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10-year-old Nicaraguan boy, found wandering the desert alone. Source: YouTube screen grab (, from Good Morning America upload of video from U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Will Spiraling Border Crisis Destroy Biden’s Presidency?

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It’s not three months into a four-year term, but Joe Biden’s presidency is already heading for the rocks. Surging waves of immigrants have overwhelmed the U.S.’ southern border. With public anger growing, Biden now has been forced to tacitly recognize President Donald Trump’s border success.

Just this week, Biden let it be known he’s considering restarting Trump’s border wall construction — just to “fill in” parts of it, his administration says. Right.

In fact, it’s desperation because the Biden-Democrat open border policy has been an epic disaster, one that could result in huge Democratic losses in 2022 and a lame-duck presidency for Biden.

An AP-NORC poll shows 56% of those queried disapprove of Biden’s handling of immigration and 55% disapprove of his border security policies. Significantly, this is a glaring weak spot in Biden’s otherwise solid support from independents, who disapprove of his policies cited above by 62% and 67%, respectively.

Americans have been shocked by images such as this touching video on Wednesday of a lone crying boy left behind by his group to wander the Mexican desert near the border. That’s Biden’s policy in a nutshell.

And, sadly, it’s entirely predictable.

Illegal border crossings surged to a 15-year high in March, with 171,000 illegal crossers taken into custody, along with more than 19,000 unaccompanied kids.

The media likened Trump to Hitler when the number of kids in detention under his policies hit 2,600. Now that the number of kids detained is 19,000 and rising, the Big Media refuse to blame Biden. Because, you know, Trump.

The federal government can’t even handle the people arriving. NASA (!) is now asking its employees to take in immigrants, while the federal Office of Personnel Management has requested clearly underemployed bureaucrats from across the government to voluntarily relocate to the border to help out.

The Daily Signal provides a handy compendium of Biden’s new border policies and the damage they’ve wrought less than 100 days into his presidency:

Biden stopped construction of the border wall immediately after his inauguration Jan. 20, costing taxpayers $6 million per day by one estimate. 

Biden also ended the Trump administration’s “Remain in Mexico” program, which allowed officials to return asylum-seekers to Mexico as their claims were adjudicated in U.S. immigration courts, the webinar participants noted. 

And Biden ended Asylum Cooperative Agreements with Central American countries and promised amnesty and family unification in the United States. He ordered U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement not to deport illegal immigrants for the first 100 days. 

Border Patrol agents reportedly have been arresting 4,500 to 6,000 migrants per day, with the Biden administration quickly processing and releasing them into the U.S.”

We’re now at a level of illegal immigration roughly six times what President Barack Obama called a “crisis.” Please remember that when the Democrats and their far-left open-border allies start screaming “it’s not a crisis!”

Making all this worse, the slapdash nature of non-enforcement is such that many illegals are being discharged without any proper records even to account for their whereabouts.

“The rapid releases ease pressure on the Border Patrol and its badly overcrowded holding facilities but shifts work to Immigration and Customs and Enforcement, the agency that enforces immigration laws within the United States,” the AP reports. “Families are released with booking records — when they get paperwork at all — though only parents are photographed and fingerprinted.”

As if that weren’t bad enough, according to a new report by the Center for Immigration Studies, those who do get documents are in essence being granted a right to stay here. Thousands are being given renewable permits so they can apply for asylum, which can take years. Meanwhile, they’re allowed to apply for Social Security cards, giving them access to welfare benefits and jobs.

Oh, and don’t forget, access to voting. A Social Security card is a magic carpet to many things, including drivers licenses and, yes, also ballots. Which is the elephant in the room of this whole debate.

Just five months ago, our border was tight and secure. Those who came here illegally were apprehended and forced to wait in Mexico. There were no wailing children wandering the desert alone, and Mexican drug cartels’ human-trafficking operations were starved for business.

Today, the border is a disaster, and Democrats are desperately backpedaling on their earlier support for Biden’s radical policy shift. Even Mexico’s socialist president has lauded Trump and blamed Biden for the crisis, which required Mexico to dispatch troops to its border to keep order as the cartels run amok.

Given rising voter anger, don’t be surprised if Biden’s “advisers” force him to moonwalk away from his foolish and inhumane border policies. If not, in a little less than two years a newly elected Republican Congress might force President Kamala Harris to do the job instead.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

The Issues and Insights Editorial Board has decades of experience in journalism, commentary and public policy.


  • Will Border Crises destroy Biden’s Presidency? What Presidency ChinaJoeBama was NAMED President not elected. He is incompetent to fulfill his duties. Harris is not prepared for the Oval Office. JB’s ‘Administration’ is Peppered with Obama Loyalists.
    Susan Rice is a Senior Advisor. A direct conduit from Obama to JB’s Keepers who tel him what to do, what to say and where to go! JB’s is serving Obama’s Third Term!

  • You see the fear in the little boy’s eyes? Did you see those two little ones, tossed over the border fence, by their coyotes? Who then ran up the hill and away? Did you see all the kids, crammed into the shelters, covered by aluminum blankets? Because if you did, and you voted Biden, then you’re collectively responsible for this humanitarian disaster. Joe Biden is primarily responsible, but you are too if you voted for him in 2020. Did you see the Latina activist, who prevented Ted Cruz from taking pictures of this? Repeatedly saying, “Respect the dignity of these people.” Is it “respecting the dignity” of children by inflicted them to the mess, created by Mr. Biden? Someone should ask that question to the young woman.

  • What border crisis?

    Lady Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Lies, said just the other day that Trump caused the problem and that Biden is fixing it. She and the House Democratic conference believe that our eyes are lying and that what is real is actually unreal.

    As long as fiction is acceptable in Democratic precincts, there will never be a discouraging word from big blue lips.

    • Nasty Pelosi should be shoved into her $5000 freezer with her high dollar gourmet ice cream and locked in there permanently.

  • This self-inflicted disaster will haunt Biden and his minions until 2022 when the Dems will lose their grip on power, but in the interim America is in for a bruising ride. The lefts hatred of Trump is blinding them to the consequences of that hatred! They are hurting everyone, the migrants, American citizens and especially themselves!

  • There is no “voter anger”. Gallup shows Dem party affiliation rising to 49%. We have an electorate totally on board with this, with gay wedding cakes, tranny bathrooms, higher taxes, and all the rest of the elements of their agenda.

    We’re not going to be able to vote our way out of this. Stronger measures will be required.

    • I agree, no voter anger in a passive electorate which will rush to the mailbox to mail their ballots in support of Biden and the Democrat controlled congress.
      The Republicans refused pandemic relief at their last opportunity, choosing instead to flush themselves out of the running in the run off Georgia Senate races.
      The Republicans learned nothing about taking political advantage of crises during the 4 years of the Trump administration, choosing instead to punt on the first down without even running a play, so they constantly look at the score board wringing their hands and complaining about the victors, but apparently the going home and cocooning with the doors locked, hoping not to see their name come up on the mass media news shows.

  • Probably not. There are so many other things that he is messing up at the same time. It makes it hard to tell which one is the worst. Oh, and he’s been at it a bit over 2 months.

  • Reagan – We have a border crisis
    Bush Sr. – We have a border crisis
    Clinton – We have a border crisis
    Bush Jr. – We have a border crisis
    Obama – We have a border crisis

    Trump – Hey, let’s build a wall and solve the border crisis

    Biden and Libs – OMG! Trump created this border crisis.

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