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The Governor California Voters Don’t Deserve, But Surely Need

The California gubernatorial recall election was a dull affair that looked to be a loser for those who want to remove Gov. Gavin Newsom from office. Then Larry Elder entered the race. Now we get to see how ever-so-tolerant, diversity-obsessed Californians deal with the angst of seeing a black man with a serious chance on the Sept. 14 ballot.

No one would shake up single-party California more than Elder, a talk show host – the “Sage of South Central” – who is also a small business owner, author, and columnist. Though the election of Arnold Schwarzenegger to replace recalled Gray Davis in 2003 was a landmark political moment, it’s small-time compared to the state electing a black libertarian-leaning Republican, one who happens to lead the field of possible replacements by a large margin.

Anyone who has listened to Elder’s radio shows knows he’s smart, that he supports his beliefs with facts. He’s also a happy warrior, not a scold like the current governor, who is an operator; a slickster, ​​who according to veteran California journalist Dan Walters “continues to say and do things to bolster that image”; an angle-player; and one lucky man who has relied on his good looks and extensive Democratic Party IOUs to reach the governor’s mansion.

(Which will be his final political destination. It’s obvious he’s been eyeing the White House, but the presidency is no longer possible for him, even should he survive the recall. He’s too wounded.)

Elder’s top campaign themes are lifting the statewide ban on cash bail, unwinding harshest-in-the-nation pandemic restrictions, expanding school choice programs, and easing the state’s burdensome environmental regulatory framework. If successful, his policies would reduce crime, which has become world famous, thanks to viral videos; free Californians from the grip of elected and unelected officials who have used the pandemic to manipulate and control; repair the state’s once highly regarded schools; and set off the homebuilding boom California desperately needs.

The election of Elder, or any Republican or Libertarian among the nearly 50 candidates, would have an impact all the way to the Atlantic Ocean. Newsom himself has said that if the recall is a success, “it would have profound consequences nationwide and go to not just politics, but to policy and policymaking.” ​​If his party is harmed, as he fears, that would be a bonus for a country that is under the boot of a powerful complex of Democrat elitists hungry to rule rather than govern under constitutional limits.

California voters have brought the multitude of problems plaguing the state on themselves by electing more and more leftist Democrats over the past decade. These politicians have produced twin housing and homelessness crises; the highest poverty rate in the country; a rancid business environment; commercial and residential flight; endless wildfires and man-made drought; blackouts and extreme energy costs; and a tax-and-regulatory framework that’s destroyed economic freedom. The California Dream is now restricted to only the uber-wealthy, the rest with no other choice but to stay awake nights wondering what happened.

The majority of California voters, those who have been installing expand-the-government Democrats over a lengthy series of elections, might not deserve the rescue that Elder offers. But he is the type of man who brings what they and the voters who don’t reflexively vote for the D need: a separation from the blue state agenda and the single-party regime that uses its power to enact the worst policies imaginable.

That Elder is a Republican of color is a fact that voters accustomed to seeing life through a racial lens cannot ignore. Will their dedication to diversity steer them his way, or is his life a black one that doesn’t matter because he dares challenge Democrat orthodoxy? No matter who is ultimately chosen, though, California would be better off without Newsom. He and the Democrats should be out of chances by now.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

The Issues and Insights Editorial Board has decades of experience in journalism, commentary and public policy.


  • As a California refugee who got out just in time, I concur with your conclusions save one exception: I’m no longer as convinced as I once was that most CA voters “deserve” what they’ve got; rather, I’m more convinced than ever that most of California’s ballot results — elected officials and ballot measures — are the result of election fraud rather than the will of constituents.

    To be sure, the margin between crazy and sane voters still appears razor-thin. Besides the fraud, the greatest problem with any state democratic system is what Rush aptly called “low information voters.”

    • As a former “native Californian”, I’ve long agreed on your premise, but the problem is, far too many principled and moral citizens are craven, beaten down, by the system, and its heavy impact on such people. I was born there, spent 18 years looking forward to living there, got there 22 years later, and re-enlisted in the Marines, to escape starvation and poverty.

  • I honestly felt that CA was to far into the grip of a corrupt lying Marxist Democrat, their corrupt Teacher’s Unions, their corrupt billionaires, and the pit of depravity that Hollywood represents, who have done such incredible damage to the state, and made living their an increase, singly miserable experience for everyone living there to the point people are fleeing the nightmare Democrat have created. Recent polls show that maybe even CA voters have a breaking point where Democrat incompetence, negligence, and lying hypocrisy have reached such levels even they can’t hack it any longer. Here’s my prediction. In an honest election Newsom as recent polls show would be toast. However, Democrats in 2016 provided Crooked Hillary with as many as 3 million fraud vote to pad her popular vote lead. In 2020 it was likely 4 to 5 million, and Biden didn’t neglect fraud in battleground states like Hillary, but still wanted the popular vote lead to cover up the rest. Recent weeks show the Democrat realize Newson is toast so they are turning to fraud. My prediction? Newsom by FRAUD!

  • Don’t forger Ronald Reagan for giving citizenship to millions of illegals which through their votes tipped the state blue. Oh. and lets not forget the gender that is the majority of the electorate thus putting in the politicians the take our freedom to keep us safe. Gotta love me some single mother voters voting for ever more gibs. This infects all states, some have resisted a little better so far but it’s just a matter of time.

  • Great article, and agree with every other poster here that institutional fraud is what keeps the Dems in power in many places throughout California.

  • Who owns the breathalyzer companies and what are their relationships to the California Democratic Committee?

  • I am not sure how much Elder will actually be able to accomplish, he will still have a super-majority of D’s that will block him every step of the way. I will still cast my vote for him though.

  • Election fraud, ballot harvesting and shady elections machines will come to the Democrats rescue, they always do.

  • I’m asking all my liberal friends who they intend to support in the election. The super privileged 1%er white guy or the candidate BLM should support, Larry Elder. Nothing but blank stares…

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