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The Real Reason Dems Suddenly Want Cuomo Gone

To anyone even remotely acquainted with events of the last year and a half, it should be no surprise that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is being asked now even by his own party to resign. What’s disturbing is that Democrats didn’t do it sooner.

After being the media’s most coddled, falsely praised politician in America, nearly impervious to any and all criticisms, a new report alleges that Cuomo engaged in serial criminal behavior while governor.

“The independent investigation has concluded that Gov. Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women and in doing so violated federal and state law,” New York Attorney General Letitia James announced Tuesday.

Is anyone really surprised about Cuomo’s conduct, which has been well covered outside of the mainstream media in recent years? Despite repeated claims of harassment by Cuomo’s victims – 11 of them total – Dems now profess to be “shocked, SHOCKED!” to discover their fellow party member committed acts that could end his political career.

Cuomo, once routinely lavished with extravagant praise despite his awful performance as New York governor, has overnight become a pariah. It doesn’t help that he also committed fraud by letting an aide falsely sign a document attesting that he took required sexual harassment training in 2019.

We ask, where were these self-righteous Democrats when Cuomo and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, his Marxist frenemy, were wrecking New York’s economy while imposing devastating COVID-19 lockdown rules on an unsuspecting populace?

The time to get rid of Cuomo was last year when credible claims of his misbehavior were being made and his policies were killing thousands of elderly New Yorkers in nursing homes and destroying jobs and the quality of life across the Empire State.

Not surprisingly, with the attorney general’s report in the open, Democratic officials are lining up to call for Cuomo’s resignation. President Joe Biden, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, de Blasio, and Democratic governors of nearby states Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New Jersey all called on Cuomo to leave. More calls are certain to come.

But don’t confuse the far-left Democrats’ immediate reaction with a principled stand against sexual misconduct by a high-level Democratic predator.

Rather, it’s all about protecting the party, which is reeling in the polls after months of disastrous policy missteps on everything from COVID-19 to the economy.

Truth is, things look grim for the Democrats right now. The party knows this, and it’s panicking.

Inflation stands at a 28-year high, and GDP growth is below expectations, despite trillions of dollars in so-called “stimulus” flowing out of Washington. And Democrats are trying to spend trillions more, saddling future generations of Americans with massive unpayable debts that will lead to a slow-motion bankruptcy of our once-wealthy nation.

Meanwhile, traditional constituencies of the Democrats show signs of bailing on the Donkey Party. Biden is meeting with leaders of Latino, Asian American, and Pacific Islander groups to try to shore up fading support.

Those are the two groups that Biden and other Democrats can’t take for granted in next year’s election, according to former Democratic consultant Christopher Hahn.

“I believe they did in 2020, and it almost cost him the election,” noted Hahn.

Biden’s own popularity is waning, now that voters see the results of their “anyone but Trump” votes. A Rasmussen Poll from nearly two weeks ago shockingly showed that voters are now more favorable toward Trump than Biden. Among those queried, 52% had a “somewhat favorable” view of Trump, compared to 50% for Biden; on the “unfavorable” side of the ledger, it’s 48% Biden vs. 46% Trump.

Having a minority woman as his vice president is not helping Biden, at least not this time. His No. 2, California’s Kamala Harris, has the dubious distinction of being the least popular vice president in almost 50 years after just six months in office.

So much for Biden’s cynical playing of the race and gender card.

Democrats are also flagging in state polls, showing unexpected weakness.

One big example: In California, super-progressive Gov. Gavin Newsom might well be recalled in September, as a new Los Angeles Times/UC Berkeley poll shows voters evenly split right now. Some 54% of Latino voters in an Inside California Politics/Emerson College poll said they would vote to recall Newsom.

In Ohio’s just-held Republican special election for the 15th congressional district, a Trump-backed conservative soundly beat a field of 11 candidates, including two fake “Republican environmentalists” financially supported by socialist billionaire George Soros and Silicon Valley leftist Tom Steyer.

No surprise, then, that Democrats have jumped on Cuomo after lavishing him with treacly praise for most of the last two years. His administration has become a dumpster fire, and Democrats are walking away from it as fast as they can, lest they be associated with it.

That’s why the Democratic Party and Biden — who has his own creepy and well-documented predilection for publicly touching young girls in inappropriate ways (not to mention Tara Reade’s accusation that he assaulted her) — had to draw a line in the sand with Cuomo. We’ll soon see how serious the Democrats are.

The party and its leader are in big political trouble, and this is their cynical attempt to show they stand for something, anything, other than the incompetence and political extremism they’ve shown so far.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

The Issues and Insights Editorial Board has decades of experience in journalism, commentary and public policy.


