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Michael Ramirez

Michael Ramirez is a two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist with the Las Vegas Review-Journal. His cartoons are syndicated by Creators. Michael won his second Pulitzer while at Investor's Business Daily.


  • Vaccines are an interesting medical miracles. Some have virtually wiped awful diseases some have caused more pain than helped. Often it is not the vaccine but the formula of the liquid that carries the vaccine that is bad. I only know that I don’t not believe the CoVid vaccine is necessary for everyone. Please do some research Mr Ramirez before you criticize those of use who have refused to be vaccinated, we JUST might have a good scientific reason.

  • Interesting choice since the US Government deliberately infected the native tribes in an effort to wipe them out. Sort of, no, exactly like the democrat protection of Margaret Sanger’s efforts to eradicate black, jews and Italians by abortion.

    She called them “human weeds”.

  • Small pox is an interesting choice/topic, as some say that the small pox pathogen was used as a bio-weapon (genocide) against the Native Americans to exterminate or reduce their populations so that the Old World “invaders” could more easily conquer the New World continent. Analogous speculations (perhaps more in the realm of sci-fi or fantasy, as little evidence at this point in time) abound about southern USA border populations being brought en masse to replace the current population and COVID “vaccine” effects on jabbed young adult reproduction. Though I doubt it was the cartoon’s intent to suggest.

    Edward Jenner’s “invention” of the small pox vaccination involved the use of a non-lethal virus (cow pox) to provide protection to humans from the more deleterious small pox virus. Jenner rubbed cow pox pathogens into wounds, and the result was protection from small pox and no side effects like blood clots, heart damage, death, etc. Hence, it was highly popular and the British population adopted the small pox preventative without the need of mandates and police state force.

    The so-called COVID “vaccines” are a totally different technology than Jenner’s small pox preventative, both in mode of action and in being more specific or targeted to a specific disease. COVID jabs are better characterized as general immune system or antibody stimulants, which may have more value against cancers than viruses (but the technology is too new to know all its ramifications, positive and negative). In contrast to the voluntary and popular small pox vaccine invented by Jenner, frontline COVID hospital workers who give jabs and see the results are far from unanimous on the results. A high percentage (e.g. nurses) are quitting or being fired, rather than being jabbed. That should give serious pause, and arouse some scientific curiosity and investigation. Are these nurses delusional, or rational?

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