated that people should lose their jobs, get a ‘Dishonorable Discharge’ from the military or show ‘proof of vaccination compliance’ for deciding not to get a vaccination which is “waning over time” as well as “not living up to expectations”?
    Could the Democratic Party’s concern about COVID be anything but striving for the common good? Let’s ask the Governor of California. (1) April 2, 2020 California Governor Newsom: “Yes, We Will Use Coronavirus to ‘Reimagine a Progressive Era’ … There is opportunity for reimagining a progressive era as it pertains to capitalism … absolutely we see this [COVID] as an opportunity to reshape the way we do business and how we govern.”
    Perhaps a Democrat could explain how “reimagining a progressive era as it pertains to capitalism” or changing “how we govern” will be able to impact COVID? Let’s see what Governor Newsom has to say about that. (2) May 8, 2020 “California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed an executive order permitting all registered voters in the Golden State to vote by mail in the upcoming presidential election, citing concerns stemming from the Chinese coronavirus pandemic.”* (see 1)
    Apparently the answer to the question ‘Could the Democratic Party’s concern about COVID be anything but striving for the common good’ is yes.
    (* After the 2020 election reimagining was reimagined. In California, according to Newsweek: “Judge Rules Gov. Newsom Overstepped on Mail-in Ballot Mandate and went beyond his authority when he issued an executive order for everyone in his state to get mail-in ballots for the U.S. election”.)

  • I just want the point out that there has been more deaths under Biden than when Trump was in office.

    • An irrelevant fact and you know it. We just have had the COVID pandemic during the Biden Administration. It could have been greatly minimized if the incompetent trump administration had taken even basic steps to protect the country. But trump was way too busy playing golf.

      • Like fast tracking the vaccine that Biden is taking credit for? Like the travel ban that Biden called him a RACIST for but then just did the same thing to Africa?? Maybe Joe should go back to his basement. He hasn’t done anything to help America anyways.

      • How do you explain the fact that more people are dying from the shots than from the virus in the UK? Go to the links in this article and get informed.


  • I happened to see the President’s comment. His intent was obvious….to present to the unvaccinated the high probability that many would not do well if infected and to encourage them to get vaccinated so as to protect themselves and those around them.

    The opinion presented here leads me to think that the editorial team did not hear and see the speech and thereby missed the verbal and body language clues to his sincere empathy. Hopefully the team did not start with the aim to do a hit piece.

    • Covid-19 is a very treatable disease with a 99.72% survival rate if the treatment with sequential multi-drug therapy begins on the first day of clinical signs. 85% of those that have already died from Covid-19 could have been saved. for more information, please go to

      • If you are referring to Regeneron and the similar antibody treatments, please be aware that two of them are significantly less effective on omicron than Delta, and the effective one is on short supply nationwide. Vaccines are available and those persons who are “boosted” are well protected from the most serious consequences, including hospitalization and death. Israel is beginning 4th shots to protect the populace.

        Vaccination is cheaper, more readily obtained and effective.

  • The Biden administration has, from its beginning ignored treatment of Covid 19 for vaccination. Numerous countries have significantly lower death rates with lower vaccination rates due to treatment regimes. The Democrats have ignored treatments mainly because Trump believed in them without significant evidence. Even if we had 100% vaccination we would still have enough breakthrough cases to make Covid 19 endemic with continuing variations. We will never get rid of it entirely. We have to learn to treat is.The use of already approved drugs in combinations has shown significant utility, even if they are no magic bullet. They have kept the death rate in India and several Central American countries well below that of the US. Fauci and the CDC have failed to support these actions because they are not perfect. Do not let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

  • “Drop Dead” is just what might happen to you if you don’t get vaccinated. The irrationality of this anti-vaccine mania is truly perplexing – and infuriating.

    Frankly, I don’t care if you do “drop dead” – (aside from causing hardship to our medical people) I care about people who face hardship that they did not CHOOSE. Stop blaming others for your own death wish.

    • Agree. Many people have made their decisions – Jimmy DeYoung, Marcus Lamb, etc. They died of COVID and are examples that choices have consequences. Too bad many right wing zealots resist this vaccine (only this one) to try to make a point. We should mainly feel bad for their families, hoping that they had good life insurance.