  • Any means justifies the ends to the Long March CPUSA/CCP comrades.
    Comrade Kommissar Cuomo has lost his useful idiot status and Letitia James will be the new Gauleiter of the glorious maggot infested NYC.

  • The democrats have nothing to fear in any election going forward. Their vote manufacturing machinery is firmly entrenched. There will be no Republican sweep in 22 or 24. Or ever again. This nation is lost..

  • “We ask, where were these self-righteous Democrats when Cuomo and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, his Marxist frenemy, were wrecking New York’s economy while imposing devastating COVID-19 lockdown rules on an unsuspecting populace?” I&I

    Fellow Democrats and their mainstream media propaganda machine were cheering on and lionizing Cuomo while nursing homes became death camps, all the while spewing hatred and misplacing the blame onto Trump. Biden appointed Cuomo to head the COVID governor’s committee, taking over Mike Pence’s role. NY AG James obviously wants the NY governor’s job, and is hardly a neutral party. Forcing the governor out on sexual misconduct charges is politically preferable to investigating the mass deaths of nursing home elderly. Sexual misconduct to force out Cuomo, without a fair trial, is thus a way to cover-up or avoid the nursing home fiasco, which at the very least should be investigated as criminal manslaughter. Dems are still in denial about Dem governor’s roles nationwide in inflating COVID death toll statistics via dumping COVID-infected patients into nursing homes –Cuomo’s administration is most vulnerable, and would shine a light on other blue states committing the same acts if investigated. AG James has support for forcing out Cuomo, as fellow Dems loved her election rhetoric of promising to go after Trump on criminal charges, and her campaigns against the NRA and other groups disliked by Dems. Even with his reckless edicts, Cuomo has not been radical enough for the Dem agenda, which now has GOP Senate support (infrastructure linked to reconciliation) and is going full-steam totalitarian socialist. Cuomo is the lesser evil, compared to his NY AG nemesis/rival, James. This is an intra-party fight for radical “regime change” in NY.

    • Cuomo isn’t going anywhere – because in NY, he is more powerful than the national government. If I’m James I would watch out, she’s not very well liked and could be out job pretty quickly herself – because no way is she clean. In fact, if she keeps pressing the issue I expect all the oppo research Cuomo allies have accumulated to start coming out.

  • Newsom isn’t going anywhere. California has been mired if vote rigging for the last 50 years (how do you think they took over the whole state?) and it’s not going to stop now. NY as well. Cuomo will get away with whatever he has done.

  • The main reason the NYSAG kneecapped Cuomo at this time is because she needed to take out competition to help her run for Governor.

  • Coumo is fundraising now for his reelection bid and in corrupt NY the miscreant will probably win as NYC, Buffalo, Albany votes will be counted until enough to reelect are reached.

  • This is the same party that insists on a vax ID to go to work or eat at a restaurant, yet would let anyone vote without evidencing they’re properly registered. And then they get upset when one points out that Sweden’s public health policies might have some merit….

    Liberals can’t run lemonade stands. And their socialist partners and lifetime bureaucrat pals would have us all working at state-run lemonade stands that would be out of lemonade by 9am. In January.

    Apparently, Biden had to take office so we could see just how bad things could get, rekindling all those fond memories of Jimmy Carter. Have we learned our lessons yet?

    • I’d be amused to see the Republican’s making it illegal for any business to demand identification more rigorous than that required to vote.

      It’d be a hoot.

  • You’re a democrat politician… you get a call from someone who has a message to you from Caroline Kennedy, cousin to Kara Kennedy, Cuomo’s ex-wife. Are you going to take the call? I say “YES.” Caroline’s messenger says, “Do in Cuomo.” What are you going to say?

  • Gosh, I wonder if the socialist idiots in Hollywood will make Cuomo give his Emmy back? With Demoratic Governors such as him, Newsom, Witmer, Murphy, et al, along with dignified personalities like Pelosi, Schiff, Swalwell, Nadler, AOC, Schumer,….. I have never seen a political party become so corrupt, dangerous, and disgusting in such a short time. Vote in 2022 to oust these traitors like your life and our country depended on it, because they do,

  • I suspect it’s also because there will be increasing pressure to investigate the spread of covid through senior citizens long-term care homes. I saw a video of a young (black) guy beating up on patients in their beds. At first I thought it was a male nurse gone rogue scene but no: Cuomo had young people who had tested positive moved into senior citizens home. There is NO justification for this and, whether intended or not, clearly such a policy would greatly heighten the risk of serious illness and death for his State’s senior citizens.

    If they can get him to resign over a sexual scandal, then most likely the investigations into the senior citizens homes won’t happen.

    Expect him to resign in a couple of weeks after first putting up a good show of resistance.

    And expect the Senor Citizens Home debacle to disappear down the memory hole.

