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Yeah, Right: After Border Debacle, Biden Picks Kamala To Push ‘Voting Rights Reform’

You have to hand it to her: Vice President Kamala Harris has a knack for having her career advanced by others, despite continual abysmal performance as a public official. Unfair, you say? How else can you describe someone who fails so badly at one job, and then is immediately rewarded with another job of even greater importance?

There are lots of definitions out there for “failing upward” but probably the best comes from the “Simplicable” website, which calls it “a common feature of cronyism” in which members of a “social group continue to promote and reward each other despite an ongoing string of failures.”

Could anything better describe Harris’ political career, especially her latest turn as President Joe Biden’s “immigration czar”?

The most polite thing you can say about Harris’ so-far brief tenure as border czar is that she’s done little to make things worse. That’s largely because she’s a political cipher, picked precisely because she wouldn’t do a thing to stop illegal immigrants from crossing our borders.

That takes the heat off of Biden, whose early moves undid President Donald Trump’s smart, humane policy (which led to an enormous decline in both illegal contraband and border crossings), and replaced it with the Democrats’ dangerous, divisive open-border policy.

Harris is plainly incapable of doing the job. And that’s the point.

How else could you describe someone who claims that “climate adaptation” in Latin America is key to ending the U.S. border crisis?

Or someone who explained the “root causes” of the thousands of Central Americans illegally crossing the U.S. southern border by referencing the television show “Cheers,” where “everyone knows your name“?

Or someone who has focused on luring American companies to invest in Central America as a way to stop the surge, rather than focusing on the cause: Biden’s open-border policy?

Or someone who, during her 71 days as czar, refused to even visit the border or meet with border-state governors, who have desperately pleaded for help from Washington to handle Biden’s growing disaster?

Or someone whose own staff members are said to have “panicked” when she was named border czar because they’re afraid she’ll get tagged with Biden’s out-of-control border failure?

Or someone who has plainly ignored new U.S. intelligence warnings that Biden’s open-border policies represent a new terrorism threat?

Or someone who apparently supports Biden’s plan to “return” to the U.S. some of the 935,000 illegals deported under Trump?

Lest you think Harris’ bumbling do-nothingism is costless, it isn’t. Last week, appearing before Congress, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas repeated the Biden administration’s blatant lie that the “border is closed.”

This, despite the fact that the U.S. Border Patrol apprehended more than 178,000 illegal crossers in April alone, while DHS has released some 60,000 illegals into the U.S. heartland since February.

“It looks like you rolled out a big welcome mat that says ‘send us your kids,’ and that is criminal,” Republican Rep. Steven Palazzo said. “Because as long as they know if they get to our border we’re going to take them and turn them into American citizens and let them roam free (in) our country, people desperate in those countries are going to continue to take that risk.”

True. Open-border policy starts with lax enforcement, and ends with no border controls at all. And that’s where we are today, thanks to Biden and Harris.

In his more lucid moments, Biden must be cackling to himself after offloading this wildly unpopular policy onto Harris. To reward her, this week he handed his inept No. 2 the added job of ushering an election reform bill through Congress.

Knowing the bitter divide this awful legislation has caused, putting Harris in charge is tantamount to admitting failure. Is that Biden’s real aim here? After all, Harris is neither liked nor respected in the Senate. Will she take the fall for his incipient senility? Or is she being groomed by clueless leftists to take over? It’s hard to tell.

But, given that Harris is a literal heartbeat away from being president, it’s a scary thought.

Anyway, Democrat talk of “voters’ rights” and “reform” is all hypocritical nonsense. They want more votes, period. They’ll do anything to get them, as we saw last year when thousands of their supporters violently rioted around the country, intimidating non-leftist voters, while the media did their part by gaslighting anyone who dared to question obvious voting irregularities.

Biden and the far-left Democratic Party are merely looking to “reform” voting in a way that makes it impossible for the Republican Party to ever win another major election.

That’s what Democrats mean by voting reform, and they don’t really even try to hide it anymore. So we wish Harris the exact same success reforming voting as she’s had in solving our border crisis. And that is none at all.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

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  • What are the chances Harris’ll be too busy beautifying her bucket of warm spit with applique faux gold leaf?

    • At least he picked someone who is totally incompetent to get anything done. Harris is even MORE inept than Dementia Joe himself.

  • Politics in our fair land, with very rare exceptions, is a you-scratch-my-back-and-I’ll-scratch-yours game. Rarely does true talent rise to the top of the greasy pole standing in the Capitol. Thus, Joe Biden was told by his South Carolina primary savior, Congressman James Clyburn, that he should put Kamala Harris on the ticket as vice president, not because she was competent, but because she was a woman of color. And dutiful Joe did what he was told even though Harris had savaged Biden during the primary season. That’s another thing about politicians, no shame along with no obvious competence.

  • Well, if you like Kamala as vice president of the US, you will absolutely love her as the leader of the free world. The rest of us, meh.

  • Joe Biden clearly said when he was being nominated that he wanted a Black Woman as his vice presidential candidate. No talk of particular qualifications, excellence in past endeavors, anything like that. He wanted a Black woman and he picked Kamala Harris for that reason. So all the particular tasks he has assigned to her should not be a surprise that they have remained unnoticed and undone.

  • While he makes all the hard calls. “Will it be chocolate, banana, or tapioca” and “butter brickle or chocolate chocolate chip “? And the stenographers eat it all up while not noticing Harris has done exactly jack schiff, other than posing for a camera, in any of the roles she is supposed to be undertaking.

  • Well, if the border is any indicator, we don’t have to worry about her doing anything except dying from an overcackle.

  • Notice they say “voter rights reform” instead of election reform. If every adult citizen is allowed to vote…what reform is necessary? They’re already allowing felons to vote. Who is left? What voter rights are left to reform? The only permissions left to give are to kids and or non-citizens.

  • Biden appointed her to take care of the absolute chaos on the border and she has done absolutely nothing, not even visited the border, so what makes senile pedo Joe think she is capable of doing anything about voting rights except try to make it even easier for DemocRATs to cheat like they did to get her and pedo elected?

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