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Does Biden Want A Depression Of His Very Own?

It’s truly frightening how obsessed the Democrats are with spending nearly $5 trillion on infrastructure and social programs. They’re behaving as if our republic would buckle and collapse if their agenda isn’t passed. The real danger, though, are their ideas, which are economic IEDs.

More than 20 years ago, UCLA professors Lee Ohanian and Harold Cole, now a University of Pennsylvania professor, produced a report that showed President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s policies not only didn’t end the Great Depression, they extended the misery by seven years. Simply put, there was too much government intervention in the economy.

FDR’s policies and those of President Joe Biden and the Democrats are not entirely analogous. Ohanian and Cole focused “primarily on the impact of Roosevelt’s early policies that allowed for monopolies and too much union power to increase prices and salaries.” The Democrats’ bills are mostly, but not exclusively, about spending other people’s money.

Another difference: We are not in a depression. The country is recovering from a downturn caused by officials foolishly locking down the economy, which they told us was necessary to beat the pandemic.

However, we can expect at best a sclerotic economy, and depression-like conditions, if the Biden bills become law. The unbridled spending will exacerbate the inflation that’s disrupting the U.S. economy as well as compound the supply chain problems that are blowing “a stagflationary wind through the global economy.”

Citadel professor of ethics and free enterprise leadership Richard Ebeling calls “the fiscal mindset of those in the White House and in Congress who are proposing new federal budgetary expenditure,” and tax hikes “in the trillions of dollars,” a “fantasy land of financial irrationality.”

“At the end of the day,” Ebeling says, Biden’s “policies can only lead to a financial and economic disaster.”

Just as Roosevelt’s policies sharply increased the size of the federal government, so would the Biden spending. Economists Daniel Mitchell and Robert P. O’Quinn say the larger expenditures mean “an additional 1.9% of the economy’s output (GDP) will be absorbed by the federal government.” The “massive” spending growth “will divert resources from the economy’s productive sector, and it will be partly financed by punitive, class-warfare taxes that penalize work, saving, investment, and entrepreneurship.”

At times it seems the U.S. might not even last until the 2022 elections deliver Congress to the Republicans, who could then cut off Biden’s political oxygen. Maybe Democratic Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema will block their party’s race to recession until then. It seems the only hope.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

The Issues and Insights Editorial Board has decades of experience in journalism, commentary and public policy.


  • The political history of the 2020 Presidential Campaign is the foundation for the current spending suicide.
    A 2-term v-p who was reluctant to campaign is voted a president even after making a video admitting that “voting fraud was his path to victory.” That blatant public confession (available at of pure political corruption was approved by double counted votes, the dead voting, voting twice, and by votes not counted in most of the counties in the 7 swing States.

    Against that background (a 2-year-old history), the current Democrat spending on credit with no intent to pay will guarantee that America will be bankrupt via printed Monopoly money.

    To be more direct, when voters support the moral bankruptcy of their politicians, fiscal bankruptcy seals the corruption of the heart (morals) and mind (fiscal judgments). The Bottom Line is that Democracy (the Rule of Law by the majority) dies from the “double” bankruptcy of politicians & people and of morals & money. We reap (votes) what we sow (fraud).

    Adam of CA.

  • Joe Biden defeated Bernie Sanders for the Democratic presidential nomination and then won the presidency by campaigning as a moderate. As I am loathe to impute that Biden campaigned in an intentionally insincere manner, I assume that his assumption of Sanders’s socialist agenda is an honest post-election conversion as he grappled with tenacious problems of state unforeseen prior to the election. Too charitable? Perhaps. Either way, the president is now the senior altar boy for the high priest of socialist programs and his cant rant. Biden may be saved by the grace of Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, two Democratic senators who seem sensitive to the high cost of socialist cant. We infidels in the pews can only bless their intercession.

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