    Of course Cuomo is not the only offiicial who should be prosecuted. But none of them ever will given that Rule of Law has broken down in the current techno-feudal oligarchy, once a representative Republic known as the United States of America.

    • Unfortunately, I must agree with you. Rush was wrong, George Carlin was right. “Only a fool participates in a rigged system.” I can’t believe I’m quoting him.

  • He signed bill allowing aborted children to be kept alive until their body parts were sold.
    Cuomo had a huge hospital ship in NY Harbor awaiting the sick.
    Instead he sent over 10,000 people to their doom by placing sick people into his nursing home donors places – which were unequipped for isolation.
    His donors reaped over 50K per ventilated victims.
    Cuomo is evil.
    As is the entire Democratic Party and most of the Republican Party.

  • Maybe some DemocRATs aren’t happy with the way things are turning out but the real DemocRAT power base is very happy. They want open borders, massive illegal immigration eventually leading to citizenship, chaos in the streets and pretty much anything that makes people cling to the almighty government to step in and fix which means even less rights for everyone (does gun control ring a bell?).

  • I think it was also an effort to torpedo any chance Cuomo might have to be a contender for a 2024 WH run. Dims are going to have a hard enough time winning without multiple candidates competing and splitting the ticket further. Cuomo’s ego is such that he would probably make a run of it otherwise.

  • f Cuomo can be asked to resign or be impeached for his sexual abuses, why isn’t pedo Joe being asked to resign or be impeached? He is every bit of a woman/child groper as Cuomo

    Biden fondles little girl’s breast.

  • It appears to me that the Democ’RAT ‘Powers Behind the Green Curtain’ (the same people who forced all the other ‘Rat candidates to bow out just before Super Tuesday last time around, clearing the field for The HairSniffer) want Cuomo Out of the Picture for the 2024 ‘Rat presidential primaries. Assuming that Dementia Joe is gone by then, they have selected their ‘Golden Boy/Girl/It’ for the next time around, and it’s not Cuomo. As bad as he is, Cuomo has more name recognition than any other ‘Rat politician, and would likely beat Heels-Up or any other ‘Rat politician in the Primaries. So…. killing thousands of old folks with Covid won’t get the headlines. Sex Sells, and a the ‘Rats are using the Tried-and-(sometimes works) Sex Scandal technique to try to get rid of Cuomo. The technique always gets headlines from the Filth Media, it worked on a good number of conservatives over the years, they tried to use it on Justice Thomas at his confirmation hearings, they tried to use it on President Trump, they tried to use it on Justice Kavenaugh….. it’s a refined, well-practiced technique, and today they are using it on Cuomo.

  • “Nothing in government happens by chance”. That quote is often very true. New Yorkers and the entire country should be very concerned about who will be ‘chosen’ to be the Empire State next royalty. At least this will hopefully end any aspirations by Coumo to be a presidential candidate.

  • Sorry, I&I editorial board: I’m afraid you have fallen for the grand misdirection. This is so much bigger than the fortunes of a political party.

    The sudden and overwhelming turn by the Left against Andrew Cuomo–especially by Letitia (Soros) James, of all people–is because Cuomo’s role as a mass murder was about to explode out of its media black hole into the glare of mainstream klieg lights. Thus has Cuomo become radioactive to the globalists warp-speeding the COVID tyranny forward. There was no choice but to hang him by the twisted rope of his alleged sexual peccadilloes: in order to draw attention away not only from his COVID-related atrocities, but from others’ similar depredations and the much worse that are soon to come.

    If Cuomo was not safe, no one is. If Cuomo can be sacrificed on the altar of COVID tyranny, anyone can. That said, the governor knows where so many bodies are buried, well beyond those he is responsible for. So the question is: how can he be neutralized asap, avoiding an impeachment and/or trial?

    Is another Epstein in the tea leaves?

  • There may be an even more compelling reason for getting Cuomo out of office from a DNC standpoint. AOC has been pushed as a potential future 1st female POTUS, and she is, has shown interest in the NY Governor seat. It would be the ideal platform to prepare for her potential US Presidency. Interestingly many right leaning media platforms, while criticizing her all the time, give her front page on a daily basis and appear to be fond of her. It’s like reverse psychology. AOC doesn’t appear to be able to contemplate an eventual DC Senate seat, which could also be a platform to an eventual White House victory. So Cuomo’s outing could set the stage for a Governor’s appointment, which is easier than an election…

    • Yes, Cuomo is evil but his leaving likely bodes worse. Good take.

  • Cuomo is not going to go. Even if impeached he won’t go. He will simply say it didn’t happen, and then start a string of legal cases and appeals to string the process out. When all of that fails he will lock himself in his office and issue a series of defiant statements. All that should take him up to the next election, when (he says) he will retire undefeated.

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