  • I’ve had covid and so has my family. I’m a nurse. The vaccinated have covid. Sorry but covid was a mild illness BOTH times for me. If I get this one, I get rid of it the same way and the vaccine surely won’t prevent a thing. It will put me at risk for vaccine injury and I see more of that than you can ever imagine. It’s sickening. So yeah, I’m not afraid of covid. It’s about risk factors and I’m not in a high risk group. Those are the folks who need to worry-vaxxed or unvaxxed. Risk group is a predictor of outcome, vaccine status is not. That’s what they’re not talking you.

  • The Majority of Americans are probably thinking the same of Lying Corrupt Quid Pro KNG Joe.

  • Not that long ago Biden was against federal mandates for vaccines. In the interim, these vaccines have been shown to be somewhat less effective than hoped. Such a development would not normally be the cause for reversing course to start mandating the virus, but that is what happened. Biden is not a leader, but a follower (to be most charitable here), His remaining support is concentrating to a higher percentage of angrier people. He sees this – or people see it for him – and decided to give them what they want, which is harsher language and harsher divisiveness.

  • Was watching televised NFL football on Monday and Tuesday, games originally scheduled for Saturday and Sunday. Rescheduling was necessary, because so many players tested positive for COVID that some teams could not field enough players on the weekend. Since NFL players are over 95% vaxxed, it cannot be a pandemic of the unvaxxed. A fact that the mainstream media game commentators willfully chose to ignore.

    The NFL came up with a good remedy for ending the high positive COVID test rate among its 95% vaxxed players and 100% vaxxed staff: End all testing of the vaxxed, unless they complained of symptoms. Mandatory testing only for the 4% unvaxxed players. That way Joe Biden’s propaganda narrative need not be challenged by facts on the ground. The only way Joe Biden’s narrative works is using old, stale out-of-date statistics from when nobody was vaxxed. Fear and racism are old staples of the Democratic party since before Jim Crow days, and Biden is following the party playbook. Why the GOP is not smart enough to create something like the NYT 1619 Project to expose the racist roots of the Democrat party is a mystery.

  • This article full of misinformation and distortions, it reads like it was written by Tucker Carlson.

    • So please explain in detail the misinformation and distortions and verify them.

  • I think the part that is the most comical is that Biden presumes to tell us what we can and cannot do with our God-given rights, as if we need his permission. Subjects of despots and tyrants need permission, free citizens do not. I’ve had COVID and don’t see a need to get a vaccine produced through means that my Lord nd Savior declares to be immoral. Better to be right before God and wrong before the world than the other way round.

    • Wow, you talked to your Lord and Savior personally? No? You just made that up? Some radical said that and you just picked it up?

      And you probably don’t know or care that people have said the same thing about cross bows, the Protestant Reformation, modern medicine, women’s rights, etc etc etc for the last 1000 years. There are always LOTS of people who claim to have a direct line to God but are forgotten in a year or two.

      • First, love the snark. I’m most impressed by your lack of originality. Would it be possible for you to step it up? After 16 years in the Army, I’ve become accustomed to a certain level of insults and yours really don’t measure up.

        Second, like any other believer, I have spoken to my Lord. It’s known as prayer. Aside from that, if you wish to know what the Lord says about something you need only pick up a Bible and read. He’s been rather clear about where He stand on certain issues. In this case, I am forbidden from benefitting from anything that is the result of the shedding of innocent blood.

        Third, the right to free travel and free association are included among our rights. For the President to tell us where and when we can assemble is for him to overstep his bounds as President. That’s presumption and arrogance. As I said earlier, subjects to despots and tyrants need permission, free citizens do not.

        Finally, I’m fine with the idea of being forgotten. I’m not doing this because I want to be remembered, or to be rich or famous. I do this because my mission is to point people in the direction of the Lord Jesus Christ. For you to say “There are always LOTS of people who claim to have a direct line to God but are forgotten in a year or two” is to assume facts about me that aren’t in evidence. As I recall, there is a rather pithy quote about what happens when you assume things. Have a blessed day, friend.

      • TEP336 – thanks for a rather polite reply. Thanks also for your 16 years in the Army, knowing that there will not be a 17th. I did 28 in the US Air Force. Sadly, you also will realize one day that you have joined the people who thought that the Protestant Reformation was an insult to God, that anatomy classes were sinful, etc.

        You can probably get a next career in ministry.

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