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Biden Has A ‘Whole Of Government’ Plan For Everything … Except Rescuing Americans From Afghanistan

After the Supreme Court decided not to stop a Texas abortion law from going into effect, President Joe Biden promised that he’d “launch a whole-of-government effort to respond to this decision.” No one knows what that means, exactly, but Biden has promised “whole of government” solutions for everything under the sun. Everything, that is, except rescuing Americans stuck in Talibanistan.

In his eight short months in the White House, Biden has made the already empty phrase “whole of government” a nauseating cliché.

He has a “whole-of-government agenda” to fight COVID, to tackle global warming, to “create good-paying, union jobs for Americans.”

His administration announced a “whole-of-government process that will lift up the voices of federal scientists of many perspectives and backgrounds.”

He promises a “whole-of-government effort” to promote competition in the American economy.

He says he will deliver “an ambitious whole-of-government equity agenda.”

Breitbart has done the yeoman’s work of gathering up as many of the things Biden says the “whole of government” is doing. The list is 55 items strong and includes the above plus everything from China, supply-chain bottlenecks, Microsoft Exchange vulnerabilities, Ebola in Africa, Russia’s poisoning of an opposition leader, offshore wind energy, and on and on and on.

Of course, none of this makes any sense. What does “whole of government” even mean? Does that mean that the 51 full-time employees managing the federal government’s helium fund are now involved in Texas’ abortion law?

More to the point, how can the “whole of government” be used to tackle any of Biden’s priorities, when so much of it is devoted to other vital projects such as tackling the invasive medusahead rye species. Or tai chi classes in senior centers. Or story time at laundromats, sex education for prostitutes in Ethiopia, and providing live-streamed eclipses.

Presumably, Biden means “whole of government” the way people misuse “literally” – as a stupid way to over-emphasize something.

Even so, there is still one thing that is curiously missing from the list of Biden’s “whole of government” projects. Biden has never, and apparently never will, promise the American people that he will deploy the “whole of government” to bring home the hundreds of Americans he left stranded in Afghanistan, much less rescue the thousands of our Afghan supporters now being systematically hunted down by the Taliban.

As a matter of fact, a bipartisan Honoring Our Promises Working Group of congressmen actually begged Biden to do so back in June, writing in a letter to the White House that “we are increasingly concerned that you have not yet directed the Department of Defense be mobilized as part of a concrete and workable whole-of-government plan to protect our Afghan partners.”

The group warned Biden that “If we fail to protect our allies in Afghanistan, it will have a lasting impact on our future partnerships and global reputation, which will then be a great detriment to our troops and the future of our national security.”

Their plea obviously fell on deaf ears.

The White House did promise one “whole of government” program related to Afghanistan. That was to use the “whole of government” to relocate the Afghan people they did manage to fly out of the country. Never mind that Biden’s “whole of government” will likely be helping any Taliban terrorists who snuck aboard those planes find good homes in the U.S.

But cut Biden some slack here. After all, how can he mount a “whole of government” program to rescue Americans and our allies when he has the “whole of government” focused on other important projects such as the “effort to raise awareness about emergency rental assistance”?

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

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  • It seems we’re fast approaching a time when asking the voters about “buyer’s regret” will engender a wave of angry harrumphs. Let’s hope that there’s time to have our own Carnation Revolution before things get too bad.

  • Come on, man. This entire ideology is about trivia. It can only deal with the superficial; appearances, rather than substance, like a sad Norma Desmond, convinced they and only they can make communism work, where it failed so often and so drastically, before. Rearranging deckchairs on the USS Titanic, a speciality.

  • Thanks for the softball…in most of the 55 cases, Psaki or whomever is more likely and accurately referring to the Hole of Government, not any sort of ‘whole” at all”

  • This is a lie. Biden has no plan for anything, he’s not running the show, he’s being told what to say every step of the way by the pack of traitor Communists who stole the election.

  • “What does “whole of government” even mean?” I&I

    It should be obvious. Just connect the 55 Breitbart dots: Completion of the totalitarian national socialist (communist?) state with the Democrat party (i.e. government), big corporations, social media, big tech, universities, elementary schools, the FBI, the CIA, NSA, TSA, HEW, DMVs etc. united as One to rule and enforce micro- and macro-mandates in whatever ways necessary (e.g. by silencing dissenting narratives and free speech, cancel culture, job loss, re-education programs). Obey, or lose your livelihood (e.g. no jab, no job), freedom of movement, credit cards (like General Flynn), bank account access (conservatives in general, $$ access canceled), etc.

    “Whole of government” is a phrase expressing a totalitarian aspiration to rule and make the Whole Universe conform to the Ruling Masters (i.e. Democrats, Social Media titans, et al.), with no compromise and no room for dissent or freedom. In other words, “whole of government” expresses a desire for a Master-Slave Universe/State, with Government as the New Head-Master and those outside the ruling elite the New Slaves. Déjà vu for those from the USSR, Eastern Europe, the old National Socialist Germany, etc. Government mandates and regulations for anything and everything, as the Masters know what is best for the people and therefore must be obeyed. A Soviet-style state, with exemptions from laws and mandates for blue state governors, the party elite, et al. It is George Orwell’s Animal Farm (where all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others). “Whole of Government” is the new Master-Slave relationship. Skin color, gender and political beliefs are among the “garments” used to tell where a person belongs in this New Order.

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